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Watch: New Canadian opposition leader Pierre Poilievre ‘WEF is against the interests of our people’

Pierre Poilievre was elected leader of the Conservative Party of Canada on 10 September with 68.8% of the vote ballot, and 330 out of 338 electoral districts.

Poilievre now leads the Canadian parliamentary opposition to Trudeau. He has been a vocal critic of Trudeau’s divisive COVID policies.

Speaking to party faithful following his successful leadership campaign Poilievre promised that he would ‘ban all my ministers from any involvement with the World Economic Forum,’ stating the WEF was ‘against the interests of our people.’ The statement drew raucous applause and a standing ovation.

However, one commenter tweeted a screenshot of a WEF website listing of Poilievre:

A search for Poilievre’s name today on the WEF website produced no results.

Pierre Poilievre news

Deputy PM Chrystia Freeland verbally abused in Alberta

Meanwhile a video showing WEF underling Chrystia Freeland being abused while waiting for an elevator has gone viral.

The man Eliot McDavitt, an Albertan mechanic was at the local City Hall when he spied Freeland in the lobby.

‘Chrystia – what the f*** you doing in Alberta? You f***** traitorous f***** b****. Get the f*** out of this province!’

According to a report in The Tyee, the ‘latest attack’ on Freeland is part of a growing trend of attacks against Canadian government politicians, including Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who also has strong links to the WEF. Trudeau has had to cancel numerous public appearances due to ‘security concerns.


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  1. He needs to ban his ministers from being part of secret societies and loyalty to any group with national or ethnic ties ahead of those to Canada.

  2. We need a leader of the opposition in NZ who is not a WEF patsy and has a personality. I dont think National will win the next election, rather labour will lose it
    If national win then god help us. It will be more of the same in a blue dress. Luxon supports the WEF, never came out strong during the Covid season and agreed with labour’s river of filth
    So who do we vote for? The minor parties, even combined, wont stand a chance because the are so disparate
    I think I will emigrate to mars and create my own kingdom, hey!

  3. I am loving all the hecklers. Trudeau and Freeland are traitors and frankly they will get what they deserve. Our politicians will get the same welcome from us next year.

    If only we had an actual opposition here instead of the spineless Chris Luxon, Jacindas mate and fellow globalist.

    National doesn’t stand for the farmers anymore and the sooner the farming community in this country realises this and throws them under the bus with Labour the better.

    The only way forward for this country is to completely rid ourselves of these parasites. Red and Blue must GO. All public service salaries need to be investigated and reviewed as well. Paying people 150,000 to 500,000 a year for doing a Sh1t job is an insult to taxpayers. Frankly it’s disgusting. Our local CEO for the council is USELESS. He is nothing but a quisling for the central govt. over paid and overweight. Right out of a George Orwell novel.

  4. Elect Independent Members of parliament is the best solution…the party time is over for the political parties. Independent members of parliament will represent the people of the electorates better

    • Yes that idea definitely has a lot of merit. They would also need to be transparent (gosh hasnt that word lost its meaning) about any affiliations with any groups such as political parties, and the likes of the Freemasons and rotary etc.


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