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The forgotten of New Zealand

Although Mandate and passports have been lifted and border restrictions have softened, this is of little assistance for New Zealanders who are unvaccinated wanting to return home.

Imagine not knowing when you can ever return to your own country, simply because of a medical choice.

‘The Forgotten of NZ’ is a group of around 300 NZ permanent residents stranded overseas. They cannot return because they are not vaccinated, despite being residents and/or citizens. The couples below were simply on a short trip to visit family, when the government changed its rules whilst they were away.

‘The Forgotten of NZ’ have engaged Frontline Law’s Matthew Hague who recently won the Yardley Judicial review case for defence force and police and he is exploring thee legal options for the group.

Most have homes, jobs, and families in NZ. Many have lived here their entire lives, many cannot get NZ citizenship as their home countries don’t allow dual citizenship.

See two sample stories below, one being Caleb, a police officer from Thames with his young family and pregnant wife who were on a trip to visit family in Germany. The other is Holly’s Story of being on a short trip to visit her parents in South Africa, before starting a new job in Auckland. Holly & her husband own a home they can’t return too.

Caleb, Wife & Young family in Germany trying to get home

On the 20th of March 2022, I flew to Germany with my pregnant wife and 1.5 year old son to visit my wife’s family for approximately 5 weeks. We had an MIQ voucher and are due to return to New Zealand on the 29th of April. As we were driving to the airport on the 20th, we were made aware of the changes to the MIQ system for non-vaccinated NZ citizens (as published 18th March, 11.59pm). I called the MIQ hotline and asked if these changes would have any consequences on our return to NZ, also explaining our residency/citizenship as well as vaccination status. I am an Australian citizen, although I have lived in NZ my whole life. My mother is a NZ citizen. My wife is German, a permanent resident in New Zealand, having resided in NZ permanently for the last five years.

New Zealand COVID news

We were informed by the MIQ call taker that the changes bore no consequence for us, that we would be able to return to NZ and that we would (still) have to stay in MIQ for seven days on our return. This was as expected and we flew out that day.

On the 25th of March, my wife received an email stating that our MIQ voucher had been cancelled. She responded to the email and also emailed the MIQ contact address, again outlining our situation, including residency/citizenship and vaccination status. The first response stated that we could enter the country without an MIQ stay, the second response stated that because we’re unvaccinated we would have to go to MIQ and would need to reapply for a voucher.

Consequently, and based on the first response received, we attempted to fill out the new online travel pass form, however, we weren’t able to complete it as we do not fit any of the criteria provided on the form. My wife emailed the person at MIQ who advised us that we would be able to enter the country without going through MIQ, in order to get further assistance. She received a response from the same person, now stating that we would not be able to enter the country under the current rules (unless fully vaccinated).

After receiving this information we called the MIQ hotline and spoke to the call taker who apologised for the ‘miscommunication’ that had been provided to us, but other than an apology stated they were unable to help us.

We were advised to contact COVID19 helpline and escalations@MIQ.govt.nz, however, we have yet to receive any assistance from either of these organisations (we were only provided with excerpts from the current rules).

We have been left stranded with no way of returning home. We are under pressure as my wife and I must return to work and she is due to give birth in August.

According to the new rules we need to be fully vaccinated before we can enter NZ, ironically, even if we wanted to get vaccinated we still would not be “fully vaccinated” by the time we were due to fly back to NZ on the 29th of April.

If we had known (or correctly been advised) that under the rules of 18th March we would not be able to return to our home/life in NZ, we would have never left NZ. The miscommunication/incorrect advice given by the official MIQ staff, and disorganisation of the MIQ system and the COVID19 management as a whole has been very disappointing and has, as evident, put us in a very stressful, potentially expensive and somewhat hopeless situation.

We are more than happy to go to MIQ on our return to NZ, we just need someone to assist us in this endeavour.

I have been in the Police since June 2019. I am still a Constable in the Police. I was stood down because I was not vaccinated. However, I am due to return to work once I return to NZ, thanks to the success of the Yardley judicial review. I am stationed in Thames assigned to the Public Safety Team.

