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ACT candidate Elaine Naidu Franz resigns over social media COVID jab comments

Elaine Naidu Franz news

Naidu Franz was the party’s Rangitata candidate and was 29th on the list.

ACT leader David Seymour accepted her offer of resignation today.

Responding to a LinkedIn post by Seymour last year, Naidu Franz said:

‘If you are wondering how the Nazis were able to come into power and do all the horrific things that they did, well you are looking at the start of the process right here. So Mr Seymour, when can we expect those who are unvaccinated to start wearing armbands? When can we expect to see concentration camps and re-education camps? When can we start expecting to see troops on our streets rounding up people?’

In a subsequent post she told Seymour he needed to have ‘the balls to front up to the people outside’ [namely, the Parliament Protesters].

Seymour told media Naidu Franz’s comments were ‘unacceptable.’

‘I don’t like the allusion to Nazism. I represent the biggest Jewish community in New Zealand as the MP for Epsom, so I think that’s a little unfair,’ he said.

‘I deeply regret that this person has slipped through the net. I find the comments unacceptable but we dealt with it in literally 15 minutes, they are no longer a candidate for us.’

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    • Hopefully she’ll join Liz Gunn’s ‘NZ Loyal Party’ as a candidate, as both women are grounded in reality, truth, and sees thru the imposed media bullying and persecution of those who chose NOT to get vaxxed, wear facial diapers, or be restricted in their movements!

  1. I think Mr Seymour got it wrong he does not represent the biggest Jewish community in New Zealand as the MP for Epsom, I think he means the biggest Zionist community

  2. What part of her post was antisemetic? Seymore is a snivelling worm ,distorting her comment to deflect the truth and to virtue signal

  3. David ‘Suddenly Seymour’ has now admitted who and what he truly represents; the same people that have caused the ruination of the Gentile / Goyim thru their banking, healthcare, and judicial systems.
    Biden’s cabinet is mostly J*****…and look at the destruction that they have wrought on the world!!!
    And as for the illegal terrorist ‘State of Israel’, which leads the world in the number of assassinations in the world, has but a few years left, as when the U.S. economy collapses, so will Israel. CIA analysts have confirmed this outside of Deagel.
    Nation States are rushing to the BRICs, and when the de-dollarisation is complete, the U.S. will no longer have the billions of dollars to send to parasitic Israel.
    See Jim Traficant’s video about Israel, and the fact that the Zionist State of Israel took over the U.S. decades ago via deception, hiding truths, and imposing holocaustic guilt on those who had nothing to do with the same! There was also grift, blackmailing, and bribery (as in the Biden case in Zionist-controlled Ukraine…) and entrapment of elected officials w/ active child rape on film as op-ed by the Mossad.
    See also Vinny Eastwood’s website and the sound track interview about ‘Why we’re not allowed to say the J-word’.
    I’m voting for Liz Gunn’s ‘NZ Loyal Party’, as she calls out the problems for what they really are, and she has personally experienced the actions of the J***** / Zionist-controlled MSM, as Aleksander Solzhenytsyn warned about.

    • Ne’er a truer word spoken TAEBA, David Seymour’s true colours shines through.

      There was a good meme of him at the time, as Musolini. Fascist, Nazi, take your pick, don’t ACT all offended you know who you are David. A lot of ‘J3w$’ were Nazi’s and still are dude.

      Since listening to the interviews on the pod cast of the freedom parties and of Matt King I have taken a huge liking to Liz Gun. She comes across extremely well, stands to reason from her background but isn’t that exactly what you need? I thought Hannah and Sue were also great, but Liz stood out. I would like to see Matt again, perhaps he was having a bad day, he just seemed akward. It’s not easy coming across well on camera. I hope he does well in his electorate. Because we want all these people to be representing us if they are sincere.

  4. Was It Hippie that mentioned to Seymour that he had two “Antivaxers” traitors omoungst the ranks?? Are they imagining some kind of collusion? Desperate times desperate measures.


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