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Watch: Dutch farmer – ‘They need our land, they don’t need our nitrogen’

Dutch farmer drops truth bomb to a Rebel News Reporter.

‘We believe it is part of a bigger plan… Three years ago when we started demonstrating, people said Holland will be the capital of Europe – I thought you’re crazy, you’re mad. But I think they were right then. That’s why they need our land. They don’t need our nitrogen. They want to chase us off our land.’


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  1. Food is a weapon, and by over producing and feeding the fellow Europeans, they are acting against the new world order. So they are being punished; simple.

  2. The TriState City Project is scheduled to be the complete bulldozing and rebuilding of the entire Benelux as one giant smart city, akin to the 90s movie Judge Dredd.
    The NO2 (nitrogendioxide) law is just a tool being used to completely decimate the Netherlands, Dutch culture and the Dutch way of life.
    Rutte is a young global leader, a tool of the WEF.

  3. The WEF, IMF, & NWO are attempting to ‘communising’ the Netherlands, similar to what happened in the Ukraine and Russia in 1919 thru ‘collectivism’ and declaring the ‘Kulaks’ (Farmers) as ‘enemies of the (Communist) state”.
    The Dutch fought valiantly from the sewers of their cities against the Nazis, and has been thru food shortages during and immediately after World War Two.
    They may need to do so once again, this time against domestic jack-booted thugs (Police) and blue-helmeted UN ‘Peacekeepers’ (war-enablers who stood by during the genocides in Rwanda and Croatia & Bosnia).
    It’s time to re-form the Dutch Underground, and for Dutch Farmers to take an armed stand against the Globalist / Zio-Communist thuggery that is being imposed on them!
    Carry firearms in your tractors, add extra glass to the same, and surround your cabs with extra steel for armour!
    Steal the nitrogen if needed, plant the crops, shoot at any spray aircraft that attempt to poison the same w/ herbicides, and allow the other Farmers from nearby nations to come and help you with your plantings, resistance, seed and fertiliser supplies, etc.
    Most of all, guard your food warehouses, fertiliser manufacturing sites, and equipment dealers.

  4. Plan is
    1-All livestock farming will cease,by non-arable land locked up for trees and other climate change nonsense about animal pollutants
    2-All arable land will be corporate owned growing genetically modified crops.Total control over food supply


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