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US watchdog’s own figures undermine its extremism claims

ADL news

A report by the ADL blaming right-wingers for mass killings has shown a sharp decline in deaths.

A report by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) released on Thursday purporting to show a rise in US mass killings by domestic extremists – particularly those motivated by “right-wing” ideology – has instead revealed a downward trend in such murders over the past several years.

The number of US killings linked by the ADL to domestic extremism dropped to 25 in 2022, the third decline in the past four years, according to the report. In fact, the number of deaths annually has averaged 26.7 since 2020, down by more than half from the rate of 60.2 such murders per year from 2015 through 2019.

Nevertheless, the ADL claimed, “It is not an exaggeration to say that we live in an age of extremist mass killings.” The anti-discrimination group apparently based that claim on its assertion that there were 21 mass killing incidents linked to extremism in the 2010s, at least three times the total for any previous decade dating back to the 1970s.

The group blamed right-wing extremists for 61.5% of the mass killing incidents in the past 12 years, including all such murders that it recorded in 2022, and said Islamists accounted for 23.1%. “Of particular concern in recent years are shootings inspired by white supremacist accelerationist propaganda urging such attacks.”

Those claims dovetail with assertions by the FBI that white supremacists are the top domestic terrorism threat in the US. The agency has also said the domestic extremism threat is rising rapidly, citing such incidents as the US Capitol riot in January 2021.

However, the ADL has been accused of falsely linking some mass murders to right-wing extremism. For instance, the group categorized the 2018 Parkland school shooting in Florida as right-wing violence, even though there was no evidence of political motivation and the perpetrator said he chose Valentine’s Day for the massacre “because I thought no one would love me.”

More recently, the ADL attributed last November’s deadly Club Q shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to right-wing extremism, even though the suspect reportedly identifies as nonbinary and uses “they-them” pronouns. The group has been criticized in the past for linking murders to extremism when the motives were unrelated, including a 2015 domestic violence case and incidents involving white supremacists killing each other, such as in a 2006 drug-related killing.

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Source:RT News

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  1. The Anti-Defamatiopn League (ADL) is a J3WI$H group that came on the scene in the late 40’s & early 50’s in it’s infancy.
    Basically, it’s a hateful Zio-Communist organisation that goes after those who call the J3w$ to account for their hateful actions of genocide towards the Palestinians, non-J3w$, and those aligned with ‘White Politics’ that, in the future if not stopped, will destroy the Gentile / Christiasn Orthodox Nations and the rest of the world.
    If you don’t think so, look at what J3wi$h Ukrainian President Ze;ensky has done to the Orthodox Church, outlawing the same in the Ukraine even after the Ukrainian Orthodox Church broke away from Russian Orthodoxy.
    This is what J3wi$h Russian Premier Nikita Kruschev (aka his REAL J3wi$h name of ‘Solomon Perlmutter) alluded to when at the U.N. in the early 1960’s with his comment ‘We will bury you!”
    This was NOT meant to indicate that communism would overtake capitalism; it meant that there would be a global genocide purging the Earth of anything non-J3wi$h or not totally exploited and / or under J3wi$h control!
    The writings of Aleksander Solzhenytsyn confirms this long range plan.
    The other two organisations that are a danger to America and eventually the rest of the world is AIPAC (which made Rep. Jim Traficant their #1 target when he helped another American in proving that the other American was NOT Ivan the Terrible from Treblinka). Traficant warned Americans that Israel was basically running the United States, and has been now for a number of decades.
    J3ws make up 7% of the population, but inhabit 64% of both the House and Senate, AND ALL of the White House Executive Branch!
    This was a problem during the Trump years, w/ Jared Kushner (Mossad Operative) running the White House!
    The other problem organisation is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) which targets white people in America’s south when they get pissed-off at the problems caused by the black population (12% of the population doing 82% of the crime there) and become reactive.
    The ADL, SPLC, and AIPAC are Zionist-Communist organizations that are run by Zio-Communist Khazarian J3w$ and their Chabad mafia.
    We would do well to keep the Mossad and their operatives (Brendan Tarrant…) out of New Zealand!
    Russia and Putin are NOT the bad guys here…
    For the last 9 years the Donbass was shelled, sniped at, and has had running skirmishes due to Ukraine attacking the region.
    Interesting that no media will delve into this, but always over-exaggerate Russia’s actions, with many fictitious stories invented by the ‘intelligence’ agencies and passed on to the Zionist-controlled MSM
    Get on to Patrick Lancaster’s YouTube page, as well as John Mark Dougan’s YouTube channels.
    More than likely, this will all go nuclear at some point. The NWO / WEF / PTB want us all dead anyway, using unrestricted warfare to achieve their projected and forecasted ‘population reduction’.
    Political ‘leaders’ who are going along with the nattatives globally are going to get both themselves and their citizens killed en-masse, and they forget that at some point in time, they will have to re-emerge from their DUMBS and face the irradiated and dying masses who will dispense radioactive post-attack justice on the political lampreys, ticks, toads and pigs that brought us here to this juncture in a history that may not be remembered!

    • you are totally right. For those who have time, read ” the Trigger” by David Icke ( i ordered through amazon) . An eye opening for some one like me who accepted until covid what the msm rapported. Not any more as also most western media are in the hands of ultra zionists and are only tools of propaganda.

  2. Everything’s a deception. Most of these right wing extremists are people trying to live “Off the grid.” They’re buying small farms, raising chickens and gardens to support their families. They don’t wana be forced to take a jab or live in a 15 minute city. They just wana be left alone.

  3. The ADL was created in 1913
    At the same time as the Federal Reserve which is not Federal and has no reserves
    And the IRS
    The ADL hides behind the facade of the lie called anti-Semitism
    Because nowhere in the Bible does it state this
    But to the contrary being the Serpent Seed of Genesis 3:15
    Who have usurped the identity of the true Israel of the Bible
    Who are responsible for all the blood shed upon the earth
    Revelation 18:24
    The tares who grow amoung the wheat
    The whore of Babylon
    That rides the scarlet Beast of Revelation 13:1 (World Government)
    That sits upon many waters (Races and Nations of peoples)

    • Thanks for the clarification; it believe the now-ADL back then was then called the Zionist League of America, and I read that it changed over to the ADL at the later dates post World War Two using the Holocaust and Anti-Semitism as a weapon to further their aims in supporting the newly-formed nation of Israel from stolen land.
      1913 was a pivotal year, as Solzhenytsyn noted in his book titled ‘August 1914’ when World War One began, which, of course was all planned from the forerunner of the ‘Beast of Bretton Woods’ and ‘Jekyll Island’ (coded via Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde’), as also noted in the Tom Cruise / Sofia Boticelli titled The Mummy’ where Russell Crowe plays the psychotic, murderous and homicidal Dr. Jekyll.
      Predictive programming without any doubt!


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