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Ardern government the ‘most destructive and divisive’ in NZ history – Spectator

Ardern government opinion

An opinion piece by Amy Brooke in the Spectator Australia today accused Jacinda Ardern’s government of turning ‘Godzone’ into a Second World country.

Economic mismanagement, declining living standards, and undue favouritism towards Māori interests have pushed New Zealand to the ‘point of no return’, wrote Brooke.

The Ardern government exacerbated existing issues and underminded democratic principles and traditional values.

Despite record migration levels and population growth the country has entered a recession, fueling concerns about economic stability and societal well-being.

Housing affordability has hit crisis levels with the International Monetary Fund flagging serious issues in New Zealand. Ardern’s tenure had seen a rapid increase in government debt, sluggish progress in fixing inflation, and a decline in living standards – all evidence of the Labour government’s mismanagement. Despite this, former Minister of Finance Grant Robertson was recently appointed Vice-Chancellor of the University of Otago.

Brooke also took aim at the Labour government’s approach to crime, healthcare, and judicial processes. Criticism of lenient sentencing practices and perceived favouritism toward Māori interests in policy decisions has led to the erosion of democratic principles and traditional values.

Brooke accused the ailing mainstream media of bias and misrepresentation, particularly in regards to their reporting on Winston Peters.

Ardern’s pledge of $30 billion towards the Paris Agreement on climate change was slammed.

‘Worst perhaps of all Ardern’s economic damage has been, against all professional advice, personally committing $30 billion from New Zealanders, without consulting parliament – or a country already on its knees – toward the nonsensical Paris Agreement on climate change, endorsing its spurious CO2 climate scam – an agreement that, if not repudiated, will cost each family $24,170.

‘Have New Zealanders taken too long to wake up to the fact that, as has been pointed out, a majority that stays silent does not long remain a majority?’

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  1. Understatement of the century. Never did I believe someone like her could tell so many lies. She knew exactly what she was doing. Dividing and wrecking the country. I will never forgive her. Or her colleagues. My son who was 16 at the time will also never forgive her for what she took from kids like him.

    They lied from the start and the worse thing of all is they rolled out a DANGEROUS vaccine knowing it was killing people, didn’t stop transmission and ruined peoples lives and businesses. She ruined peoples families, stopped people comforting dying loved ones, attending loved ones funerals, robbed people of family Christmas for 2 years. I will never get over the trauma of it all. That b**** should be in jail at the very least. Shame her mentor did away with the treason consequences. Makes you wonder if Helen knew it would all come to this. Of course she did, as did John Key. All as bad as each other. Traitors, liars criminals. They have systematically bled this country dry whilst selling it to their mates overseas. I hope one day they rot in their synagogue of Satan. 😡

  2. She should be thrown into shark infested waters! Synagogue of Satan – totally agree. The biggest liar the world has seen as is Grant Robertson

  3. You have to wonder how so many would gladly take her back and obey her. She led a satanic cult and the members are at large. MSM still act under her orders.

    • To HELL with MSM !
      I hear with glee that newsgrub is finished. So should all the other weasels be.
      Can’t stand their smug faces, grinning, although you can see it in their eyes, how scared s**tless they are. A corrupt lier never sleeps well. They intuitively know that time’s up.

    • Only a woke liberal suffering from Stockholm Syndrome would beg for something like that to return to the hell-scape that is the Hornet’ Nest, formerly called the (Masonic) Beehive.
      Saw a video earlier of the naked man being walked like a dog by two wine-swilling Dominatrixes over in Hamilton. Perhaps their ‘doggy’ is being groomed for a political career?
      I wonder who will pick-up his poo and use the same to shape the policies of the woke Labour and Green Parties?

  4. It is difficult to resonate with the level of divisiveness and unrest that one person in authority was enabled to cast upon an entire population within such a relatively short space of time.
    It just seemed to unravel like quicksand.
    Thank goodness we’ve all moved forward now the waters have calmed (thanks to National, Act and NZF) but nevertheless, I am sure most New Zealanders will never forget how they felt specifically during the period in time of 2020-2023.
    This can never be repeated …..the diminished level of trust, the economy and the loss in confidence will inevitably take years to repair.
    Just so very thankful the Election result enabled new leadership and ‘hope’ for a brighter future.

    • She completely took advantage of New Zealanders good nature. Our willingness to do the ‘right thing’ and crapped all over us using laws she and her fellow communists passed without warning in the dead of the night. This was all enabled by a weak and self serving opposition.

