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Watch: ‘American Patriots’ arrive in Donbass to fight for Russia – naturalisation rules relaxed for foreign fighters

Donbass news

A video posted on social media of the group has gone viral.

‘Hello, we’ve just arrived from America to Donbass. We’re from all over America. I’m from Texas, my friend here is from Detroit, we’ve got people here from Minnesota, and from all areas in America.

‘We are here to fight against globalism and the New World Order. We are here to fight the Ukrainian Nazis. Russia is the last place on earth that fights against liberalism, globalism and the New World Order that is destroying America.

‘If you’re a brother of ours from America, from Canada, or from Europe, and you came to fight on the side of the Nazis in Ukraine, you best turn around and go back home….You need to go back home and you need to re-evaluate what you think you’re doing here.

‘I speak for us, but I also speak for the majority of the American people. Stand with us and let’s fight this disease [globalism and liberalism] which has taken over.’

Duma relaxes nationalisation laws for foreign fighters

The Russian parliament has approved a draft law offering a simplified path towards obtaining the country’s citizenship to foreign nationals who sign up for Russian military service.

The Federation Council, the upper house of the parliament, passed the bill on Wednesday after it was approved by the lower chamber, the State Duma, a day earlier.

Normally, foreigners who want to apply for Russian citizenship need to meet several conditions, but those who join the Russian military get some leniency. The new amendment seeks to make the exception apply to more people.

Currently, a simplified naturalization procedure applies, among other cases, to citizens of former USSR countries who sign up for service in the Russian military for at least three years.

The bill, if signed into law, will make all foreign nationals qualify for the exception and would reduce the minimum required commitment to one year of service.

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  1. These are the Americans who are fully aware and educated on the hazards along with the dangers of Globalism, the New World Order, and the Zio-Communist Cabal that has been running the world behind the scenes for the last 173 years, and now seeks to kill everyone on the planet who are considered to be ‘Goyim’, ‘ Useless Eaters’, ‘Carbon Footprinters’, and ‘Far Right Terrorists’…!

    THESE AMERICANS- who have been labeled as ‘Terrorists’ and targeted for their support of President Trump by the Khazarian Zionist Cabal that is deeply entrenched in American Society thru it’s controlled media, institutions of education, the military, domestic and international banking, and most of all, an illegal and un-Constitutional Federal Government that has committed medical genocide against it’s own people!

    THESE AMERICANS- who know full well the Western Media suppression of the 9 years of genocide that Ukraine has committed against ethnic Russians living in the Donbass and Luhansk Regions of eastern Ukraine, while the J3wi$h-Kontrolled Media, Western Governments, and NGO Institutions ignored the 14,000 murdered ethnic Russians in those regions.

    THESE AMERICANS- who have observed, noticed and seen the fascist tyrannical take-over of the United States of America using the modus operandi of ‘Gradualism’ by Global Corporate Interests which has it’s roots of management monitoring and targeting firmly planted in Israel and executed by the International Criminal Mossad which leads the world in assassination numbers.

    THESE AMERICANS- who are fed-up with 40+ years from the likes of Schumer, Pelosi, Biden, the White Dress Wiccan Squad in DC, the ADL, the SPLC, ANTIFA, BLM and AIPAC, the un-Constitutional oppressive and suppressive Alphabet Law Enforcement Agencies that have played a part in the persecutions and malicious prosecutions of American Patriots, and American Veterans especially!

    THESE AMERICANS- who have seen the trends that the Globalist Deep State has committed against humanity, along with the assassinations of good men and women who warned the Nation and the World of the dangers of Secret Societies, the Military Industrial Complex, and the Ashkenazi and Khazarian Zionist take-over of all aspects of American Life, removing the Constitutional Freedoms thru Executive Orders, Presidential Decision Directives, and the deliberate sabotage of Federal Elections!!!

    THESE AMERICANS- Many of whom left the U.S. years ago to go and live in other countries after being harassed, targeted, and suffered attempts of malicious prosecution(s) by the Alphabet Law Enforcement Agencies in violation of their Constitutional Rights without redress due to Admiralty Law replacing proper Common and Constitutional Law in the corrupted Judicial Branches of Local, State and Federal Courts!

    THESE AMERICANS- who in many cases have had their life’s work, assets and savings wiped out under Local, State and Federal forfeiture, search and seizure laws that leaves them penniless due to lawyers fees bankrupting them and are still left without most of their assets being recovered…!

    THESE AMERICANS- who realise what the definition of Genocide, Holocaust and Holodomor really are, and are seeing it happen in real time, and are now going to Russia to try and put a stop to the madness that was fomented by Ukraine’s two J3wi$h Presidents, who are manipulating the West thru their deeply entrenched Israeli-approved lies, Psy-Ops, and the with-holding of life-essential commodities.

    THESE AMERICANS- they saw thru the Covid-19 orchestrated bio-weapon hoax, and are fully aware of the Deagel Forecast, the Gray State that threatens us all, and the fact that contacting an ‘Elected Representative’ only puts one on an FBI Watch List, and then classified for red, Yellow and Green round-ups by FEMA and the Alphabet Agencies, as noted 2 weeks ago when the IRS was fully-weaponised against the American People!

