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Watch: American Dream? Thousands of homeless build tent city in downtown LA

As US comedian George Carlin once said, ‘The reason they call it the American Dream is because you have to be asleep to believe it.’

A sprawling tent city of homeless is growing in downtown Los Angeles.

In this video uploaded to Twitter the extent of the problem is shown in the vicinity of San Julian Street in downtown Los Angeles.

With inflation increasing over the past 12 months, and a spike predicted by some around the July 4 Weekend celebrations, the problem looks set to become worse.


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  1. If this hasn’t by now snapped people out of the myth of the ‘American Dream’ in la-la LA, then it’s a sure sign of the mental condition known as ‘delusions of grandeur’ which may be drug-induced, enhanced or further magnified by 5G that is saturating the greater LA Basin.
    & BTW, those tents reflect what ‘affordable housing’ really is!
    The PTB simply do not like this scenario that THEY have caused & created with their demonic policies.
    Especially since those living in the tents do not pay taxes on their homes….
    There will come a time when the Alphabet Police will take action to remove these people from their squats and ‘homeless shelters’ by force.
    That will be a massive disaster, as many of these homeless ‘subjects’ are Combat Veterans who are armed, and rumoured to have heavy weapons hidden away just in case of gang ops, invasion, or round-ups!

  2. All democratic states are full of homeless, drug addicted population compared to Republican states. Wealthier americans in CA favour democrats because they know democrats can fool the poor better than republicans.

  3. I saw some footage of the same sort of thing appearing in Vancouver. I guess the only difference between us and them are motels.

    Either way it’s disgusting things have come to this. Bill gates could fix it in a heartbeat but he is more interested in controlling people and getting them jabbed so he can make more money. ????

    • The money spent on Ukraine by US in the current conflict will fix all the homlessness three to four times over. 10 to 15 billion dollars finding is needed to fix homlessness in US but this figure may increase if Biden continues. The same applies to NZ. If Jacinda’s regime continues, homelessness will reach phemomenal levels for sure.

  4. Similar to the recent train derailment(s), failing bridges, crumbling overpasses, and potholed roads and streets in the less populated areas of the US.
    Let’s not forget the updating of the electrical grid, and procuring the necessary chemicals for fertilisers and diesel oil additives…!
    Had the billions of dollars gone to these projects and public housing, instead of the J3wi$-controlled Ukraine, the cause and effect of the total incompetence of a nappy-wearing mumbling, bumbling faux-President would have long ago been solved.


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