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Friday, August 19, 2022
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Watch: Famine in 2022 – Dr. John Campbell

Respected UK analyst John Campbell demonstrates the strong possibility of famine hitting parts of the world this year.

Events in the Ukraine and the lack of political backbone will conspire to produce record global food shortages and commodity prices, hitting the world’s poor in Africa and the Middle East the hardest – but the West will not be immune to the crisis either.


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  1. I saw this video and thoroughly disappointed. This is what happens when an expert steps in an area not familar to him.

    Ukraine is not the bread basket of the world. Their supply is about 20million tons out of 800 million tons. Russia is not blocking the supply. It is the mines that are placed by ythe neo-nazis in the black sea that stops ships entering the black sea route. Belarus also offered. The unncessary sanctions are the sole reason why there is shortage.

    If we take all of the cere and pulses, Ukaranian exports is a miniscule. Russian ban and inadequate fertilizer supply from Russia is a major factor, which are 100% due to sanctions.

    It is pity John cambell pokes his nose in matters not familar to him. There was another video from him about Putin a while ago where he was puppetting the mental state of Putin with no evidenc other than MSM articles. Most Brits are russophobic, and Jon Cambell’s thinking is very biased on this issue. The solution to avoid food crisis is to lift all sanctions; not only on Russia but on all other countries.

  2. US sanctions include Russian food in addition to energy. But they have an exemption list which allows import of speciality metals for the arms industry. US is never concerned about the poor starving. Henry Kissinger promoted food as a weapon for pushing US will and not Russians. US also dumped wheat in the sea for keeping the prices up in the past. US still pays comensation for Rockefellor and other rich land owners NOT to produce food. Bill Gates is also getting this compensation. US is subsidising food converted to ethanol fuel. MSM wont tell these facts.


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