      Do not be fooled by Chris Luxon. either. He is a Globalist through and through. He’s no real Christian either so don’t be fooled by him. I have seen many people who claim to be Christian and attend church who simply go there to be seen, to network and who think they can spend all week going against their fellow man for their own greed and then somehow ask for forgiveness. Well i have news for them. God knows EXACTLY who they are without them even saying it out loud.

      Act and NZ first are better options if we have to vote for someone, but I am highly suspicious of them also.

      Make no mistake, these politicians will sell out our country to the highest bidder for the benefit of themselves. The only thing that gives me comfort are people like Tanya Uncovich and Casey Costello. I can hear in their voices they are truly genuine people. Question is, how long will they remain to be that.

      Our childrens futures have been robbed from them right under our noses, so these gutless narcissistic self serving globalist puppets can rub shoulders with the very people destroying this world with their greed and their lies . No wonder they are leaving in droves. They have given up the kiwi dream. They are being replaced with cheap immigrants who will do no understand our culture. All part of the plan.

      Watch as our economy slips further, some farmers will fold because of their debt and the interest rates,. That s Nationals legacy after John Key pumped the dairy farming up and allowed land and technology to be sold to China. Young people leave, the lazy get lazier and get not only the dole, but a brand new house provided for them. The boomers keep robbing thr country blind to pay for their medications from years of unhealthy living, even though many are extremely well off with income from multiple houses. This country will only move forward when the lazy get off their arses and go to work, and when we income test the boomers like they do in Australia. We also need to stop paying pensions to New Zealanders who work and live overseas and then return to retire. All these people are a DRAIN on our productivity.

      We could solve the housing problem by immediately freeing up more land but local government won’t do it because they too have been infiltrated by overpaid self serving communists who are hell bent on raping the ratepayers and handing power over to a few so called elites who keep their own people poor and subservient.

      Everywhere you look it’s all,about power and control and as for this country being one of the least corrupt in the world pffffft what a load of bollocks.

      But globalists and sell outs beware. We are awake to your tricks now, we know who you all,are and we have nothing to lose anymore. We WILL hold you accountable and you WILL pay the price of your sins one way or another.

    • Waters have calmed…nope just signed a agreement of understanding with the WHO and I believe National have given her a job heading up The Christchurch Project…..

    • One must be aware and on guard of falling victim to ‘Hopium’…! Or, false myths passing as science.
      The promises of false hope is more devastating than dealing with the problems both head-on, and early-on!
      The phrase of ‘Let’s Do This’ is right out of Lenin’s Red Book! That was the Ardern campaign slogan.
      Wise assessments from Carl Sagan below;

      “One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.”
      (Carl Sagan)
      “If we are not able to ask skeptical questions to interrogate those who tell us something is true to be skeptical of those in authority, then we’re up for grabs for the next charlatan—political or religious—who comes ambling along.
      …It’s a thing that Jefferson lay great stress on. It wasn’t enough, he said, to enshrine some rights in the Constitution and the Bill or Rights, the people had to be educated and they have to practice their skepticism and their education. Otherwise, we don’t run the government, the government runs us.”
      The first part of Sagan’s warning touched on humanity’s growing ignorance of science, which Sagan attributed largely to the failure of modern schools. Sagan saw this as a clear danger to humanity, especially in a society built on science and technology.

      “We’ve arranged a society on science and technology in which nobody understands anything about science and technology, and this combustible mixture of ignorance and power sooner or later is going to blow up in our faces,” he told Rose. “I mean, who is running the science and technology in a democracy if the people don’t know anything about it?”
      Answer; an Ashkenazi Zionist named Zuckerberg, along with his Mossad handlers.

  5. When i expressed my feelings towards…
    I was scorned by my friends.

    Not any more.
    They now see why i considered this schwabian cult agent to be such a vile serpent.
    And filthy helen is her keeper.
    Utterly vile and criminal deeds.
    Two faced serpentine agendists, working to ensnare us all under fraud and debt.
    The combined wealth of the guilty will provide ample compensation to the injured.
    Obviously the proceeds of this historic crime will be historically confiscated.
    Tick tock….

    • Too right Rupert!
      However, let’s not forget that the extortion of GDP wealth is ongoing.
      It has never stopped since the Fractional Reserve Currency system in combination with Compound Interest, invented by the Central Banking cartel, was used to finance (i.e. bribe and corrupt) governments world-wide. Especially ‘demockcratic’ ones, especially socialist ones, because uneducated society always votes for freebees.
      Jabcinda and Robertson just emanated as the biggest criminals so far in Godzone.
      And if the current govt does not ramp up restitution, trust will not return and their fate is as sealed as the last one.
      I wish we had a ‘People’s Court’.

