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Parliament Protest Press Release 1 March: Protesters remain resolute, call on police to practice their own core values

Full text of Press Release of the Combined Parliament Protest Groups for 1 March 2022.

Parliament Protesters remain resolute, call on police to practice their own core values.

The New Zealand police are more concerned with maintaining a smear campaign against the protestors than undertaking honest policing.


This behaviour is intentional, manipulative and not in keeping with the New Zealand Police Values which champion:

  • Respect – treat others as they would want to be treated, to uphold individual rights and honour their freedoms;
  • Integrity – we are honest and uphold excellent ethical standards, to build trust and confidence in the communities we serve;
  • Empathy – walk in their shoes – we seek understanding of and consider the experience and perspective of those we serve.

NZ Police Values document is located here.

The time is now for the Police to practice what they preach, to live by their own values, rather than give lip service to a pretty coloured pamphlet.

The protestors are resolute in their demands (mandates must go), and remain peaceful and present.

The government’s refusal to meet with protestors because they are behaving “illegally” is premised on Trevor Mallard’s trespass notice for a peaceful protest, and supposedly vehicle blocked streets.

However these are misdemeanours at best, as opposed to outright criminal activity, which is how things are being presented to the public.

Despite wall to wall statements by police (repeated countless times by mainstream media) that the site is unsanitary, in the early hours of this morning police raided the protest site – damaging and removing showers that had been erected. Not only was this theft of private property, it is directly at odds with their concerns about sanitation. It remains unclear which laws this shower block was breaking.

Despite regular contact with Police on a daily basis via a dedicated communications channel, today Police failed to mention that 300-600 Public Safety Unit trained officers from around the country have been sent to Porirua for special training during the last 24 hours. Police have said the contingent represents a routine replacement of officers but the co-operative protest groups remain very concerned that Police plan to tear gas and/or water cannon them overnight in order to storm parliament grounds and clear the protest site.

It is now more than a week since Police told the media that protestors had sprayed an ‘unknown substance’ into the faces of three officers who had to be hospitalised. Footage taken by people in the crowd more or less confirms it was instead ‘friendly-fire’, with a video showing an officer indiscriminately using pepper spray that blew back on his colleagues. However, both mainstream and social media widely reported that a protestor performed this harm.

Police assured both media and protest liaison they would advise the media what the substance was. But they have not.

Given the day the incident occurred, the Prime Minister sought – and achieved – massive political capital by accusing the protestors of appalling behaviour, if it transpires that Police are deliberately dragging their feet over revealing the true story, then both Police and the Prime Minister owe the protestors very public apologies.

The Police have blocked the service vehicles from emptying portaloos which has led to protestors plumbing the toilets into the sewer mains to stave off an actual public health hazard. They made this decision in the full knowledge their actions would create a public health issue. Police know approximately 20 percent of people on site are young children and those aged 60 plus and over 55% of people at site being women.

All of the above is evidence of the police’s determination to maintain public perceptions that the site and protestors represent “a river of filth”. Last night’s removal of the showers and the previous stopping of servicing of portaloos is petty, and has nothing to do with maintaining public order and safety.

We also call out the Prime Minister for her role in being complicit in this incessant PR campaign to present an image of the protestors as deplorables.

New Zealanders should be disgusted about the depths this country is descending into. Canada became hated globally for Trudeau’s strong-arm tactics. Ardern is leading New Zealand down the same track.

The hypocrisy of hate-labeling protestors and persistent use of coordinated, blatant smear tactics backed by outright subversion by Police is only driving more Kiwis to distrust this Government and is at odds with their own Police Values of empathy, respect and integrity.

***End of Press Release***

This communication summarises the agreed position of groups representing the majority people who have travelled and stayed at Parliament over the past two weeks:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • The Hood NZ.
  • Voices for Freedom

Image Credit: Paul and Jessica Jones @LibertyBites

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  1. It’s freaking OUTRAGEOUS police are clearly sitting on the information about what was sprayed in officers’ faces more than a week ago. Jacinda dined out on that BIG TIME and the media slammed the protestors as a result. I hope journalists man up and make as big a deal about the police correcting things as they did a week ago. The PM should be forced to apologise for defaming the protestors so badly.

    • It may or may not have occurred to you, ‘Anonymouse’ , that no-confidence in government and defunding police may be part of and further serve the agenda of the globalists intent on triggering a state of chaos & destabilisation within our societies upon which a NWO can be realised. I view with distrust any urging to sign petitions promoted anonymously.

  2. The disrespect this Governent is showing towards NZ Citizens with legitimate concerns is unparalleled and deplorable. Every day more and more Kiwis are waking up to the injustice that this Goverment refuses to address.

