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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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118,337 active COVID cases – MOH

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New Zealand has 118,337 active COVID cases in the community, including 19,566 new cases today.

Test results are provided by way of the PCR and RAT tests.

58.4% of COVID hospitalisations in the Northern Region (excluding Emergency Departments) are either double or triple vaccinated. 13.4% of hospital cases are unvaccinated or ineligible for the vaccine.


  • Cases in hospital: total number 373: Northland: 4; North Shore: 63; Middlemore: 134; Auckland: 115; Waikato: 23; BOP: 10; Rotorua: 3; Tairawhiti: 2; Hawke’s Bay: 1; Taranaki: 1; MidCentral: 3; Hutt Valley: 5; Capital and Coast: 3; Nelson Marlborough: 1; Canterbury: 4; Southern: 1;
  • Average age of current hospitalisations: 52
  • Cases in ICU or HDU: 9
  • Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region only, excluding Emergency Departments): Unvaccinated or not eligible (37 cases / 13.4%); partially immunised <7 days from second dose or have only received one dose (6 cases / 2.1%); double vaccinated at least 7 days before being reported as a case (110 cases / 39.9%); Received booster at least 7 days before being reported as a case (51 cases / 18.5%); unknown (72 cases / 26.1%)


  • Seven day rolling average of community cases: 10,689
  • Number of new community cases: 19,566
  • Number of new community cases (PCR): 2,513
  • Number of new community cases (RAT): 17,053
  • Location of new community cases (PCR & RAT): Northland (329), Auckland (12,530), Waikato (1,812), Bay of Plenty (1,185), Lakes (376), Hawke’s Bay (168), MidCentral (260), Whanganui (45), Taranaki (165), Tairāwhiti (88), Wairarapa (42), Capital and Coast (691), Hutt Valley (355), Nelson Marlborough (196), Canterbury (740), South Canterbury (37), Southern (529), West Coast (17); Unknown (1)
  • Number of new cases identified at the border: 22
  • Number of active community cases (total): 99,859 (cases identified in the past 21 days and not yet classified as recovered)
  • Confirmed cases (total): 118,337

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  1. 15 people at my company positive today.
    Little old unvaccinated me is the only one whose okay. Same situation at my wife’s office, only there the figure it’s 28 fully jabbed people.

    Anyone else seeing this where they work?

  2. So when are the pfizer jabs getting canned? Pretty obvious they do diddly squat for infections and transmission rates, and you have a higher and higher chance of injury from them the more you have.

    But no, let us discriminate against the people who refuse the unsafe and defective jabs.

    • Stop trying to make good, reasonable points based on common sense.

      Comrade Cindy only listens to decrees from Darth Klaus.

  3. No matter what happens in the future, who will ever trust a vaccine, doctors, politicians, or the police ever again?


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