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Jack Freestone
Jack Freestonehttps://tinyurl.com/5n7t6s4t
Writer, surfer, criminal defence barrister in a previous life. Author of The Fake Celebrity in China, Laowai, Cusala, The Control Sickness, & numerous stories.

Jack Freestone reviews movies and TV series which seem to have predicted the ‘COVID plandemic’

Jack Freestone scamdemic review news

New Zealand author Jack Freestone looks at one TV series, one TV episode, and two movies which seem to have in some way predicted what has occurred over the last two years.

I recently watched a video by a guy who had spoken to “insiders” of secret societies. The most famous being the Freemasons, and more recently, Illuminati, and Luciferianism.

He had been told that to overcome karma, parts or all of a plan are exposed to people, and then if the people do not react as they should to the information they have received, then they take the bad karma, not the instigators of the bad events.

When I was in China, I did in fact meet a Satanist, a Devil worshipper. I wrote about him in my novel, Laowai. One of the first things he told me, was that his main problem was karma, and overcoming it, because he believed in it.

Turning my attention to a scamdemic or plandemic, and not an actual “pandemic”, I have found one TV series, one TV episode, and two movies, which seem to have in some way predicted what occurred over the last two years.

The first is a UK TV series (2013) called, Utopia

The plot of this series involves a fake pandemic of Russian flu, which is to be used to inject people with a “vaccine” which will render most people who take it infertile. The motivation behind this plot is claimed to be overpopulation, and depleting resources.

When the first plot fails, and all the vaccines are destroyed in a fire, there is a second plot, which involves the actual release of a deadly Russian flu virus. The “vaccine” for this flu, disables peoples’ immunity to it by way of an added “protein”, thereby killing everyone infected, except a chosen race of people, whose genetic makeup will allow them to survive, and breed on.

Of note, is they actually use the expression V Day, which of course was used to help administer the Covid “vaccine” in the UK to the masses.

There was a poor remake of this excellent series in the US, in 2020. The lead actor is John Cusack, also the lead in Cell (2016) a movie about cell signals turning people into zombies, which some people have claimed is connected to the Marburg virus, and 5G.

The original series of Utopia, is definitely worth a watch, though I have to warn you it is highly violent.

IMDb rating: 8.4. My rating: 7.6

Along similar lines is the sixth episode of The X-Files, season 10, My Struggle II

This is DNA alteration by small pox and anthrax vaccines, made worse by aluminium chemical trails, and 5G microwaves.

The DNA alteration leads to the destruction of everyone’s immune systems, except those with alien DNA, so people die of multiple causes.

Again, the motivation is given as depopulation due to dwindling resources, and climate change.

This episode to me, was a hodgepodge of everything, including multiple common conspiracy theories, so I had the impression it was trying to damage its own credibility but at the same time put out what could actually be achieved and planned. This is relevant to my comments above related to karma.

IMDb rating: 7. My rating: 5.8

The first movie of note is One by One (UK 2014)

This movie features ‘The Young Ones’ actor Rick Mayall.

This movie is more of a prediction of mass depopulation by “vaccine”.

It is not a very good movie. But there are some interesting things to note about it.

It was the last movie to be made by Rick Mayall. He died of a sudden heart attack while jogging some five months after the movie’s release.

If you search the Wikipedia page of Rick Mayall, there is very little mention of his participation in the movie at all. It is listed in his filmography, but when you click on the link it takes you to the movie website. There is no actual Wikipedia page for the movie, One by One, something I found a little strange.

IMDb rating: 7.6. My rating: 4.6

The second movie is the German 1979 movie, The Hamburg Syndrome

The movie seems to hint at a scamdemic, or plandemic, rather than an actual pandemic. Although people are dropping dead, frequencies of music, adrenalin, depopulation, and the enrichment of the elites are subtly put in the scenes.

Also, a vaccination is pushed and administered to the masses, even though the disease and its origins are unknown.

Some of the scenes are eerily realistic, so much so, that they could have been taken straight from the Covid-19 pandemic.

There are some wonderful quotes in the movie, such as, “The healthy are now the sick!” This was spoken by an old man, who had been hunted down and hauled off because he was still unvaccinated.

When a girl says she is not sick, the “vaccine” injector says, “How do you want to prove that, my dear. Nobody knows whether they are healthy or not.”

The movie gained new attention when Covid-19 broke out.

In 2020, when asked about the film’s relation to the COVID-19 pandemic, the director Fleischmann said, “You know, if you dream up the improbable, there’s a good chance it will become reality. Just the obvious, that never happens.”

It can be viewed with English subtitles, on YouTube.

IMDb rating: 6.1. My rating: 7

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  1. Excellent. Mind you we have had quite a few movies and TV series over the years preparing our minds for this eventually. Several spring to mind: The original Rollerball with James Caan, Logans Run, Soylent Green, Fahrenheit 451, and of course the X-Files. Bio-technology has done the rounds with various cyborgs and cloning as well, the mainstay of much Sci-fi. We can’t say we weren’t warned even if obliquely.

    Food for thought…

  2. Also check out Cell (again with Cusack and written by King) which shows clearly the 5G Marburg bit about to come soon.


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