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Watch: Mysterious Explosion ‘Turns Night to Day’ in UK, Netizens Say Aliens Invading Earth

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An investigation by British Transport Police revealed that the bizarre explosion was caused by a group of children.

A mysterious explosion in UK’s Southampton left residents and netizens shocked as it filled the night sky with spectacular bright flashes of light.

In the now-viral video recorded at St Denys railway station, loud bangs can be heard accompanied by bright flashes of light, and a cloud of smoke bathes the sky in hues of blue and orange.
One of the residents said: “The blast was so bright it looked like daytime,” and another jokingly remarked that: “Aliens had invaded Earth.”

After an investigation, the transport police department said the explosion was caused by a group of children who chucked a scooter onto the railway tracks which prompted an electrical fault, leading to a big explosion.

The police recovered the scooter from the tracks with the help of a fire and rescue team and after a small disruption while the track was under repair, trains started running smoothly again.

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