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Watch: Freedom activist the ‘Aussie Cossack’ jailed for 10 months, labelled a ‘national security threat’

Well-known Australian freedom activist and pro-Russian Zelensky critic Simeon Boikov has been jailed for ten months.

According to media reports, Boikov was arrested at his home at Breakfast Point in western Sydney around 2.30pm Monday after allegedly leaking classified information during a protest over the weekend.

Boikov has attracted a large following on social media with his opposition to vaccine mandates and state medical coercion, and more latterly, with his support of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s Special Operation in Ukraine.

Boikov’s sentence includes a 6-month non-parole period. According to ‘Mrs. Cossack’, he is not allowed any visitors because he is unvaccinated against COVID. Boikov has also been declared a ‘national security risk.’

Boikov is said to have sent the name of a man recently charged with child sex offenses to thousands of people protesting against Covid vaccine mandates outside Customs House in Circular Quay, Sydney on Saturday. He then allegedly posted footage of the man speaking at the event online.



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  1. Well the deep state does not like journalists telling the truth. Their aussie agents waited for an opportunity and Aussie Cossack fell for it when he named the “minor attracted” politician. When governments are plotting to manufacture reasons for arrest and intimidation, independent journalists must be extremely careful. Even if there is a small slip, the deep state agents will take full advantage of it. It starts with smear, and if does not work, they will manufacture reasons to put them in jail.

    • Stop being so dramatic. Boikov knowing broke the law on purpose to antagonise the system and scam followers for money. He lost.

  2. Hopefully, this is a massive wake-up call for all Aussies! YOU could be next on manufactured / frame-up and baiting sourced accusations for expressing YOUR Free Speech, and exposing criminality in your government(s.
    At this point in time, we all hope that the Aussie Cossack’s appeal is successful, but I am pessimistic due to the history of harassment Simeon and his wife have suffered.
    If the appeal is successful, I would advise both the Aussie Cossack and Mrs. Cossack to leave immediately for Russia, just as other Australians are now doing in the droves!
    I do hope that, in the meantime, the Russian Ambassador comes to the assistance of Mrs. Cossack, and is able to issue Russian DIPLOMATIC Passports to both Simeon & Mrs. Cossack. and that he retrieves the Aussie Cossack from jail when / if his appeal wins, or upon completion of the prison term.
    Hopefully, the Russian Ambassador and Consulate will be able to spirit the Aussie Cossack & Mrs. Cossack from the jail into a diplomatic car, and from there to a designated Russian Diplomatic Flight out of Australia.
    Notice how the new PM has refused any involvement in this case?
    We have now entered Phase 2 of the Global Genocide Program as per the WEF, G&, NWO and IMF-combined plans.
    Watch and see if the Australian Global Government trumps-up more charges while Simeon is in jail, or they harass Mrs. Cossack and threaten her also!
    I hope that Ricardo Bosi is doing well, as he knows full well the dangers that the Cossacks and Australians as a whole are facing!
    We are ALL in danger of this global government now operating on local levels.

  3. Absolutely terrific that this festering skidmark on the fabric of our society is behind bars. Anything more than a six month sentence disqualifies him from running for political positions, which is no coincidence. He played stupid games and won his stupid prize. Goodbye to bad rubbish but he’ll come back and continue to fleece his imbecile followers of their money.


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