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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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Watch: Pfizer admits natural immunity is strong

Kim Iverson of ‘The Hill’ examines the latest dump of documents released by Pfizer under a Court Order.

  • There were zero cases of severe COVID in those with natural immunity, whether they were vaccinated or not.
  • Natural immunity statistically identical to the vaccine against infection.
  • Adverse reactions more numerous and more severe in younger groups. According to the Lancet, 16 year olds have a 99.993% chance of surviving COVID, a 40 year old is at 99.943%. At age 50 the survivability is at 99.572%. Only when you reach 60 does the rate drop below 99%.
  • The Pfizer Consent form for the COVID-19 vaccination states: ‘The effects on sperm, a foetus, or a nursing child are not known’.
  • The Consent Form also states that the vaccine could actually make a COVID-19 case more severe.


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    • Do we have a government in the real sense? Just agents of global elites. The legacy media is the biggest tool to makes us believe the narratives.

      Wiin NZ society, there are so many divisions starting from those who own homes or rent. Self interest groups push each other out and in the process poor becomes much poorer who were forced to rely on the handouts and their situation will rarely improve. Much of the productive wealth is owned by a few or overseas interests and banks. Unproductive housing assests are left to the masses. These over valued assets canot fall to those who own, and hence this section of the society will have to fight to keep the puppetry regimes, both labour and national, in power. Catch 22 all the time.

  1. Natural immunity does not enrich Pfizer.
    Natural immunity does not enrich Power to Jabcinda like.
    So, existence of natural immunity is denied in the experimental therapy stage but it will be completely disabled with repeated jabs by the time NWO goes in full force in 2030.

  2. Oddly enough if you i****s read the report. You’d see there were only two groups one with the vaccine and a placebo group. Anyone with prior case of Covid was excluded.


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