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‘A huge thank you for printing the truth’

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#1 Letters to the Editor

Letter #1: ‘A huge thank you for printing the truth’, from J.M of Auckland.

Dear Sir,

A huge thank you for printing truth about Covid which gives me confidence in the rest of your subject matter. To find a media outlet bringing truth brings such hope when I felt there were none other than Leighton Smith podcasts. I heard him refer to one of your articles, and to your paper, in a recent podcast. All the best with your battle for truth. With more people hearing of your paper, I imagine that with the support you are also facing increasing opposition from the followers of “one source of truth”. Please be assured that with truth, you are bringing encouragement and hope to so many.

Sadly I have been hearing of many Covid vaccine injuries. My own 59 year old sister died four weeks after the vaccine. She was so full of life with hopes and dreams and now gone so unnecessarily and unexpectedly. I totally believe she would and should still be with us, full of life and laughter, if she had not been jabbed. She told me that she felt sick immediately after the first jab and “got sicker and sicker over the next three days” and had “lost 9 kg, most of it in the two weeks after the vaccine”. She had increasing difficulty eating and couldn’t hold food down. Colitis and diabetes, that had always been kept carefully under control, went rampant. It seemed that her immune system was knocked over by the vaccine. She asked me “How do you have blood sugars of 12 when you aren’t able to hold food down?”

What is particularly difficult to reconcile is that she didn’t want the vaccine and told me that she had “cried all the way to the clinic”. Her husband said she had a melt down when they got there. The Clinic was fully booked so she pulled herself together and got the vaccine a few days later but “had a blood test beforehand, for a marker, just in case ….”

Just in case what? When offered the second dose on arrival in hospital three weeks later, now seriously ill, her response to me was “not on your life”. She tried to discuss the vaccine effects with doctors but the response was, “if looks could kill”. Two weeks before her death, my sister told me of a fit, healthy 70 year old, with cholesterol of two, from our old tennis club, who died of a heart attack three days after the vaccine. His brother also died of a heart attack after the vaccine. Needless to say Im not going near the vaccine. So many people rounded up into the vaccine sheep pen for a jab they didn’t want or trust by Ardern’s media barking dogs. Guy Hatchard recently produced a shocking graph that shows a marked correlation between the spike in NZ all cause deaths and the October/November 2021 spike in vaccines. My sister’s death sits in the November all cause deaths spike.

Last year I did volumes of reading up on Covid since I had 5 sons in the 20’s and ended up with grave concerns for young male adults being vaccinated, particularly around heart issues. One son voluntarily got the jab. The remaining four did not want it. The two youngest told their same employer twice “no thank you” but were still mandated at Christmas. Merry Christmas. One caved and one was terminated this month. He got three job offers in one week. Eldest son was mandated and caved in January, still definitely not wanting to be jabbed. The second son is self-employed so his employer has been very reasonable. So far three vaccinated and two not. There is something so debasing, dehumanising, about a human being coerced to take a medical procedure that they do not want or believe is safe.

What have we suffered as a family? For sixteen years we have been watching our twins play hockey, ten years as school hockey team manager, but are now shut out by security guards standing at the gates. Our unvaccinated twin cannot play Premier level hockey with his other twin. Our middle son has had to postpone his 3 March wedding for a third time since February 2021. Vaccinated twin had his graduation ceremony cancelled in 2020 but faithfully supported his unvaccinated twin in his Engineering graduation ceremony in May 2021. Unvaccinated twin had his work terminated.

My specialist physiotherapist daughter-in-law, with eight years of study behind her, is only able to do on-line work of a few hours a week. My father died suddenly 8 November last year after being locked away from my mother, his wife of 65 years. They were kept totally apart for 9 weeks then for three weeks he could see her for 30 minutes a week! He hadnt seen any of his children for 13 weeks! Barbaric! Then just two weeks later my younger sister died, so unexpectedly.

