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243 new community cases of COVID – MOH

PCR test result data for 5 February 2022, as published by the Ministry of Health.

80% of hospitalisations in the Northern Region are ‘fully vaccinated’, while 20% (1 case) are either unvaccinated or ineligble.


  • Cases in hospital: 10; North Shore: 2; Middlemore: 3; Auckland: 2; Rotorua: 2; Christchurch: 1
  • Average age of current hospitalisations: 60
  • Cases in ICU or HDU: 1
  • Vaccination status of current hospitalisations (Northern Region wards only): Unvaccinated or not eligible (1 case / 20%); partially immunised <7 days from second dose or have only received one dose (N/A cases / 0%); fully vaccinated at least 7 days before being reported as a case (4 cases / 80%).


Seven day rolling average of community cases: 148
Seven day rolling average of border cases: 44
Number of new community cases: 243
Number of new cases identified at the border: 26


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  1. Remind me again what the whole point of the vaccines was?

    Clearly they are useless.

    So let me get this straight, our govt has spent billions of dollars buying vaccines that don’t work, that many people didn’t want, out of money they printed on and now our kids will be life long tax slaves living in rented houses just to pay it back. Furthermore the money printing has led to the highest inflation for decades. If the vaccines were safe and worked I wouldn’t be so angry.

      • Yeah that’s going to get really ugly isn’t it?

        How about the billionaires, politicians and overpaid bureaucrats own nothing and be happy? We will take it off them to pay for all the vaccines they signed us up to that we didn’t want with OUR tax money.

    • It is worth noting that Denmark that ended ALL covid restrictions despite more than 7,000 cases per day recently. They have realized (at long last) that none of the measures they have taken, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, restricted numbers at events and above all vaccinations, have made the slightest difference. The Danes have accordingly decided that they will just have to live with omicron and eventually it will peter out and become just another mildly inconvenient virus like flu and the common cold.
      I wonder if there are any politicians in this country with the wit to understand how pointless all their stupid restrictions have been and the courage to admit they have been wrong ? The damage Ardern and Doomfield have caused to our country will take decades to repair and leave our children and grandchildren impoverished for the greater part of their future. And all for what?

  2. Why isn’t the Ministry of Health, and experts like Dr Bloomfield and Dr Baker, being asked to explain why, despite continued vaccinations, the vaccinated keep turning up in far higher numbers in hospitals than the unvaccinated?

    • Exactly – won’t SOMEONE in the media question them about this. While they are at it they can ask them when the mandates are coming off for good.

      Everyone else in the world is moving on from Omicron the cold, why not New Zealand? Do they have to use up the boosters they ordered because no returns?

      Surely the govt doesn’t think people are that dumb they haven’t read world news and see other countries are dropping all restrictions?

      “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

      From what I am seeing a LOT of people are waking up.

    • They must be if they think they are going to peacefully live in their communities all over New Zealand after the absolute lie fest and destruction they have inflicted on good Kiwis.

      Good luck to them really, they will need it as more and more awaken (and they are).


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