  6. Call me a filthy conspiracy theorist, but I don’t believe she was personally responsible for everything that happened.

    Not defending her at all, but I always had the sense that she was a glorified actor, just following orders. It was ESPECIALLY evident during the daily Covid briefings, when she spoke with all the confidence of an ISIS hostage. Also during the tearful crack in her voice when she announced her resignation and told us not to dwell on what the “real reason” was for her stepping down. It’s obvious a lot more was going on behind the scenes than what we’ve been told.

    • You clearly need to do some deep dives into what narcissism is. She’s a good actor is all. The only tears she shed were for herself as she realised her grift had come to an end, at least publicly, because you can bet your bottom dollar that b**** is still rorting the taxpayer with her Christchurch call BS.

      Wake up man.

    • She was thrown under the bus, despite her delusional ideas that she would somehow be rewarded by the PTB for doing the bidding of the WEF, WHO & Zionist NWO.
      It’s a prime analysis of Jay Parker in his video ‘Illuminati Sex Abuse Part lll’ where he mentions in closing; ‘Those who served these demonic monsters will get thrown under the bus, just like the rest of us. So, good luck to those who served the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds and the DuPonts…! You know what you’ve got for it? You’ve got nothing!”

    • In fairness in recent history she came 7th after Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Ceaușescu and Poll Pot.

      NB. The above tyrants listed In no particular order of demerit.

  7. And yet we taxpayers are being insulted by having to fund the production of a film about her for Christs sake. I wouldn’t expect the makers to be critical of the destruction she wrought on our country. This Marxist revolutionary’s destructive ambitions has left New Zealand broken which will impact on generations to come.

  8. Investigation into her wealth…
    Like all criminals…
    If you have no proof on how you attained it should it not be taken under the proceeds of crime act

  9. I hope that she forever is heckled and hounded whenever she skulks back from hiding overseas. Her and Hipkins and Bloomfield especially, but also all the other MP’s that let her do this to the country.

    You know, the ones now in power that propped her up and largely supported the covid response. Like Chris Bishop, Shane Reti, Winston Peters, Luxon etc.

    Where is the bulldog Winston tearing into the whole debacle? Nowhere to be seen, except as a deflection when needed. He is a globalist like the others. If he wasn’t, he would be tearing the response and the media a new one, instead of cementing NZ into support of NATO and ANZUS and worrying about wokeness.

    All of them want to memory hole 2020 to 2022. If they can, the people who believed all the BS will think it was still the right course of action and be willing to repeat it.

    • Where is the bulldog Winston tearing into the whole debacle?
      Yep yep yep, nowhere!
      That’s why NZ First dropped 1% to 6.5%.

  10. She was at the helm of such an appalling gobsmacking deceitful time in NZ’s history. What a revolting person she is. She completely shafted the country and so many good decent NZ’ers who fell for her line of being the one source of truth, the science. Jesus, the audacity, a complete f***ing actress and WEF fangirl monkey.

    What she and ‘they’ have done to free speech is sickening. So many of our good people have turned into ‘sheeple’, and without free speech and open debate in the media I doubt that our people will wake up. Fingers crossed of course for some event to awaken them but will it ever?

    All of these sudden deaths and turbo cancers, and the struggling health system and yet nothing being said to explain it, no debate, no questions in the media.Just more rubbish acronyms invented like SADS, the same as the issue with the raft of childhood jabs that came out in the 60’s/70’s/80’s where they invented SIDS to explain it to a gullible public.

    It seems like we are being duped by this global bull****, but I wonder is it just a case of ‘I am alright Jack, while things are good for me I will just look the other way’.

  11. The question is – what has been done to our country so that one woman who was a list MP until 2017 and only won the Mt Albert electorate on her third try when the National candidate stood down so she was unopposed, suddenly ONE MONTH later was unanimously elected as deputy leader of the Labour Party 1 March 2017, following the resignation of Annette King.
    Just five months later, with an election due, Labour’s leader Andrew Little resigned to clear the way for Ardern so that Ardern, elected unopposed as leader in his place, could be made Prime Minister. It was all engineered from the moment Ardern was invited back to New Zealand and offered a list place in the Labour Party.
    The media was complicit in the whole charade to ensure Labour won the election. The election itself was a charade. Ardern inherited almost unparalleled power. So here is the problem. Any system that can be gamed like that needs to be changed. Nobody should have the power to do what Ardern did. Now we have someone named Joan Simeon signing us up to the WHO pandemic regulations. Another one with too much power. We must demand referenda for decisions which include a whole population and that includes going to war.