I am incredibly disappointed in the government and its handling of everything COVID related. As a nation, we have been in the unique position of having watched other countries experience COVID first. We had the ability to adapt and adjust strategy, when it came to our turn, yet we have just followed the playbook of all other western countries, failures and all. I wish I could say I was surprised by what has happened to us, but really it’s par for the course for this government who have continually failed the people of NZ. We are just the most recent victims of an inhumane, unjust, discriminatory bureaucracy.

The decision to prevent us from returning to NZ has nothing to do with health, it is solely based on discrimination, discrimination against people who want to make their own decisions regarding their health.

I acknowledge that we are extremely lucky to have been able to travel overseas. This was my wife’s first holiday in three years and was supposed to be a relaxing and stress free time before she returned to work in NZ and then gave birth in August. Since learning we would not be able to return to NZ, it has been incredibly stressful. My wife worries about not having me around for the birth/after the birth (given I can only stay in Germany for a certain time period due to my visitor visa [special rule allowing partners/family members of GE citizens to enter GE irrespective of vaccination status – wouldn’t it be great if the same was true for NZ…), about the potential financial burden (i.e. costs of lawyers, changing flights but more importantly, we are unsure whether midwifery care/medical/hospital bills would be covered by the German health system, given my wife is employed in NZ and therefore may not be eligible for free health care), and about her having to work remotely from Germany (luckily her work has been very supportive and she will be able to continue work even if she had to stay in Germany, though this may create some international tax issues for the company which are yet to be considered), looking after our son and managing to get enough rest/sleep to ensure our unborn gets what it needs. We worry for the baby and the impacts of the stress on it more than anything.

We have yet to have had covid (as far as we are aware).

Holly & Husband Fergus trying to get home

Holly’s Story.

The Forgotten of New Zealand news

Holly was granted an MIQ voucher based on her Permanent resident and vaccination status prior to departure from New Zealand. As an unvaccinated permanent resident she knew at the time of departure she would need to return, via MIQ had her voucher approved, according to government regulations at the time. However, during her trip overseas, her MIQ voucher has been cancelled and she is told she cannot enter NZ as an unvaccinated permanent resident. Her husband, also unvaccinated, is a NZ citizen. They own a home in Auckland that they are not able to access due to the changing restrictions. Holly is due to start a new job in Auckland on 4th April and booked the trip to see family in South Africa around her agreed start date taking into account the required MIQ stay. She is now at risk of losing her job and her home. She is forgotten, yet her world has been turned upside down.

Reporting by The News Alliance

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  1. Not forgotten, it’s more like “not cared about”.

    At least they have that in common with everyone still within NZ’s borders.

    Whatever the issue/topic of discussion is, the answer is always the same: they hate you and they don’t care about your problems.

        • Couldn’t have put it better.

          BRAINDEAD is exactly what people like him/her/it are. It’s the chemicals in the jab that has stopped any kind of rational thinking. That is the whole idea.

          We all see it everyday. Double Jabbed, boosted people getting sick and getting hospitalised and yet these lot still can’t figure it out. It’s like taking an open book test and still failing miserably. Good Lord!

      • Currently being a pregnant woman, there is no way I would risk the life of my unborn daughter by having this trial vaccine.

          • Nice try Anonomous It’s OK. The disturbing news is that midwives are reporting an abnormally high mortality rate in new infants and also still births with vaccinated. It is scary that the vaccine is still being promoted as safe for pregnancy. But on an even more morbid note there is no protection of the unborn child any more. Abortion is granted to full term pregnancy. If the induced child is born alive there is to be no attempt to sustain it’s life. Absolutely repugnent no matter how you look at it. Doesn’t come from my culture that is for sure.

          • “It’s OK, you wouldn’t be. You’re risking her life by not protecting her from the virus. Nice one.“

            Just wondering, before you give advice to a pregnant woman, what are your quals?
            I’m guessing you are not an OB/Gyn with lots of letters after your name, or even an LMC. Perhaps you might like to keep your uneducated opinion on pregnancy & the C19/Vaxes to yourself in future.

            To those offering well wishes, thank you very much, D day is getting closer and I cannot wait 🙂

        • Anonymous currently pregnant – good for you. This is the same stance my wife took last year. The quacks tried their best to beg, bully and harass her into changing her mind (literally even while they were wheeling her into the delivery room), but she remained defiant. Never been more proud of her in my life.

          Our baby boy is 4 months old now. Happy, healthy, and STAYING that way. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy ????

