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US military struggling with recruitment

Military recruitment news

The US Army fell 25% short of its recruitment targets this year, officials admitted.

The US Army has failed to hit its recruiting goals this year, falling 15,000 soldiers short of its 60,000 target, officials said.

Others branches of the country’s armed forces, such as the Air Force, Navy and Marines, managed to reach their enlistment goals, but only after digging into their pools of rejected or delayed-entry applicants.

“In the Army’s most challenging recruiting year since the start of the all-volunteer force, we will only achieve 75% of our fiscal year ’22 recruiting goal,” Army Secretary Christine Wormuth said in a statement to the Associated Press on Friday.

She added that if the Army continues to experience recruiting challenges, it will draw on the National Guard and Reserve to augment active-duty forces.

The military now reportedly fears that enlistment will continue to plummet next year. The Marine Corps usually has about half of its recruitment target achieved at the beginning of each fiscal year, but has only secured about 30% for 2023 so far, unnamed officials told the AP. Meanwhile, the Navy, which usually opens the fiscal year at about 25% of recruitment, reports 10% of the target so far, they said.

Military leaders tried a number of methods to build up their ranks this year, such as increasing enlistment bonuses, dropping high school diploma requirements, and lowering physical standards. However, the AP noted that many potential recruits are drawn to private industry in what is a tight labor market.

Corporations such as McDonald’s have also begun introducing perks such as tuition benefits, similar to those used by the military to attract recruits for years.

The issue is exacerbated by the fact that only 23% of young people meet the military’s requirements, with many ineligible due to medical issues including obesity, drug use and criminal records.

Nevertheless, chief of staff of the US Army, General James McConville, insisted the Army remains committed to “maintaining our standards, investing in America’s youth, and emphasizing quality over quantity.”

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Source:RT News

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  1. We can export JabSin, CNZ, to US whose pathological lies will fool american teenagers and other wokes to join the US army. Note that Curse of NZ (CNZ) title was awarded by kiwis to honour the WEF mascot.

  2. Anyone with the slightest bit of common sense knows full well the Globalist Agenda of using the military of Western Nations to do the bidding of the Zio-Communist Masonic Luciferians.
    These elements are deeply entrenched in the US Government, the Deep State run by ‘covert ops & agencies’, and most especially, in the US Department of Defense.
    Freemasons and Eastern Star members are promoted earlier than the non-Masonic rank & file, and they also receive choice assignments.
    They also conspire to engage in illicit behaviours, business dealings, and mission planning.
    Most American Veterans have very quietly joined Militias. Others prefer a ‘Lone Wolf Mission’ in the event of Civil War, Invasion or both.
    However, quite a number are leaving for Russia to fight for Putin against the New World Order, the Freemasons, the Zio-Communists, and the WEF that are seeking to destroy Russia and the Russian People as previously experienced in the Donbass genocide over the last 9 years via J3wi$h / Mossad / Israeli-controlled Ukraine!
    Fighting FOR Russia and Puytin is the moral, ethical and rightful thing to do, as only Putin and Russia stands in the way of everyone globally becoming enslaved as Goyim who, according to the Talmud and Noahide Law, will serve as slaves to the J3w$ before being exterminated via ‘Gulag Version 2.0’
    IF Russia loses this (and they won’t), we will ALL eventually be enslaved and then genocided according to the above as well as the Kissinger Plan for ‘Greater Israel’. (see the map of the same…)
    J3wi$h Chabad 1994 via Rabbi Schneerson outlines why this conflict is happening.
    Parts of Russia and all of the Ukraine are ancient J3wi$h Khazaria that the Khazarians hijacked years ago, but were displaced by the Slavs, Caucasians and Russians.
    Hence the war against the White Man in part of this twisted Great Reset and Woke agenda!
    Remember; cockroaches can only be sprayed out on the open at night, ONCE THEY HAVE BEEN EXPOSED!
    Now…what did I do with my can of Mortein???


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