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Jack Freestone

Writer, surfer, criminal defence barrister in a previous life. Author of The Fake Celebrity in China, Laowai, Cusala, The Control Sickness, & numerous stories.

Are the Freemasons and Illuminati Flat-Earthers?

An interesting video has been circulating of a Freemason describing the Earth. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4hHhqsFOMDM Before people start to call me a crazy Flat Earther, please note, that...

What happened to Joseph Gregory Hallett?

When I first started listening to Gregory Hallett, I was fascinated by his historical claims, and put aside his declarations that he was the...

Jack Freestone reviews movies and TV series which seem to have predicted the ‘COVID plandemic’

New Zealand author Jack Freestone looks at one TV series, one TV episode, and two movies which seem to have in some way predicted...