        • Anon Currently pregnant
          Good on you for standing firm! You deserve a medal!!
          May you and your new baby be truly blessed

      • Selfish?.?? Have you noticed thousands each day of mainly vaccinated even boostered NZers are getting COVID. Policies and judgements like yours are not keeping up with current reality.

      • Anonymous all they need to do….What I call selfish is imposing your set of beliefs manifested by taking advantage of your insecurities, gullibility, and inability to inform yourself which is ultimately your responsibility.

        What your problem is literacy skills. The article reads: ‘Even if we wanted to get vaccinated we still would not be “fully vaccinated” by the time we were due to fly back on the 29th of April’ You show a complete innabilty to put yourself in someone else’s situation. Selfish.

        As just an onlooker here I say good luck to you fellow travellers. I don’t have the same need or desire to return. Try to enjoy your situation as Tiffany suggests. We are.

      • PS. I do not adhere to the doctrines imposed by these giant pharmaceutical co’s owned and sponsored by just a handful of the worlds wealthiest, the doctrines of outside interests of bureacratic megalomaniacs, nor the doctrines of immature greedy politicians. I learnt my lessons correctly so, to be. Autonomy. An almost forgotten word these days.

  2. But the mandates have not been lifted. It just may look like they have been. My wife’s company, their vaccine mandate remains in place because Foodstuffs and Progressive (who are their customers) are keeping their mandates in place and are not still allowing unvaccinated to work on their sites. This should be called out. On top of this their duopoly continues to be unchallenged and they will do anything to avoid scrutiny. They have not changed their Vaccination policies. And vaccinations requirements of all of their suppliers. Sadly people are still being fired, as a result, those who managed to hold on to their jobs by taking unpaid leave etc.

    • Quite right Peter the mandates have NOT been lifted. The only difference is govt does not require business and employers to check vax passes anymore (for now). This was done to stop the hospitality to go completely belly up.

      Jabcinda has explicitly said govt will support businesses that want to keep the mandates- basically she will support discrimination. I work in the corporate sector and most of our clients are continuing with their mandates. It’s disgusting how this is being allowed to happen.

      Jabcinda has also said, and again explicitly, the mandates will be back once a new variant comes in (when her bosses at Pfizer want to deliver next round of jabs).

      Basically for the mandates to disappear completely, the new law introduced around the Covid Protection has to be repealed. Otherwise it’s just smokes and mirrors.

  3. Airline industry is blackmailed here. A citizen’s right to return is violated. Some citizens found an airline that transits through Auckland and entered into NZ based on their right under the law. Some from Australia returned in fishing vessels working in them when they were outside NZ.

    Tyrannical Jabcinda practically made it almost impossible for citizens to return to NZ even though legally she cant. It is only a matter of time to back track and allow citizens to return because election is not too far and her poll ratings are going down. Decisions are driven by the greed for power as always.

  4. This is a deliberate punishment for those unvaccinated who dare think they can enjoy life. Designed to ensure that you pay the price and don’t enjoy your well deserved holiday, with your loved ones. As vouchers got cancelled without any reason that’s most likely a deliberate act that will need to be rectified soon. Enjoy your holiday, time with your family. You have done the right thing to go, don’t doubt that and try not to worry. Summer is coming in Europe, you can travel to other non EU countries just for a day and your EU visa gets reset (I believe this to be correct but please check, this is how people who sail around Mediterranean coast do it). Giving birth in Europe with your family and your husband around you sounds wonderful, long summer holiday and sun before and after giving birth. I would refuse to give this another thought and I would enjoy my time in Europe, make the most of it. Don’t give them the pleasure of stressing about this, your situation is by design. As for Caleb’s job, one door may close and another one open and you will find an employer who appreciate you regardless of your medical choices.

  5. Just to be clear, unvaccinated New Zealand citizens can return to New Zealand without going through MIQ. Don’t let the facts get in the way of a story.

    • CITIZENS can, yes. Permanent residents and working visa holders (like the people in this article) still cannot unless they’re willing to first inject themselves three times with a dangerous pharmaceutical concoction they neither want nor need. Maybe re-read the article one more time, carefully. You can also Check out the govt website if you need confirmation.

      Don’t let the facts get in the way of a good troll ????