    THESE AMERICANS- who have noted the indefinite detention of their countrymen and women being illegally detained under Obama’s scripted NDAA that allows for the same, and know that FBI AgiProp Agents encouraged the vandalism in some areas of the U.S. Capitol, and noted that it was the FBI undercover agents themselves doing the damage to present a facade that all of the J-6ers were ….’terrorists!’

    President Putin knows full well the hazards of the NWO, the Khazarian Zio-Communist Banking Cabal poses to Russia, that are occurring and operating via the Ukraine!

    President Putin is aware of the horrific history of Russia beginning in 1914 and that over 108 years ago this same Zio-Communist group, being neither Russian or Christian, were a MINORITY group of Satanic Khazarian Zionists who, as Aleksandr Solzhenytsyn observed, operated their Red Terror apparatus without restraint via the NKVD, the GRU, and the GULAG System.

    They murdered 65 MILLION Orthodox Russians and Ukrainian Christians (see ‘The Cheka’ online, and ‘Holodomor’. Read ‘The Gulag Archipelago’ and also ‘Drawings from the Gulag’! , now required reading in order to graduate High School in Russia, so that history doesn’t repeat!)

    THIS is what Russian President Dr. Vladimir Putin is trying to stop from ever happening again in Mother Russia.

    And..Mr. Sergei Lavrov is correct; alternative polling and surveys show that the majority of the world supports Russia in defending against the genocide against ethnic Russians in the east of Ukraine, and that the ‘War Crimes’ have actually been carried out by the Ukrainian Nazi AZOV Battalion.

    Noteworthy is that retrieved traces and pieces of fired weapons (rockets, artillery shells, mortar rounds, etc.) are serial numbered from the West that the Ukraine has fired into the Donbass / Luhansk regions for YEARS!

    J3wi$h Ukrainian President Poroshenko deliberately deceived Russia by signing the Minsk Agreement and then was caught on tape stating that he had no intention of abiding by the same, and that he would build-up the Ukrainian Armed Forces to eventually attack Russia while the Minsk Agreement was being honorably observed by Russia. That is a typical Zionist modus as seen everyday in Israel, and also in Israel West, the U.S. of A.!

    J3wi$h President Zelensky wants other nations to sacrifice for the Zio-Communist genocidal destruction of Eastern Ukraine and Russia under Noahide Law and Talmudic methodologies.

    the J3wi$h Banksters and Western Politicians are also fueling this with their continued deceptions placed on their Michaevellian Deceptions perpetrated on their populations, and perhaps now are realising that ‘following the Zio-Communist Khazarian / Ashkenazi J3wi$h script’ in both government affairs and policies was perhaps not the most intelligent thing to do, especially with the onset of winter.

    The WEF’s ‘Great Reset’ is not the ‘Great Reset’ that is coming as a result of civil, social, education and human rights abuses currently being levied against the American, British and European People; The other ‘Great Reset’ will be multiple Civil Wars in these many Nations as their Citizens wage war in their attempt to take back their liberty and unalienable rights, and crush if not totally destroy the illegally-imposed Talmudic Noahide Laws that enslave all but the Zionist Elite.

    As Ricardo Bosi and the Aussie Cossack have said; ‘Remember who they are, and what they did!” And yes; we know who they are and what they have done in the past, what they are doing now, and what their future plans are for us, the ‘profane, unenlightened Goyim’ as they consider us to be!

    Their global bio-chemical technocracy-based tyranny shall NOT stand!

    God Bless Russia for standing against this Satanic Global Tyranny, and pray for Kelvyn, Hannah, the Aussie Cossack, Vinny E. and Ricardo Bosi as they stand for truth and reform!

    For; the Daily Telegraph New Zealand’ ; might you publish this piece as a separate story, or at least as an Opinion?

    • I agree with much of what you have laid out.

      The Americans fighting on the Russian side of the Ukraine conflict have gone beyond their national boundaries and have stepped up to fight for humanity, values and decency. Russia while not lily white themselves stand in most every way that counts against the woke cancer that is eating the west. Against that global elite who think their shit doesn’t stink.

      WHO are collectively devouring every part of our society and many of us have known for sometime that our protests, words and values at some point must not only stand and refuse to step backwards, but must step forward. To push them backwards.

      These American’s signal a natural escalation in the war against the cancer of woke liberalism designed to strip us of our humanity and will to stand up for our fellow man. Go hard brothers.

  2. I am not a supporter of Ukraine or Russia or of this war, and I am certainly not blindly following the MSM propaganda, but I am also uncertain as to whether this video is legit.

  3. Patrick Lancaster – the links below will reliably confirm or deny the truth of the information. There were also Western volunteer fighters on the side of Assad in Syria. But I also agree that the situation is blurred and unclear in some aspects. Either way, may justice and the highest good for all prevail.

    Patrick Lancaster channel : #1 Channel for uncensore

    Patrick Lancaster News Today



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