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Dear Sir,

In the near future historians, social scientists, commentators, teachers and parents will be trying to explain what happened during the early 2020’s.

As with World War Two post-mortems there will be hard questions, uneasy hindsight, blame, shame and denial; all with the expectation that we ‘learn from history’.

How did those grotesque fascists come to power in civilised Europe? What turns ordinary respectable people into followers of obscene manipulating death cultists?

Can observers, relatives, journalists and academics shed enough light to prevent anything like a repeat holocaust? Was genocide an aberrant one-off solution committed by a few psychopaths?

Incredibly, the answer is ‘no’.

I remember ‘the war’ and its aftermath, far away but a gripping part of my childhood learning, my teaching as an adult and my continuing education.

Hundreds of books and films, conversations and internet searches have sharpened my perspective and enabled me to make some pertinent observations about our current predicament.

We are in the early stages of another holocaust.

The use of this word does not trivialise the horrors of Nazi genocide. It is with deep respect for Hitler’s victims that we remember them as we oppose today’s biochemical assault on humanity.

Today’s democide is global, orchestrated brazenly yet disguised as medical salvation. The organising proponents, a group of wealthy sociopaths is combining mid-20th century strategies with 21st century technology to go further than their Malthusian forbears could have imagined. Their tactics for promoting the WEF’s Agenda 2030 go beyond Goebbels to frighten, divide, exclude, injure and kill.

Their financial power buys dominance in media, governments, regulators and ’the science’.

Censorship, the tyrannical trashing of civil rights, disregard for bodily autonomy… all of course ‘for the greater good’.

The propaganda works. Most people are persuaded, their focus too blurred by fear porn to see huge elephants in the room.

Dissenters cry out warnings of a plot too monstrous for most to be taken seriously. Simpler to cast skeptics as ‘conspiracy theorists’. Ask any holocaust denier. They’ll tell you, ‘It was all lies’ or it was just ‘collateral damage’ — an acceptable price for constructing a glorious thousand year reich.

Evidence that counters the ‘one truth narrative’ is censored while experts with far more credentials than the perpetrators are cancelled, de-platformed or ignored.

This time we have no allied troops coming to the rescue. We’ll have to liberate ourselves and each other. There may be just enough unflinching veterans and passionate people of all ages, survivors vaxxed or not, learning as we go, to enjoy communities where respect and freedom can prevail.

Peter Vogt

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  1. Hi Peter your article captures the many aspects at work in the WEF and other associated agenda’s. However what most resonated with me is you mention, “the allies are not coming.” And that our liberty rests with individuals, families, friends and communities coming together to oppose their insanity. That is a daunting aspect in todays materialistic driven world but a truth simply stated.

    I have long appreciated the substance and sacrifice of my forbears as no doubt we all do. In the same way we have a duty to those generations yet to be born, to stand and to fight. Indeed, we have a duty to ensure…. they are born.

  2. 26 million deaths of Russians is not a very well known fact. Russophobia is currently at peak.
    On the other hand, a small proportion of Americans died and they claimed the sole “policeman” title.
    The number of juice died is a fraction of Russians died and yet ‘anti-semi” is ruling and Russophobia is ingrained.
    History is just a narrative told many times.

    • … and I wonder who it is that owns or controls the media (movies, television, the press and online sites) that directly imparts this narrative.

  3. Greetings Peter, I naturally agree with your assessment of our current predicament. Your comparison to the horrors of mid last century is entirely accurate. That you didn’t isolate or feature one group in mentioning it, as there were several is appreciated. But now we are many, now it is all of us.

    There is no escaping the fact, the machinery opposed to the truth is impressive and a long time in the making. The ground was well prepared by laws, rules and legislation before one drop of mRNA entered into a test subject. This “pandemic” was engineered as a means of subjugation, and well planned in advance.

    The Allies are indeed not coming, so we are in the hands of our neighbours, relatives and friends. It is now down to those who see things as they are to make ready for what lays ahead. And may Providence guide it.