        • Aaaaaand ‘The Forgotten of NZ’, in the title, referring to ‘around 300 NZ permanent residents’, in the third paragraph. No doubt the one NZ citizen would find it difficult to return without his spouse.

          Their MIQ vouchers were cancelled. That is appalling when they took every precaution to ensure they had this sorted “they were meant to be safe” yet again. It seems like they weren’t. Let down and betrayed. All too familiar. Sick hypercrites.

        • Suzi – Citizens who are part of the group because their spouses are banned, not because THEY THEMSELVES(as citizens) claim to be banned.

          Disengage the leftism for ten seconds and you might have an easier time joining the dots ????

          • They should just get vaxxed. Problem solved! It’s so simple even someone who’s had their brain shrunk br Covid could get it.

      • Incompetence is the excuse they always hide behind.

        Every now and then when a big scandal slips through the woodwork, past the MSM gatekeepers and actually sees the light of day, that pretence of incompetence is what saves their asses. It’s what allows them to “resign in shame” (with full pension, benefits, subsequent book deals etc) instead of going to PRISON which is what they actually deserve.

        Politicians are NOT stupid, they are CORRUPT. Stop giving them the benefit of the doubt.

  6. Maybe everyone should be aware of what the highly qualified independent medical doctors and research scientists are saying in sworn testimonies under oath. People like Dr Richard Fleming who was a director on boards of medical journals and a reviewer of medical papers before they were published, an author of between 400-500 medical papers himself and a holder of medical patents. Very highly qualified and independent with no agenda but the truth.


  7. There are so many obvious but essential matters on which we are being misled or fooled by the left and right wing politicians. The status of housing is well known. Electrcity cost is another one. We have surplus hydro electricity in the South which we sell for a third of the price families pay to aluminum smelting while many cannot afford to heat their homes. This is particularly hard in the South in the winter. We import coal from Australia and produce expensive electricity at the same time. Who benefits from this gaming? Globalist corporates, polticians and highly paid public sector ececutive agents. MSM will do lip service from time to time and highlight the loss of jobs rather than the cost benefit to the country as a whole.

    We need to wake up. Jabbing touched many souls and the kindered spirit for freedom should continue.

    • Add to the misleading; separate Maori Health, 3 Waters, He Puapua
      One thing I don’t understand, how can people keep pushing the Treaty, when NZ is truly multinational country. The Treaty was drawn up when there was only two groups of people- Maori and NZ European. Why do other races have to kowtow to the outdated document? Seriously! NZ is NOT a democratic country.

      A member of the Maori Party has specifically sad, they will only work with other parties (to form a coalition) if its Treaty centric. Everyone else can be a second or third class citizen. I wonder how long the good, hardworking educated people of this country will take this crap. NZ already has one of the lowest wages and salaries in OECD, high tax, high cost/low quality living standards to name a few.

  8. I am unvaccinated, if I thought it was safe or nescessary for me I would be in boots and all. One thing I am concerned about is the apparent vitriole a lot of the vaccinated are expressing to the unvaccinated. I would never try to force my opinions on others, your choice, your responsibility- it matters not a fig to me what you decide to do about the vaccine- every one makes their own decision, and I certainly have no ill feeling towards people who don’t share my opinions. BUT if if just a small part of the reported ill effects of the virus are true, we-you and I- have a big problem looming.

  9. I completely understand how stressful it must seem and New Zealanders and their partners should always be able to return to their country. No question. That should be sacrosanct. NZ is particularly draconian at this time. Frighteningly so. It seems SA and Eu are not as harsh, so perhaps this is a silver lining. Be well, try not to worry too much, thinking of you all and sending love. I see you all coming home soon xx

  10. I am so heartened by most of the comments here – and thank you in particular Unquaccinated, because you saved my blood from boiling at the ignorant vitriol being spewed by the middle of the bell curve tube-feeding mediocrity I see commenting “just get vaxxed”.

  11. It’s important to point and laugh at gullible, dumb people who keep being proven wrong.

    Especially when they’re still super smug and arrogant toward the rest of us, even as our “BATSH!T CONSPIRACIES” strangely keep coming true one after the other.

    Like Rihanna says, “don’t let the bastards get you down…”

    Ridicule, mock and humiliate them back. It’s what they deserve.


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