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Watch: ‘You’re vaccinated. You’ll be dead from cancer soon’

UK MP Andrew Bridgen shared a comment made to him by a former mentor.

Bridgen has been at the forefront of parliamentary efforts in the UK to investigate government and big pharma actions during the COVID ‘pandemic’. He was expelled from the Conservative Party in April 2023.

Bridgen is suing former Health Secretary Matt Hancock over a tweet in which Hancock accused Bridgen of spreading ‘antisemitic, anti-vax, anti-scientific conspiracy theories’ over the COVID gene therapy.

In a short video shared on Twitter (X) Bridgen revealed a comment made to him, questioning why he was fighting for COVID justice, as he was going to be dead soon.

‘A very, very senior Minister, who used to be a friend of mine who got me into politics, came up to me in the tea room… whispered in my ear and said, ‘You can speak out all you want to Andrew. You’re vaccinated. You’re going to be dead of cancer soon.’

‘What sort of person would say that to anybody?’

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  1. The stats and vaccine reactions are not lying…
    See the Deagel Forecast for 2025 re the US, UK, Oz & NZ.
    Of course, the MSM and PTB will NEVER admit the reactions to their imposed & mandated tyranny of ‘mandatory vaccinations’…and will ensure that the MSM NEVER report on the true causes of death among celebrities, athletes, and government weenies…!

    • I am not vaxed either. However, my children and x parter are three times. I could not stop it because there was a High Court decision that became the law. I can only hope for the best I suppose.

  2. Bridgen put forward the conspiracy theory that COVID-19 originated in Fort Detrick, a United States Army Futures Command installation located in Frederick, Maryland, which hosts most elements of the United States biological defence program.
    He is an anti-vaxx nutter.
    Believing what he advocates is equally as nutty.

  3. What sort of person would say that to anybody ? A bribed corrupt self-centered free loading bucket of DS like Matt Hancock. He thinks he is one of the ‘Elites’ that are untouchable because he personally invested in the great ‘covid’ scam. No Mr. Hancock you were hand-picked to invest in it you imbecile because you were hungry for a quick buck. What Mr. Hancock has failed to take into account is that if you serve the Devil and the Devil is finished with your services then you are the very very first one to go to hell. So happy days Matt – while they last.

  4. Bridgen is an anti-vax shill who has been in the pockets of the despicable FLCCC, BIRD & DfPUK snake oil quacks for several years. Take it from someone who has diligently followed the money. He’s also a discredited liar and fantasist. This bad actor’s political career is destined to crash & burn at the ballot box. A shameless c**tin!!! https://www.facebook.com/john.henry.14473


    • FLCCC and DfPUK are at least viable entities unhinging one of the greatest crimes on humanity ever.
      They are trying to be sustainable operations while Big Pharma screws the planet? Wow, what a crime!
      Are you yabbed and brain-fogged?


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