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WHO official testifies: Vaccine Passports were a scam to promote global vaccination agenda

A high-ranking official at the World Health Organization (WHO) has confessed during a dramatic testimony that the vaccine passports advocated by the agency were nothing more than a ruse to further the worldwide vaccination drive.

Dr. Hanna Nohynek, serving as the WHO’s chair of the Strategic Group of Experts on Immunization and also holding the position of chief physician at the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, delivered the bombshell admission in a Helsinki courtroom. Her testimony unfolded in a lawsuit brought by Finnish citizen Mika Vauhkala, who was denied entry to a café for lacking a vaccine passport.

During her court appearance, Dr. Nohynek disclosed that despite her warnings to both the WHO and her government against the necessity of vaccine passports, her concerns were disregarded. She told the court that Covid mRNA shots were deemed ineffective in halting virus transmission, rendering the passports and vaccinations essentially ineffective and providing a false sense of security to the public.

Moreover, Dr. Nohynek unveiled that as early as the summer of 2021, both the WHO and the Finnish Institute for Health were cognisant of the Covid mRNA shots’ failure to prevent virus spread. Despite this knowledge, the WHO persisted in promoting the vaccines, jeopardising public safety.

These revelations cast a shadow over the WHO’s credibility, particularly as it touted in 2021 its efforts to establish a globally trusted framework for safe travel.

In New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stated that the implementation of vaccine passes, or as she referred to them, ‘vaccine certificates’, was aimed at ‘safeguarding the vaccinated from exposure to the unvaccinated.’

However, it raises questions as to the true intention behind the introduction of vaccine certificates, especially considering they were not introduced until November 2021. Seven months prior, Ardern had acknowledged the likelihood of vaccinated individuals still contracting Covid-19. So, by November, the certificates could not genuinely have been about protecting the vaccinated.

Ardern openly described vaccine certificates as a means to bolster vaccination rates on various occasions.

The certificates effectively created distinct categories of individuals in New Zealand – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated, as Ardern candidly admitted – were not primarily about safeguarding the unvaccinated. Rather, they served as another tool to incentivise as many people as possible to receive the experimental mRNA gene therapy marketed to the public as a ‘COVID vaccine’.

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  1. Vaccine passports linked to social credit scores that lock you into the 15-minute open-air prisons, I mean cities, in order to control you with their globalist fascist agenda. Welcome to the New World Order, where your sovereignty does not matter.

    You do not travel to other cities to visit your family or friends unless your vaccines are up to date and your social credit score is good. In other words, you do not have visitation rights at your prison unless you have a good behaviour record and do what the prison warden wants.

    How long before you attempt to start you hundred-thousand-dollar electric vehicle and a nice message appears in beautiful font with nice colours saying, “I’m sorry, you cannot drive your car because your social credit score is not good enough and/or your mandated vaccines are not up to date. Have a nice day!”

    Anybody not believe this? Look at China: Physical 15-minute zones with metal fences and virtual 15-minute zones such that if you move beyond them then your picture appears on a large screen to shame you and your bank account is automatically fined.

    Fascism at its finest, honed by modern technology and psychological manipulation.

    • True, True and True again! This is not a Black Mirror episode. China is living it, and we will be soon too, maybe even before THEY bring in THEIR 2030 Agenda. Scary thing is though, 85% of sheeple will go along with it like they did when all the covid passport madness kicked off.

  2. Liers, scammers, criminals and dictators, NOTHING else.
    Hold them to account and charge them, prosecute them.
    WE the People demand accountability and justice!

  3. Seems like covid was an orchestrated attack on humanity to enslave the masses.
    These people should face ________.

  4. Not passports, prison passes. That’s essentially what they are. A day pass from the medical jail people were locked into. Of course, the scumbag medical establishment, cops and courts, turned a blind eye and do so, to this day. Worse still, people needing operations are still being persecuted around the globe, to this day.

    Suffice to say vote for globalist trash…..get globalist trash.

  5. i had no vax and no pass. I boycotted all public social gatherings and went instead for long walk all by myself. Much better for your body and spirit

  6. No virus isolation…that is the problem!

    A real analyses must start with the question :As the virus,or any other virus ever been isolated?
    The answer is no!
    Court case Stefan Lanka!

  7. Jacinda Ardern stated that the implementation of vaccine passes, or as she referred to them, ‘vaccine certificates’, was aimed at ‘safeguarding the vaccinated from exposure to the unvaccinated.’

    Which obviously is a very clear admission that Jabcinda knew from the start that the ‘vaccines’ didn’t actually work.

    It’s well past time that criminal charges were bought against these evil corrupt criminal communist wannabe tyrants.


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