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Utah Woman Partially Ripped Out Sister’s Eye With Her Teeth During Alleged Drunken Brawl

Ashleigh Mason assault news

While Florida is known for its crazy stories and arrests, giving birth to the “Florida man” meme, this case in Utah rivals anything to come out of the Sunshine State.

A woman has been arrested in Salt Lake County, Utah, for allegedly biting her sister’s eye during a vodka and spiked seltzer-fueled argument on Friday.

Authorities said that “a portion of the [victim’s] eye had been torn out from under her eyelid and was outside of her eye.” They added that the victim will require surgery from a plastic surgeon to repair the damage.

Officials also stated that the victim’s tear duct appeared to be partially removed by her sister’s teeth; however, they were not entirely sure initially due to the amount of blood that was present.

The alleged perpetrator, Ashleigh Mason, 25, was charged with aggravated assault, intoxication, and disorderly conduct, according to arrest records. She has previous charges from 2021, including assault and assault against a police officer or military service member.

Those cases are still ongoing, according to court documents.

Police say they found Mason about a block from her house. The two sisters reportedly live together. Mason was reported to be “extremely loud, causing alarm to other residences in the area.”

Mason allegedly grabbed her sister’s hair, pulled her forward, and bit her left eye, causing the damage. Police say the victim, who was transported to a nearby hospital by paramedics, was covered in blood. They also found blood in the centre console, along with two bottles of vodka and a can of spiked seltzer.

The aggravated assault charge Mason faces is listed as a class-three felony, and could land her in prison for five years if convicted and given the maximum penalty. She is currently being held on a $2,005 bond.

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