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Top virologist predicts ‘tsunami’ of deaths from the COVID ‘vaccine’

Renowned Belgian virologist Geert Vanden Bossche has issued a dire warning of an impending “massive tsunami” of COVID-19 illnesses and fatalities among vaccinated individuals, potentially leading to overwhelming strain on hospitals and triggering widespread chaos across financial, economic, and social sectors.

Speaking on the KunstlerCast podcast, Bossche emphasized the gravity of the situation, predicting a surge in severe cases of long COVID among highly vaccinated populations with compromised immune systems. He highlighted his years of study in immunology, asserting his unique understanding of the underlying mechanisms driving the crisis.

Bossche stressed the necessity of preparing for an unprecedented healthcare emergency, anticipating the collapse of hospital systems as cases escalate rapidly. He emphasized the far-reaching implications, including disruptions to financial stability and social order.

Acknowledging the global scale of vaccination efforts, Bossche argued that any adverse outcomes would be impossible to conceal, urging vaccinated individuals to take proactive measures to safeguard their health by avoiding reinfection and considering the use of antiviral medications preventively.

Highlighting the interconnectedness of the global community, Bossche warned that once the crisis unfolds in one highly vaccinated country, it could swiftly spread to others.

Speculating on the potential political ramifications, podcast host James Kunstler suggested that Bossche’s predictions could become a convenient scapegoat for governments, potentially impacting future elections worldwide.

‘Never ever use a vaccine that can’t block transmission when you are on the battlefield,’ said Bossche.

‘If you have a vaccine which cannot prevent the transmission, you cannot control this pandemic. The virus will escape… With this mass vaccination you’re doing the exactly the opposite. You are generating a breeding ground for even more infectious variants to replicate.

‘Scientifcally there is no rationale to vaccinate children. This cannot be justified. There is no added value whatsoever. There is only major concerns and major risks. We know definitely the risk-benefit ratio is going in a completely wrong direction. So how on earth, with that knowledge, can you even think of doing such a thing. I have no other words – it’s criminal.’

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  1. He should have warned people before of the danger of MRA.
    What is the use now of scaring people ? None. It is done.
    What is he after, ” celebrity ??

    • He did. Others did too alas the propaganda machine was in full swing like a wrecking ball tearing down any dissenting opinion of the specialists in this field. Very sorry to say.

    • Where have you been? Geert was speaking out right from the start.He is a true hero and one of the reasons I did not take that poison.

      Sorry you are only finding out about him now.

      There are other hero’s to remember, Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Mike Yeadon, Dr Byron Bridle, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Judy Mikovitz and many more. Closer to home we have Dr Matt Shelton, Dr Allison Goodwin, Dr Bernard Conlon and many more. If you look these people up online you will see they are called conspiracy theorists, but listen to any of them and you will realise what we have here are a group of highly qualified, intelligent GENUINE people who stepped out from the narrative to warn their fellow man and whom cannot be bought. THESE are the people I listen to and I thank them on behalf of humanity and of myself.

      • Absolutely agree …the New Zealand Doctors mentioned here were the true hero’s for many of us.
        I have family members now verbalising their regret having taken the vaccine and vow never to take another vaccine. Only two of my family did not take the Covid vaccine…I dread the thought of where my remaining 3 family members will land with the potential outfall of this but sadly all 3 have newly diagnosed cardiology, Immunology and /or cancer diagnosis/s during the past 12 months. Heartbreaking!

  2. “Bossche stressed the necessity of preparing for an unprecedented healthcare emergency…”

    Why else do you think 5 eyes countries have all quadrupled down on immigration in the last six months? Our replacements are arriving daily as all the “suddenly” picks up.

    Another wild coincidence comes true 🌈

  3. No one unjabbed regrets not taking it. Many people I know who took it now regret it, and they are bloody angry!!

    • I reckon.same here. One of my friends said she admires me for being so strong. I tried to help her but she folded. And you are right, they are bloody angry alright.

      Speaking of anger, wait till all the debt slaves realise they’ve been had as well.

  4. Where are entities like Sheriffs/prosecutors/attorneys/judges/police charging and prosecuting the criminal individuals who have perpetrated clearly the most widespread ongoing murdering of humans worldwide?
    Where are you?
    Remember your oath!

    • Yes, exactly what these entities have not cottoned on to yet is that when you work for the devil and the devil is finished with your services, you are the first to go to hell. There is a day of reckoning coming for this lot.

  5. Thanks Daily Telegraph NZ for these articles. I am not on social media so don’t always pick up this info. Thanks for giving us a voice.

  6. Check out the Deagel Forecast for NZ circa 2025…
    Couple that with a released super-virus, Covid vaccines, food being unaffordable, and war, well…
    Western Nations no longer have good politicians- those few that still are will be going to jail indefinitely under WHO / WEF / NWO Global Martial Law, or will probably be assassinated in due course by the Terrorist State Governments!!!

  7. Many of these articles speak volumes in terms of ‘compromised immune systems’ but have you ever tried to secure an appointment with an Immunologist in NZ…6 months wait in the areas where this services exist. Have you ever tried to get the right tests via your GP in NZ to establish if you have an immunodeficiency / immune compromised type condition …unlikely…due to the necessity to see a Specialist to order the correct tests.
    The full extent of the impact of the vaccines on our populations’ immune systems will likely never be fully known as how much research is actually currently underway? Will this ever be made public?
    I am also left wondering whether ‘long covid’ is in fact an actual delayed adverse reaction/ response to the vaccine, as many people experiencing this appear to be vaccinated.


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