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Watch: 10 minutes of Democrats claiming election fraud in 2016

The 2020 Presidential election result has been a source of controversy.

A vocal group of Trump supporters believe the election was stolen from him through voter fraud. The claim has been widely condemned.

It was the Democrats, however, in 2016 who first raised the possibilty of election fraud, following the unsuccessful campaign of Hillary Clinton.

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  1. No doubt about it, the Americans are all nut cases. No wonder there are so many rehab clinics and psychiatric hospitals there.

    • Americans are highly drugged from childhood with jabs and pills of all sort. High fat carb food. Big Pharma and Big Food are hand in hand to spoil their health. Big tech is to poisson their mind and the banks are to ensalve them. Sad really.

    • Those Yanks who have moved to Aotearoa have since de-compressed and are now mostly addition free; free from forced medications, propaganda, Alphabet Agency Law Enforcement and it’s associated oppression, and free from the continual politically crap that the Noahide Law Zio-Communists both the U.S. and in Israel have forced down the throats of the Yanks via ANTIFA, BLM, SPLC, *AIPAC (*the most dangerous threat to freedom and internal corruption as noted by Congressman Jim Traficant), ACLU, RINO Republicans, and the Chinese Communist Party-owned Democrat Party in the U.S..
      The Demoncrats wailed, squealed and whinged when Trump won the first time around, and they did the same back in 1999 / 2000 when *Bush the Second (*Bush ll aka Sherff) won the Presidency due to ‘chad’ stuck on the voting cards in no other than in Palm Beach County; the same Florida County where Mar-A-Lago is located, with that raid being carried out via a false cause for a Search Warrant signed-off by a J3wi$h Judge that turned on Trump.
      The FBI has obviously planted false evidence in the Demoncrats attempt to charge Trump before 2024 so that he can’t qualify to run based on having a record of orchestrated felonies!
      Palm Beach County has always been corrupt with influences (J3wi$h) from the Northern parts of the U.S., and the Town of Palm Beach is where many ‘Global Ideas and Policies’ emanate from during their Winter Charity Balls at their various mansions!
      The UN and it’s forums are based on what hyper-rich entities living in Palm Beach wants!
      The late Jim Traficant warned about the influence of Israel in a Fox news interview with both Hannity and Sustern before he died.
      Congressman George Hanson introduced the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights which stopped the IRS from abusing Americans (physically from beatings, raids on properties, seizures of property and assets, and ignoring the 4th and 5th Amendments, while the IRS disregarded the 16th and 23rd Amendments) and was arrested for supposed ‘tax fraud’, sentenced and then tortured with ‘diesel therapy’, shackles and became a dental cripple due to dental neglect on the part of the Bureau of Prisons (set up similar to the GULAG) in retaliation for ensuring Americans had equal protection under law.
      (NOTE: due to the passage of so many laws in the U.S., the average American now commits 3 felonies per day without even knowing that they’re violating any law! See the video ‘The Roach Motel at the End of the Universe’ by Les Visible as read by Snordster on Snordster’s J3wTube channel!)
      This interfered with the flow of billions of taxpayer dollars that are sent to Israel every year!
      The USA is actually ‘Israel West’ and has been since 1913 under the Zionist-controlled Federal Reserve Act!
      Usury used to be a crime in the USA up until then…& then the Noahide Law Talmudic Khazarian Zionists entered the scene (see ‘The Learned Protocols of the Elders of Zion’
      The IRS is in the process of hiring thousands more ‘agents’ who are to be fully armed, and have reviewed questionaires as to which ‘Agent Candidates’ would be willing to use ‘deadly force against other Americans’.
      This is relevant as to Force Majeur being declared when the U.S. goes into default / bankruptcy with payments to the faux privately-owned ‘Federal Reserve Bank’ and the IMF. THAT is when IRS and other Alphabet Agencies will raid homes to steal ALL property (Real & Mixed) and the turn that said property over to the Banks as ‘Payment in Kind’
      As Zio-Nazi & Communist Klaus Schwab has said, you will then ‘own nothing and be happy’ (that you’re still alive and not in jail indefinitely under the NDAA as the J-6ers are)!

      • Wow that’s given me a lot to research and think about! The average American is so dumbed down now they don’t realise what is going on. They really need to wake the F up and take their country back from these criminals.

        So is orange man bad or is he good? If not him then who?

        Interested to hear your take.

  2. These people are disgusting and frankly delusional. Anyone in their right mind knew that the Russians had absolutely nothing to do with trump winning the election.

    If trump runs this time, he will win by a bigger landslide than he already did when Biden stole the election.

    The key thing for them is to NOT have mail in votes.

    We should do the same here. Make sure you vote on the day at a polling booth, DO NOT do mail in votes.

    • The Zio-Communist NWO / WEF / AIPAC types have pretty much exhausted all means and methods with regards to removing Trump. He has survived several faux impeachments proceedings, the ying and yang of Talmudic dissuasion, Noahide Law attempts to undermine his cabinet, and the Talmudic deceptions of Mossad Agent Jared Kushner!
      What many experts are now warning about is that since all of the Zio-Communist emoncrats have gone thru every modus operandi and have so far failed to stop Trump and keep him out of office, the next serious concern will be an assassination.
      Trump has been recently warned about this by a former NYC detective, due to JFK being assassinated, Ronald Reagan not playing by the NWO script until the assassination attempt by John Hinckley was carried out, Gerald Ford’s assassination attempt by Squeaky Fromm, MLK calling out the FBI for the corrupt organisation that it is, Malcolm X blasted by assassinS with shotguns in front of his family, ex-US Attorney-General RFK murdered when projected to win the US Presidency, JFK Jr. murdered via aircraft crash when a planned meeting with the DNC the next day was to have discussed him running for the NY Senate Seat that Hellary Klinton later ‘won’, and then the run for President later on, …the list goes on & on…!

      • You’re so bang on. It breaks my heart to think of all those good people who have tried to warn us and paid the ultimate price.

        The difference this time is now so many of us are awake WE KNOW the truth. We KNOW who the criminals are and what they have done, and they are going to be exposed, shamed and dealt with appropriately when the time comes – and it’s getting closer by the day.

        PS – are you really in the Seychelles? If so I am jealous lol ???? what’s the weather like? ????

      • We are so screwed, if Trump is our last hope we are F**Ked, I bet the Dems don’t care if he wins because they can limit the damage like they did last time, Trump got noting done! All they are worried about is the time wasted until he is gone, that is why they stole the election last time, there was a war they wanted to get going in Ukraine and they didn’t want to wait another 4 years.
        If a GOP candidate wins it wont be Trump and it will be a controlled President that follows the agenda.


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