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Former NFL player Uche Nwaneri who mocked Ivermectin dies of suspected heart attack aged 38

Uche Nwaneri was a regular starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars in the NFL for 7 seasons.

Nwaneri ‘died suddenly and unexpectedly’ on 30 December 2022. His wife found him unresponsive in the bedroom at around 1am. According to CBS, preliminary results indicate a suspected heart attack pending toxicology results. TMZ Sports said a preliminary report determined he died of an ‘enlarged heart with acute heart failure.’

Nwaneri played college football for Perdue before he got his big break in the NFL Draft with Jacksonville in 2007.

After football Nwaneri operated a popular YouTube channel called The Observant Lineman.

In August 2021 Nwaneri mocked use of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID. ‘What kind of idiot must one be to actually take a dewormer ivermectin which has absolultey nothing in any study anywhere about using for COVID, but your stupid ass doesn’t want to get vaxxed. I mean natural selection takes over at some point right?’

A recent French study concluded what many experts have suspected for some time – that Ivermectin has ‘potent anti-viral’ capability against COVID.

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  1. Tragic.

    I genuinely feel sorry for all these unthinking propagandised people who blindly and unwittingly ‘followed the science’.

    • I dont feel sorry at all for them,they deserve what they get.If this “vaccine”rids the world of stupid people,then they should get as many boostets as they can

    • I agree, I really tried ‘following the science’ but unfortunately couldn’t find any.

      Then I followed the money and very quickly found ‘the science’.

  2. I would propose that the government media demonisation of Ivermectin comes close to not only disinformation but also mind control. I have seen it disparagingly & condescendingly mocked as ‘cattle dewormer’ and ‘horse paste’ in a similar manner to the use of the word ‘sheeples’ by arrogant know-it-alls who do not have the humility to maybe say “there but for the grace of God…” etc in relation to this massive Pfizer/Blackrock/Vanguard con job foisted on us by the ‘House of Windsor’, which is actually the house of Hanover/ Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, renamed in a disinformation campaign regarding their origins and objectives in creating the ‘British Empire’, going on to dominate one quarter of the world’s population.
    The current manipulation of so called ‘race relations’ in this country appears to the reader to be a highly cynical attempt to distract, bamboozle and obfuscate another round of selling down assets and properties which the present government claims to be ‘private/public partnerships’ but in actual fact is signatory to virtual slavery, mind control and more plastic packaging: https://www.rnz.co.nz/news/political/481441/what-amazon-wanted-from-new-zealand-s-prime-minister
    nb: the last Stuart monarch died childless. She had 18 children, none of which survived, which even at that time, (her reign, 1702-1714) seems to be more than a grim co-incidence; the first Hanover, George 1, from Bohemia, assumed the throne in 1714.
    Captain Cook (1728 -1779) agent for Georges 2nd & 3rd died in Hawaii.
    The inventors of Ivermectin, Satoshi Omura from Japan and William C. Campbell from Ireland, won a Nobel Prize in 2015. It is considered an ‘essential medicine’ for treating many of the parasites which affect the global poor and under resourced. While the prison owners (Blackrock et al) rake in trillions, government media downplay the role which dedicated scientists play in the maintenance of global health and promote the toxic vax with their socially bewildering side of buraucratese.

  3. “Pride comes before the fall.” Smart people know, don’t put others down because sooner or later something’s coming your way as well.

  4. Sad to hear about yet another high-profile jab zealot ‘died suddenly’.

    These days I don’t have a problem with the wilfully ignorant pro-jabbing cult. If they want to take it then fine, ‘fill your boots’ as they say, the more the merrier or whatever.

    All I ask is just leave me out of it, and no more bullying, discrimination or coercion please.

  5. Asking to be ‘left out of it’ may involve ‘getting in the trenches’ as Jab sin da and her minions will no doubt sign NZs Sovereignty away (which without referendum I think they have already done) to the WHO for the next ‘Plandemic’ coming to a place near you real soon. The 194 countries already signed to this agreement which includes NZ only have to have an over 50% vote for the new amendments to be become enshrined. This big grab for power by an unelected Criminal oganisation run by a former Terrorist is far more advanced than most people realise. The thought of being force ‘vaccinated’ would have me looking for a country outside the 194 in this agreement to live in.


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