    • “He who cast the vote decides nothing. He who counts the vote decides everything.” – Joseph Stalin
      (Just ask Trump how that went for him…oh- I think we already know, and Biden has promised that ‘It will happen again.”in 2024…)

  12. Bloomfield at the WHO. Ardern at Harvard. Wiles at Harvard. Good riddance.
    Fatty Robertson Chancellor at Otago University. Ha ha ha
    I wonder what squarehead Michael Baker’s reward will be? And Hamster features Hipkins when the Labour Party gets rid of him?
    What a pack of lying, hypocritical, black-hearted, evil imposters we have had in our midst.

  13. Make no mistake about the current politicians. Different cheeks of the same a**.

    I heard a caller ask Luxon on talk back radio, what he thought of the WEF. His reply “haven’t really heard of them, aren’t they some blokes out of Switzerland?”

  14. The only way we are going to beat these evil people is by going back to your faith ,we are six billion they are 5 thousand who is going to win ,we are they thrive on our anger they control the courts ,armies ,police governments banks even the food chains,but they do not control our brains,your mind power is amazing if you use it in a positive way, Faith will beat anything evil

    • You’ve got that right! Those dwellers of the synagogue of Satan have tried to destroy true Christianity but all they have done with their wickedness and fake pandemic is push more people into faith and still more to go back to their faith! Biggest own goal ever! Jesus is our king! ✝️

  15. Arderns wanton and deliberate destruction of NZ in every way possible still goes unanswered.
    Rolling in $$$ while most of us live on the bones of our bums or sick or dead from the bioweapon jabs she
    said there would be no penalty if we did not take them, what a crock of lies.

    We are all living with the penalties whether we took it or not.
    Losing ones home, job, partner, friends, business because of her mandates, I know some who lost it ALL. All for nothing.
    Poverty and suicide are taking many too.

    Crimes against humanity, she needs to be locked up and to face justice,.

  16. Ardern and Hipkins are both WEF Young Global Leaders and, as such, carry the WEF dark agendas with them.
    We’ve seen 4 years of this now.
    What now? Will people just roll over and let the government tickle them when the next COVID comes out?
    Will people protest on the streets? This never seems to work.
    How about this: Just say NO! We all go to work as usual and just do NOT comply with ANY mandates in companies, in transport, in cinemas/theatres/restaurants.
    We TELL the government that they may advise, they may NOT mandate.

    Unless “we the people” collectively refuse to comply with things that we are not comfortable with, then nothing will change.

    There is a lot of anger in the comments, and I understand: As an unvaccinated I could not work for years and could not go out to many places including my favourite restaurant. However, the anger needs to be transformed into resolute intent NOT to comply.

  17. Its not that govt in particular , its the broken, unaccountable system of govt, we have in general. This hideous episode in NZ history is simply the outcome of generations of public servants,being essentially allowed to do “as they like”. No road blocks from journalism (its essentially just propaganda these days) whilst law enforcement and the judiciary, have long been co-opted.No entrenched BOA or decent Constitution, but of course there wouldn’t be, given the circumstances.

    Anyone thinking what happened can’t happen again, is dreaming. Just look at how the medical establishment are making friends with the WHO. That would not be possible without govt consent.

  18. Where does this leave NZ’s sovereignty ownership now as King Charles was so thick onto assigning those of NZ & others over to the evil sides which would have achieved their goal of all of us owning NOTHING & all assets controlled by them, please wake up NZ.


    Nope, just plain evil.

    Ardern, Hipkins, Bloomfield etc should be permanently imprisoned for their shameful human rights violations and abuses.

    No ifs, ands, or buts, just straight to prison.

    • But WHERE are the very people who swore an oath to protect We The People?
      Do they all have brain fog?
      What has to happen before they do their duty to the country?

    • Should be straight to the gallows. We have all gone too soft. In some of the German Concentration camps of WWII guards had to wrench young children from the arms of parents so that monsters like Dr. Joseph Mengele could experiment on them with all kinds of torturous therapies experiments and drugs. A huge percentage never made it out the other side of hell. During the ‘Plandemic’ parents willingly and even coerced their children to be jabbed with and an experimental drug now known as a bioweapon for depopulation. Such was the persuasive narrative of the sick paid off Media’s propaganda. Ardern Hipkins Bloomfield and Co are the new updated monsters they crossed the line into Infanticidal and Genocidal Murder when they paid off the parents some up to 450k to shutup and go away if their young ones passed away after having the jab. That means they knew exactly what was the cause of those deaths. They violated the Nuremberg Codes for which there is only one penalty – hanging. As a footnote at the 1946 Nuremberg trails they hanged those in the media who pushed the propaganda as well.


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