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Monday, May 27, 2024

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ACT to commission full and independent ‘GLASNOST-style’ investigation into Labour’s COVID-19 response if elected to government

ACT Glasnost commission news

Glasnost – ACT will kick-off full investigation into Labour’s COVID response in first 100 days of new Government.

“Kiwis deserve better than another $80 billion debt from an experimental response the next time a pandemic arises. ACT would commission an independent investigation with local and foreign investigators into the Government’s COVID response and its effects on mental health, learning, crime, social cohesion and the economy,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

Seymour characterised the investigation as ‘Glasnost’ – a term originating in Imperial Russia to signify a judicial process employing ‘maximum openness’.

“We have called for a Royal Commission into the Government’s COVID response, but Jacinda Ardern is pathologically unable to admit fault. As we saw in the Charlotte Bellis saga, you need to take the Government to court to get an apology for malice and incompetence, and even then it’s not certain.

“The current Labour Government doesn’t want to be held accountable for its actions, or even know whether it could have done things better. It has treated Kiwis with disdain, and they deserve better from the next government.

“Under Labour, the only illumination we get is from gaslighting. It pretends against all rational evidence that actions aren’t the reason our health system is crumbling, our businesses are closing, and our COVID cases are still rising.

“The impacts of our response have been immense. We have reason to believe there will be significant impacts on our children’s educations, mental health, benefit dependency, crime, social cohesion, business strength and infrastructure for years and years to come.

“ACT’s investigation will drill down into exactly what impacts have been had, so we can then go about addressing them and producing a plan that will protect New Zealanders across all aspects of a pandemic.

“This investigation will not be an inhouse affair carried out by a small coterie of anointed experts. New Zealand is too small for an objective investigation. ACT’s investigation would lean on experts from a range of countries that did things well, and not so well, to give an honest review. We would ask Taiwanese, Swedish, and Australian experts, for example, to be part of the investigation.

Its terms of reference will include, but not be limited to:

  • The effects of the Government’s response on mental health, children’s learning, and crime
  • The effects of the Government’s response on social cohesion and trust in institutions
  • The fiscal and economic costs of the Government’s response, including the use of unconventional monetary policy
  • The cost of Quality Adjusted Life Years saved from COVID in comparison with other challenges
  • Compliance with the Bill of Rights, and whether restrictions were always justifiable in a free and democratic society
  • Absorption of technologies such as for testing and tracing, into the response
  • Relationships with private sector partners including technology suppliers, GPs, and community vaccination centres
  • The quality of advice and the Government’s attention to advice from a range of departments other than Health, such as the Ministry of Education and Treasury
  • The timing of vaccine ordering and distribution

“The Investigation would be expected to complete within one year, and become an asset that could save New Zealand tens of billions of dollars in the future. It would also go some way to restoring New Zealand’s international reputation from being a backwards hermit kingdom.

“The investigation is not simply about learning what Labour did wrong. It is about working out what we need to do right. There will be another pandemic. Probably not this year, hopefully not in the next decade, but almost certainly in our lifetime. In the future, it could save New Zealand billions of dollars in costly mistakes. We literally cannot afford to repeat Labour’s handling of this Pandemic.

“Having a publicly available pandemic plan based on this research will take the fear and uncertainty away from society. In the event of another pandemic people will have certainty of our government’s approach, they won’t be expected to tune into to Government broadcast at midday every day to figure out the fate of their business or what new restrictions will be placed on their rights.

“Granted, there will also be variables in the event of a pandemic, but by being upfront with New Zealanders and planning ahead and learning from our past mistakes we can proceed with confidence that our response will protect New Zealanders in a way that doesn’t sacrifice their education, mental health, finances, and many other aspects of life.

“Simply put, the next Government will become the experts in managing a pandemic.

“We can’t afford to have a lost generation who suffers due to the impacts of our COVID response, without even looking at what we could have done better and ensuring we don’t make the same mistakes again. While other parties are focused on the next election, ACT is focused on the next generation.”

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Source:ACT Party

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  1. David Seymour supported the mandates and the vaccine – that’s when he lost any support I may have had for him.

    Matt King all the way for me!