    An excellent letter, Peter. May it see the light of day on the desks and screens of those yet to be convinced that something evil this way comes…

  4. Pfizer is the most fined pharma but this history does not matter for Jabcinda.
    Ultimate Scum (US) health outcomes are the poorest given that they spend 20% of their GDP on health.
    The conclusion is all history is a matter of narrartive by the winner who “writes the history”

  5. Hitler didnt cause the holocaust on his own,not even the entire Nazi machine.It was the tens of millions of OBEDIENT Germans that caused it,and just like all those mask wearers and obedient morons here they are the ones responsible.Hold them responsible,you know who they are,never forget these traitors

  6. I have watched the comments on DT for some time now and I sense an uprising is brewing. Look what’s happening in the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and dare I say Putin’s advance into a Biden family controlled Ukraine. People power is slowly building and these woke elitists wont know what the f**k hit them.

    • `a Biden family controlled Ukraine`
      More like a Oligarchy controlled Ukraine which most of the Oligarchs are Jewish.

  7. As bad as WW2 was and the ethnic cleansing that happened to many ethnicities by many parties other than just the Nazis there is very little evidence supporting mass deaths by homicidal gas chambers (the founding act of the holocaust) other than `eye witness accounts` no actual forensic evidence exist (please post links if I am wrong) and nothing has come to light recently that has supported the claim but many have come to light that undermines it ie the Auschwitz death book, blenchingly parks records released in the 90,s.
    So in 50 years time be sure that if the Left/liberal democracies survive the blame for what happened in the crisis of the 2020,s will be White Supremacy trying to regain a foothold on the world stage.

  8. `Can observers, relatives, journalists and academics shed enough light to prevent anything like a repeat holocaust? Was genocide an aberrant one-off solution committed by a few psychopaths?`

    We just vaccinated billions with an experimental vaccine that is killing 100,000,s and will kill many more and now these people are going to vaccinate the children and you ask this question????

  9. Why are right-wing websites so pro free speech until people want to talk about Israel, Jews and the Holocaust?
    Maybe the right-wing is not really about freedom of speech.

    • Both left and right are cheeks pf the same arse in the Ultimate Scum (US). Zionist state is above all (international) law. Biden will not hesitate to bomb Iran if Isreal wants it.

  10. Prof. Michael Rossi, Department of Political Science,
    Rutgers University is teaching a course “Russian Foreign Policy”. He is uploading the vidoes at YouTube


    Anyone interested in international relationships must watch his lectures, which is a wealth of knowledge.

    Our MPs are largely ignorant and idiotic when it comes to international relations. At least some of us can be better than them!

  11. Thank you Peter for what you have written.

    I hope more people start to ‘wake up’. It is hideous that NZ media are using the public’s trust to promote these mRNA vaccines as being good for us when they are clearly harming people. To me, many of those who work in the media are not doing their job, they are not investigating whether the news is truthful. Those people are truely revolting in my eyes because of the tremendous influence they have on the good folk of New Zealand.

    Was it 1.8million children in Sweden who never wore masks, didn’t get jabbed and none of them died. In NZ we could have instead allowed kids to catch it, get immunity and soon it’d be just another cold/flu virus. I think it was Dr Vernon Coleman who made a bunch of predictions about this agenda of global gene therapy nearly 2 years ago, so far the only one that hasn’t come true (yet) is that he predicted defibrillators would eventually be installed in our schools.

  12. How did the Nazi’s get the support of the German people? The same way the Soviets did, the same way the Chinese did in the cultural revolution, the same way Pol Pot did, the same way our governments do it to us. By indoctrination in state schools but its OK when we do it, how else do you explain why 90+% of people in western countries took a experimental drug for a mild flu, the same way people at Jim Jones people at Jones town did, they were told to.
    Indoctrination in any form is evil and should be banned, it should be in our Bill of Rights that we should not be subjected to it.
    Is it not obvious that the West is behaving like a cult and can anyone explain the difference between a liberal democracy and a democracy? I think the former is a cult.
    Anyway after WW2 the Germans were de- nazified and have been uber-woke ever since, this is what is happening in our schools now, they come out of school claiming to be experts in critical thinking but fall for every grift and scam put to them, climate change, Russia gate, piss tapes, the most secure election every, Russia started it, Biden got 80 million votes, Zelenski is not a Nazi sympathizer, the only thing the government wants you to learn at school is to believe them.

    • The narrative is always Good vs Evil or White vs Black and US is always the good paryty fighting against evil lol. This narrative is sold by the MSM and agents like jabcinda and laxon.


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