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Watch: Greta Thunberg arrested in Germany

Police hauled the Swedish climate activist away from a coal mine demonstration.

The Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg was arrested in western Germany on Tuesday. Reporters captured the moment Thunberg was carried away by riot police officers, during a protest against the expansion of a coal mine in Luetzerath, North Rhine-Westphalia.

Located between Aachen and Düsseldorf, the village is currently scheduled for relocation in order to expand the nearby Garzweiler lignite mine.

A police spokesperson in nearby Aachen told the media that Thunberg was part of a group of protesters that “stormed” the perimeter of the mine and approached the edge of the dig, described by the authorities as “steep and extremely dangerous.”

In photographs and videos that quickly circulated on social media, four officers of NR-W police can be seen carrying Thunberg by her arms and legs for a short distance. She is smiling, as protesters chant “you are not alone” – in English – and the media record and take pictures.

Officers eventually let Thunberg down and led her away. “We know who she is,” they told reporters when asked why they hadn’t followed procedure and written down her personal information.

Police told Sky News that this was the second time this week Thunberg has been detained as part of the Luetzerath protest. She arrived in the area on Friday and joined the German activists on Saturday to “resist” the authorities’ plans for the village. Some of the activists have taken to squatting in the buildings from which local residents have already been evicted.

More than 1,000 police are currently involved in attempting to evict the squatters from Luetzerath, so the village can be demolished to make room for the mine, owned by the Essen-based multinational energy company RWE.

Climate activists claim that coal mining will increase carbon emissions and interfere with the Paris Climate Agreement plan to limit global warming. RWE has argued that they can offset the emissions through European carbon caps. The Green party, currently part of the German ruling coalition, has backed the company’s position.

Having renounced natural gas imports from Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, Germany has moved to expand coal production and delayed the closure of nuclear power plants. Thunberg has encouraged the latter measure as preferable to burning coal, although she had previously denounced atomic energy.

Thunberg, now 20, garnered international fame for refusing to go to school on Fridays in the name of protesting climate change.

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Source:RT News

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  1. What these Dumbot activists dont seem to comprehend is that Germany now has to use coal to keep warm and keep the lights on. This is because of the sanctions against Russia and sabotage of the Nord Sream pipe lines. This equates into no more cheap Russian gas. Hello ? Germany over the last 20 years or so has learned the hard way and at great cost that wind and solar power does no work on the scope required in a country with the geography of where Germany is in the world. It is some what land locked and has very cold winters. Which leaves coal as its only other energy souce apart from hydro and nuclear power. Perhaps 20 more hydro stations down the Rhine might help – not. Perhaps if they lock up Greta Thunberg and her activists in a dark cold cave for a few months might help or change their mindset ? and they can have every Friday off.

  2. What a con..! Best piece of staged theatre so far this year. There were more paparazzi than protesters and only a handful of cops. But she seemed to be enjoying herself all the same. But of course the timing is not lost on us, right in the middle of the Davos crime syndicate synod.

    This morning’s update is she has not been arrested only removed from the site. She has been relaxing with a lovely dish of grilled worms, bugs and insects to appease the weather gods…

    • This is very TRUE!!!
      In addition, her G-Grandfather, Suarte Arrhenius, was awarded the Nobel Prize for discovering the ‘Greenhouse Effect(s) of Carbon Dioxide that in Theory will Warm the Planet’…
      Does that sound familiar in the Thunberg Family circle???
      ALL of Greta’s Family are in the entertainment business; they are actors, singers, etc. with that path made for them by Rothschild influences, just like Greta’s theatrical ‘Save the Planet / Global Warming’ theme has been!
      Greta and her family are merely useful tools for the idiots exploiting the ‘Green Theme’, and they are making millions from it!
      Those with Aspergers / Autism who are monetarily successful have been exploited and steered by Globalist Agendas and are paid very well indeed to play along with the plan!
      They have no choice, as they know that most on the Autism Spectrum, / ‘Neuro-Diverse’ are 85% unemployed, on benefits for life, and live a life dependent on and based upon minimum incomes that the dole brings!
      The only time that ASD / Aspies will be found getting a living wage and beyond is if they are being exploited for some useful end purpose by the PTB or a politically-staged purpose or event!
      When that purpose is fulfilled by the PTB / exploiters, then the ASD’s are thrown upon the trash heap of society.
      But- that won’t happen to Greta, based upon her family lineage, but we have seen it happen to others on the Autism Spectrum!


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