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‘Bizarre changes in pathology’: Case 25 Aussie Frontline Workers Speak Out

Case 25: ‘Bizarre changes in pathology.’

In this series dailytelegraph.co.nz brings you testimony from frontline health workers, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, psychiatrists, speaking out as to what they have witnessed in Australia’s vaccine roll-out programme.

The testimony is provided to Telegram group ‘Frontline Workers Speak Out!’ (FWSO)*.

Frontline Worker – Medical Sector
Senior Clinical Nurse Specialist (Metropolitan Hospital)
New South Wales
Submission Date: 27/09/21.

Hi there,

I am a senior Nurse (CNS2) in a metropolitan hospital, NSW.

My usual role is in Cardiology.

My lengthy career is ending this week, after decades in the acute sector.

I have seen many patients both in ED and Cardiology with vaccine SE’s .

These are LARGELY under-recognised, and RARELY reported. I have told relatives to make their own TGA reports as reporting in the acute sector is NOT HAPPENING.

Doctors are RARELY attributing the various conditions to vaccination, but when you take a history it is very easy to join the dots.

Heart attacks (all ages), acute myocarditis / pericarditis, DRASTIC deterioration in EF (ejection fraction – index of heart’s pumping strength), ie worsening in heart failure.

I understand that many are presenting with strokes, and other neurological complications.

Diabetes has been far more unstable in some, and difficult to manage, with very labile BSLs.

I have seen colleagues with gastrointestinal SE, recurrent pneumonias

Many non-injected, including myself have experienced symptoms from spike protein transmission (shedding).

GI pain (severe), headaches, migraines, sleep disturbance.

I have seen bizarre changes in pathology, huge drops in haemaglobin, and derangements in biochemistry (Na, kidney function).

I had a secondment in Aged Care and after the vaccination was rolled out in Facilities, saw MANY acute deteriorations, with increases in death rates above normal. Loss of speech, loss of mobility, chest infections.

My sister in law works in community aged care, and has seen MANY SE as well. Renal Failure, siezures, acute loss of mobility with resultant falls.

Many of the elderly she has cared for and knows well have had their death hastened, or had to move into residential care as they now cannot manage at home.

Thanks for helping us to get our stories out there.

* FWSO is an Anonymous channel for nurses and healthcare workers in Australia. Its purpose is to share alternative experiences from frontline workers who see firsthand the damage caused by COVID-19 vaccinations. Submissions are matched with official registration where available. Submissions are passed through a team of healthcare professionals for vetting. High levels of discernment and security are used in the submission process. Some details may be redacted or slightly altered (ie. timelines, dates, names) to protect the healthcare workers. It is a collective movement with a large admin team. Visit – FWSO Telegram Channel.

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  1. I am in NZ, had a Doctor at Christchurch Hospital Lie to me about proceedure and results on my son, who had a seizure 12 days after 2nd jab (I begged my children not too). I was shut down today at my sons doctors surgery Rolleston Medical Centre. My sons doctor said there was no proof the vaccine caused his seizure, when I challenged him and stated it was because most of it is being hidden. I was shut down, not answered or acknowledged anymore during the consultation. My son was given anti-dipressants for migranes, light sensitivity, and still very apparent short term memory loss. While my son was having bloods taken for routine check the doctor said, I was handed a patient health questionnair form derived from Doctors with an educational grant from Pfizer Inc. The form also stated in the “small print” it had No permission required to reproduce, translate, display or distribute my sons answers to the the questionnair. I DID NOT fill it out, I have it in my possession. It is NO use, when no is listening to the masses, the v related accidents etc etc. Maybe Ill do like the pharma companies and release my sons data in 75 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I am very sorry to hear about this and I am sorry your son has had a reaction.

      I hope he comes right. There are support groups for vaccine injured people and many are able to share natural therapeutic remedies they have found helpful. Maybe worth looking at?

      All the best.

  2. One of the biggest and most disappointing things I have learned over the last 2 years is that the NZ health system is actually sick. The doctors seem to only want to hand out pills and fob people off. I have lost complete faith in the medical industry and will do everything I can to avoid going to the doctor and will stay out of hospital at all costs. The way early treatments for covid have been suppressed is nothing short of criminal. There is no advice from the powers that be about good health or proactive natural therapy such as vitamin D especially with respect to people who have darker skin and often cannot absorb enough vitamin D from natural sunlight. All we get is vaccine propaganda. No discussion, no back up data , just generalised claims about safety and effectiveness that prove to be time and again just blatant lies.

    I follow the science alright and that’s why I remain covid jab free.

  3. Great comments. It is not the Kiwi way. I agree the nz system is sick and broken.
    We blindly follow US who lead the world in all undesirable statistics like infant mortality and number of deaths per million of population. High vaccination rates are mirrored by numbers of deaths and adverse reactions.
    We are denied accurate data and early treatments that work. Our best doctors are being denied the right to practice which shows how bad the situation is. Our main news outlets are a joke with most of the rubbish they publish. – as they are financed and controlled by government.
    Hopefully the truckies led protests will end in vaccine mandates along with all others being dropped if we all show support.

  4. Random question… We hear the term, ‘long covid’ bandied about. Is it more likely to be a long term reaction to the the jab?


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