  2. My question is…Why doesnt Act act on this promise to look into govt corruption before the elections. Then we know they are being honest.

    • I believe this will need an empowering Bill particularly where invesigation and penalties are involved. We lack an adequate mechanism to call MP’s to account. That how the present free-for-all has evolved.

  3. It will be a broken promise after the election mark my words. If they are really committed to this promise then act on it before the election.

  4. And if I get elected I promise public trials for all former govt officials.

    And a million dollars to each voter.

    Park fountains will run with chocolate sauce and every Wednesday we’ll only eat cake ???? ????

      • Apologies Comrade Stakeholder, any non grasshopper-based coffee and cream cause climate change, and are therefore illegal.

        Your internet privileges are hereby suspended. Two happiness officers are now en route to assist you. Please remain in your location.

        Be kind ????????????‍♀️????‍♀️???????????????????? ????

  5. Actually let’s just not waste any more money that we don’t have on covid – how about that?
    We can save time and money and state the obvious which is that the whole thing has been an absolute disaster economically, mentally, financially, physically, and politically and we are no better off. The all cause mortality rates are HIGHER than ever and NOT from covid.

    Hello! ???????????????????????????????????? ding ding ding

  6. Question is; would Matt King run again?
    & IF the National Party disenfranchises him, will he then join and align with the Outdoors and Freedom Party?
    & BTW- David Seymour made himself conveniently UNAVAILABLE when it came to a Parliamentary Vote of firearms post-Christchurch Mosque Terrorist Act. & he knew EXACTLY what he was doing by orchestrating the delay w/ a reporter stalling his time.
    This is how the lying media and politicians work to subvert otherwise due-process of legislation.
    I believe that Seymour is a sleeper asset for Israel, based on the make-up of the population of his electorate.
    We cannot find his religious preference either online, via Wikipedia, or anywhere else,
    But his methodologies, modus operandi, and how he has voted in the past certainly points to embracing Noahide Law just as the WEF and Globalists do.
    He also plays on people’s sympathies, their distress over encroaching laws and legislations, and then does the opposite of what the voting public demands of him.
    Suddenly Seymour?
    I don’t think so…!
    NOT to be trusted…!

    • Matt King IS running – with his new Democracy NZ Party.

      He is doing a New Zealand wide road show currently.

      A level headed sensible hard working family man.

    • I agree, but I couldn’t give a fat rat’s backside about his religion. or lack of it. I don’t care whether extremist use religion as their opiate of choice or something else, they all need to be dealt with.

      Trouble with Seymour is he is not only a coward, but he is an out-and-out liar – party of freedom, my backside. “Freedom” has consequences he said, when the call for freedom was there, Seymour turned into a Jacinda poodle likspittal. He is a disgusting creature and some decent people have by their association with him turned themselves into disgusting unprincipled three term MP wannabes.

    • I am absolutely with you on that, Bruce. Seymour is shyster of the lowest order. The leader of the Freedom party couldn’t wait 1.2Nanoseconds to support Liebour on the mandates and lockdowns. He was right there panting like the disgusting poodle he is.

      If Seymour told me NZ is ruled by a disgusting dictator, I wouldn’t believe a word he said.

  7. Here’s a tip:

    Do not vote for childless unmarried overly religious people. No offence to anyone but simply put, if you are clouded by your religion, don’t understand families and can’t sustain a long term relationship you probably haven’t got a clue how to relate to most New Zealanders. AND! Can we PLEASE have someone with business experience?

    Matt King fits the bill very nicely thank you very much! Send me the T-shirts hats and car stickers so I can start promoting him! Furthermore he doesn’t support the racist 3 waters asset steal and that hideous WEF.

    (i am a Christian by the way but I don’t shove it in anyones face and I respect other peoples right to believe what they want)

    • I am an atheist and I want nothing to do with religion, I don’t want it influencing anyone in public office either. I will vote fro someone who (a_ knows what a woman is and tells me what a woman is in public and on the record (b) that anyone with Y chromosomes can never compete against anyone with only X chromosomes in physical sport (c) that the Treaty of Waitango ceded sovereignty to the crown in return for British citizenship and the protection of the British crown for the signatories from marauders, slavers and cannibals. Those three things will do for a start.
      So who is this candidate?