    • The disrespect tge protestors are showing to all decent hard working Kiwis who are doing their best to minimise the impacts of a pandemic is unparalleled and deplorable. Not to mention very smelly now that the illegally parked shower block is gone.

      • You really have missed the point. I’m a hard working Kiwi and have been since I left high school in the mid 1970s. The protestors have a valid point that drives to the core of our Bill of Rights. Take time to read that and use your crayon to write down the points you think you can do without and the points that have been trampled on by Ardern’s collective of paid off pirates.

  3. When ever did we accept this? The police are going to destroy all their mana in one disgusting act, if they go ahead.

  4. After 20 years of service working in the health industry, I lost my job because I refused to get “jabbed”. Aunty Jacinda has ruined this country, and her ridiculous mandates has affected jobs, livelihoods, education, the health industry to say the least. She campaigned about addressing poverty where her actions have only enhanced the poverty. She needs to get out of the pockets of the world globalists, leave parliament as she is not fit to lead our country and get off her tyrannical pedestal. She is a poor excuse of a Prime minister and an even more poor excuse as a human being. A fake and a liar and a narcissist.

      • You are just another sheeple that is blind to the problems of the vaccines. They are spreading Delta and Omicron. And it is spreading more so with the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. I have seen first hand whilst working in the hospital, just how dangerous these vaccines are. Jacinda is just a puppet in the globilists pocket. I wouldn’t be surprised if you are a plant here from the government and/or the media just to upset the apple cart. Jesus is coming!!!!

  5. If the police had any gumption, they should know that Parliament is letting the people of NZ down. Are they afraid that that the Government (being their employer) is going to fire them if they don’t bow down to the Government’s demands? Our bill of rights has been stomped all over and the police could be more supportive if they actually took the time to hear peoples’ stories and hardships and show some empathy towards the cause!

  6. Is it correct that the Police Commissioner is Jacinda Arderns cousin? If so, she really has NZ under her tyrannical control. He appears to be a very weak leader. Ardern also has the Governor General, a very silent public servant, under her control, having recently appointed her to her position. Ardern is intent in keeping NZers scared of Covid and therefore those scared people are easy to control. Health has never been Arderns concern, control has. Unless people wake up to what Ardern is planning for NZers, we are finished as a democracy. My extended family, myself included, have been affected by the mandates.

  7. Wow, you would think that these protesters were enemies of the state – truth be told, they are anything but – in fact they (the protesters) are in Fact True Patriots and Love NZ and the freedoms that their forefathers fought galantly for – what government punishes their patriots!

  8. A very well written, clear and informative article thank you. The PM, her Govt and the Police are behaving badly and I’m embarrassed by their behaviour and refusal to listen and treat us with respect. Shame on them.

  9. I was under the impression that Parliament grounds belonged to all New Zealanders. If I’m correct how can anyone be trespassed? If there’s acts of willful damage, fair enough but when I was there two weekends ago there was nothing at all that pointed to anything like that.

    The protestors have a case to be on those grounds more than underachieving politicians who refuse to be. This is happening because incapable politicians from each Party have been talked into becoming a united Labour and arrogantly refusing to appear for even a short time to address these people. The spotlight has been kept on police pepper spraying their own staff and human waste being thrown at police. Those two incidents have been kept as news every day, making it apparent that the mainstream media exists as a government department now.

  10. Did the unvaccinated police and defence force, win their case in court to go back to work unvaccinated, is that not a double standard.

  11. Wow!!! Another dawn raid!!! Like father like daughter clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!! Comrade Ardens father is commissioner to Tokelau and those precious people have been under house arrest since July last year and not one case of Covid has ever been there!!!! Daddy will be proud of you Ardern but remember not going to be easy to walk the streets in this nation when you don’t get elected again best make arrangements, up sticks and head on out. Very scary place New Zealand just ask the protesters. Just as you refused to hear our voices, be under no illusion your disgusting leadership is what we will remember and tell our children/grandchildren. You have had your share of protests Ardern. P.S New Zealand is still waiting for the true story you are soooo reluctant to share, why is that I wonder? Anyway yellow belly keep quiet then but don’t you dare try to silence those that are doing your job for you!!!!!

  12. When it loses the election there will be some job waiting for it in the UN or the WEF. Watch it hightail it, leaving a trail of cocaine dust in it’s wake as it flies out on it’s broomstick. New Zealand has to watch less rugby and do their homework on what they’re voting for. We’ve really sucked the kumara this time around. Uncle Helen’s finger puppet… we really need to recognize a pattern.


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