With all the reading on Covid vaccine issues that I had done it was still absolutely shocking to see my own sister so very unwell after the vaccine. It was one thing to read about it but another thing to see my precious sister suffering. Then this year I began to hear of a sad vaccine injury each week .While I was standing at our local protests I began to hear of at least one sad case a day. Nothing can be proven but when does the coincidence become too much of a coincidence?

  • Last Saturday a boy came to our family party and learned his dad had developed myocarditis symptoms after one dose. His double dosed wife talked him out of getting the second dose. He was unable to get an exemption. Another dad told how he had waited 6 hours in ED because so many heart cases were jumping the queue needing tests and X-rays. The same day I heard of a 17 year old boy who developed, after the vaccine, a rare, one in 8 million blood cancer that afflicts women over sixty. He is terminal.
  • Three weeks ago I was sitting in a car dealership office and the manager was waiting for a call from his doctor because he had been getting blood clots since January. He had been vaccinated in October and nothing else medically had changed other than the vaccine.
  • Standing at a local protest a lady spoke of her friend taking her 15 year old son to hospital with pericarditis and the doctor immediately asking, ‘ when did you get the vaccine?” Responding to the mother’s surprise the doctor said words to the effect that he was seeing a ridiculous amount of vaccine heart injuries.
  • I bumped into the mother of my son’s best school friend, two weeks ago, and heard that he, their only son, had spent the day in hospital recently with heart palpitations after getting the vaccine. They have booked him in with a private specialist and there is a very long waiting list.
  • A friend’s uncle was told by his Wellington cardiologist not to get the vaccine, “absolutely not!” Because an enormous amount of heart vaccine injuries were coming through his door.
  • Beautiful sixteen year old girl rom a local college was at the protest who now has myocarditis type heart issues
  • Came across a couple sitting outside a cafe who told me that her brother-in-law had died of a stroke after the vaccine. He worked in a team of seven and two had had strokes after the vaccine and one then had a heart attack the next morning.
  • Last December I heard of a Napier and an Auckland midwife who had lost all their February babies.
  • A baby born in September whose mother was vaccinated overseas in May and the baby was born limp with a huge hole in his heart and other unusual brain and developmental issues so that had the doctors were asking if the mother had caught a virus in her pregnancy and then declared that she must have. Was this caused by the vaccine?
  • The super sporty twenty year old suffering from heart pain and tightness for nine weeks and can hardly get off the couch.
  • Lady down the road from a friend in our local suburb who developed Bells Palsy after vaccine.
  • 70 year old man, whose house backs onto the local playground, had minor eye surgery and the vaccine around the same time and developed blood clots and health issues within a very short time which resulted in him needing a walker
  • Devoted education psychologist developed lumps across her chest after first jab but was unable to get an exemption for the second jab. Definitely didn’t want and was scared of a second jab but even more, didn’t want to lose the work she loved.
  • Beautiful 25 year old working in sport education had an anaphylactic reaction twelve minutes after vaccine and friends were rung to collect her. She struggled with brain fog and head aches for several weeks. She was refused an exemption from the second jab.
  • My unvaccinated daughter-in-law was prompted to research vaccines after two people died close to her father – one was a man in his fifties who died of a heart attack ten days after the vaccine and also an older lady died of a heart attack three days after the vaccine. A pastor’s wife from her large church worked in a small office where the lady died three hours after the vaccine and the man needs medication for life to prevent his body from rejecting his organs.

Once again, a huge thank you.

Kind regards
J.M. Auckland

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  1. This site is really great. One thing though – this morning I got onto an article about the WHO going for total control [by 2024]of all the plagues that will be released on us. I got back into it later and Error: 404 came up. Why was that whipped away? Was it Daily Telegraph’s decision?

  2. The Daily Telegraph has given us all an outlet to speak the truth. To tell our stories. It is so greatly appreciated and such a treasure. Thank you

  3. I have forwarded your website to ALL my contacts. You do an AWESOME job and your publication will go down in history as a true outlet for free speech and uncensored citizens’ opinion.
    And NZ Herald, Stuff, TV NZ…..go to ****


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