  8. ACT first has to declare that they will stay outside the next government with no ministerial positions. They must support a government which agrees to implement their ‘Glasnost’ . Greens betrayed their voters after joining the government and lied pon all issues. ACT should make sure that they are not hypocrites like Greens. The only way to ensure honesty from ACT is force them NPOT to be part of the next government. Woinston cheated his voters many times too. The smaller parties are just subagents lookimng for tips from the main agents jabcinda and Laxon.

    • It’s too late for ACT. Seymour has turned them all into hypocrites. I only make a mistake once. I am ashamed I voted for them in the last election, I won’t do it again.

  9. Never voting act ever again, when jabcinda imposed lockdowns and vax mandates Seymour supported it all! Can’t be trusted just as bad as labour, vote NNP in the next election if you want real change for the better

  10. “Simply put the next government will be experts in the next pandemic “ is that you Jacinda sure sounds like it!! The fact is that they still won’t acknowledge that the pandemic is the cover story for their push to the nwo. It’s not about health it never was it’s about it’s a global move to control the people, take away their freedom, take their land, their homes and give it all to the state oh and our children did I mention the children. Act and every other party will have to comply to the global governance and they will. We will own nothing and be happy. Their predictions for future pandemics are based on when you got your last jab and how many got it then they work out the timeline for spike protein to reproduce and voila!! they can then say what we can expect. This is based on the same crystal ball that every nation uses to push this genocide. Seymour either genuinely doesn’t know or he is a supporter of the nwo. He will get my attention when he comes clean with the nz public and puts the nwo to a national vote and actually exposes and asks us if this is what the nz people want until then his lips are moving but I’m not listening.

    • And vote for him as Prime Minster, or at least Minister of Health. And while we’re at it, let’s give Guy a knighthood too.
      At least he earned his PhD the hard way, so he won’t need any honorary handouts from an American university.

  11. ACT could act now if they really do believe in what they are tickling our ears with. Seymour mentions nothing about the tens of thousands of kiwis vaccine injured and hundreds killed by Pfizer’s mRNA biological hack of our human bodies. These stats are from NZDSOS and the NZ Health Forum. The party hierarchies in our established political parties (including ACT) are not our friends…and have not been for quite some time.

    We need a Freedom Coalition of freedom-loving, freedom-fighting, truly democratic minor parties – bringing together under on Party-Vote Umbrella the likes of NNP, Sue Grey’s O&F party, Matt King’s DNZ party, OneParty, etc. Bring it on.

    • Agree Patriot_NZ.
      Time to do a thorough and unbiased investigation into “the tens of thousands of kiwis vaccine injured and hundreds killed by Pfizer’s mRNA biological hack of our human bodies.” Also why ACC are now not paying people who were almost forced to take the vaccine otherwise they would lose their jobs and careers.

      A blindingly obvious reason the NZ medical system is now in such disarray is because of all those highly qualified and experienced medical professionals who may no longer practice or work in New Zealand, because of Bloomfield’s, Adern’s and Hipkin’s idiotic, pointless and utterly cruel mandates. We have highly talented, world-class and skilled professionals who she will not allow to work in their very own country for their very own people. It’s literally criminal and I hope this finds it’s way to the law courts in the form of class-action suits very soon.

      I find it abhorrent that Adern can swan around the world while this country is haemorrhaging because of all that she and her cohorts have done to it.

      First order of business for any new government and something we NZers must insist that it is enshrined in law that our local media must not be in the pockets of the government, who are using our tax payers dollars to deceive and control us.

    • Seymour the liar said he was following FDA guidelines in recommending the jabs. Problem is he won’t admit they lied and by extension so has he.

  12. Nice weasel words, David. And I notice not one mention of the mechanisms behind the alleged pandemic, who’s driving it and why.

    Not one mention of the naive complicity of health officials, and others in the know, and their culpability. Your big mistake was in mentioning the pandemic yet to come.

    Nah, we see through your deception and lust for power. Nice try, back to the drawing board…


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