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‘ANZAC Day will be a time to reflect on Camp Freedom’

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Dear Sir,

ANZAC Day comes next month as a day when we remember the sacrifices of our fallen in defending our freedoms, democracy and way of life. Given what has recently happened at Freedom Village isn’t it time to reflect?

Can the PM seriously consider attending ANZAC Services? Can all MPs from all political parties consider attending? Can the police consider attending? Can the Military, who boast about defending other countries freedom, but not their own, consider attending? Can the media with Goebbels Propaganda strategy consider attending? Can Mayors and councillors who charge for services and then refuse some from using them consider attending? Can those who just believe “the narrative” without even investigating and criticize and condemn those who have (but have no platform to express it) consider attending? Can those who just bury their heads in the sand consider attending?

If they do then perhaps we need to change the day from ANZAC Day to Hypocrisy Day? Doesn’t really leave very many who can hold their heads up high and say “at least they gave it a shot” to stand with our forebears.

C. Dombroski, Palmerston North

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  1. I agree, there a lot of people who I believe have no right to present themselves at any ceremony or commemorate ANZAC day at all this year. To do so would be hypocrisy to the extreme. They know who they are. WE know who they are.

    My and my husbands grandfathers spent years of their lives overseas in the name of our freedoms and one took a bullet while rescuing his fellow soldiers as was his job. They would not be happy to see what has happened to this country over the past 2 years.

  2. Personally, I have only been paying the proportion of the rates that goes to services I’m permitted to access.

    From today’s pulpit announcement it seems like I’ll be back to paying the rates instalment next month.


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