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‘A good win for Dr Goodwin’: NZ Doctor’s Appeal of Covid Misinformation Suspension Won

The decision from Judge Kevin Kelly of the Wellington District Court, released last week, has seen Dr Alison Goodwin’s January 2022 suspension by the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) reversed.

The case, filed on 9 Feb 2022, was heard 16 months later on 28 Jun 2023.

The announcement came last week much to Dr Goodwin’s delight, “I am very happy to have this result. It has been a long and arduous couple of years”.

In 2021 as the mRNA vaccine rolled out, Dr Goodwin simply adhered to MCNZ’s pre-existing Statement on Informed Consent, rather than its new Guidance Statement. She started speaking about risks, alternatives and uncertainties (as required for true informed consent) since the public messaging was only about purported benefits of the covid vaccine.

As a doctor for over 30 years, most recently a General Practitioner whilst also training in lifestyle medicine, Dr Goodwin provided information, the majority being from official government sources, to interested members of the public both online and at popular public meetings, and encouraged people to look at it.

Information such as:

  • Medsafe provisional consent with 58 conditions
  • Medsafe Risk Management Plan (RMP)
  • Medsafe Comirnaty datasheet
  • Document granting Pfizer immunity from liability signed by Grant Robertson of NZ government
  • Vitamin D advice from bpac
  • HDC Code of Rights – specifically right 7 The Right to make an informed choice and give informed consent and right 7.7 the right to refuse services and to withdraw consent to
  • Lancet retracted study re hydroxychloroquine
  • Medsafe Safety Reports documenting increasing numbers of adverse events.

New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science spokesperson, Dr Cindy de Villiers said, “No patient of Dr Goodwin had ever made a complaint against her. Instead, it was members of the public and the medical profession who heard her speak who complained, resulting in suspension of her Annual Practicing Certificate (APC).”

During the preparations for the appeal Dr Curtis Walker (Chairman of the MCNZ) provided an affidavit with more information.

“He provided lists of selected quotations from comments I had made, taken out of context, most of which can be demonstrated to be correct, or which provide my professional opinion, or which were questions intended for discussion”, said Dr Goodwin.

“In the correspondence, there were numerous implications and much innuendo that the information I was sharing was inaccurate, not evidence-based, not scientifically grounded, not consensus-driven, unbalanced, selective etc”, she said. “However, no concrete examples were given. Dr Walker and the MCNZ did not say ‘this statement is incorrect’ nor did they provide any evidence to counter my statements”.

“I also asked the MCNZ: What exactly is an ‘anti-vaccination message’? If a doctor doesn’t recommend aspirin to a patient for whom it is not indicated and explains that to the patient, is that an ‘anti-aspirin message’?”

Dr. Alison Goodwin news
Supporters rally outside the court on a cold June morning to support Dr Goodwin at her appeal. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

Dr de Villiers said, “We remain disturbed that the MCNZ has fought so hard to silence discussion. Doctors are people too, who have the right to freedom of expression, and we will keep championing this. Right now, however, we are thrilled that Dr Goodwin has won her appeal.

“It is reassuring that the courts have found again (as in each of our three challenges so far) that the actions of the MCNZ were unlawful. Yet again, they are told that suspending a doctor is not an appropriate response to speech the MCNZ disagrees with,” said Dr de Villiers.

As legal counsel for Dr Goodwin stated so eloquently: “The best response to speech the Medical Council disagrees with is not absolute censorship, but rather for it to have the courage and strength of its convictions. The Medical Council was free to respond in public to Dr Goodwin’s speech and explain, from a position of significant resources, mana and influence, what it considered she had got wrong. By suspending her, the Medical Council has instead created an impression of trying to silence ideas it has no answer to.”

Read through the full write-up on Dr Alison Goodwin’s winning case here.

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  1. I hope dr. Goodwin gets generously compensated for her ordeal. And that that sets a precedent to generously compensate everyone else who was cancelled by the totalitarian cabal of govt, media and lap dog outfits like MCNZ.

  2. A great result Sue considering the whole thing is totally corrupt and evil, a few headlines from the last few days—
    NIH USA approves use of ivermectin, a bit late ( could have saved millions of lives).
    Francis Collins formally NIH and Anthony Fauci formally NIAID and other supposed experts received 325 million in royalty payments from big pharma and others, for pushing the jab, nothing to see here move along.
    Phizer reps. up before the Aussie senate, apparently bought in a special batch of jabs for their Australian employees, got grilled by MP, but even when confronted with damming evidence, refused to answer questions, lying pack of b—–.
    Says it all really, totally hard to believe but all true.

  3. I admire Dr Goodwin for her tenacity and congratulate her in achieving the win in this appeal…this is great news! I have followed closely the Covid response, the Govt narrative and the very few Medical professionals who were brave enough to question the critical aspects surrounding the Patient Code of Rights, the response and the science.
    It appears very little vaccine related research (if any) occurs in New Zealand. Schedules chop and change over the years and brands of vaccines come and go. Adverse reactions are not readily published and therefore causal link is generally difficult to prove. (Even when it is obvious in patient clinic records). Every resource reads differently whether it’s the supplier fact sheet, the Immunisation handbook, BPAC (Best Practice) the MOH website or Medsafe’s SMARS reporting.
    It is time our Govt faced the facts that a small portion of our population will have adverse reactions to vaccines as they do medications. These people should be acknowledged with honesty and integrity and help should be made available. ACC appeal hearings for the vaccine injured are not the answer. Time to set up an appropriate agency in New Zealand to afford every New Zealander proper informed consent and appropriate help if a problem occurs in relation to any vaccine. This is the only way forward to rebuild public confidence as the truth slowly but surely unravels.

  4. As we sometimes​ say, “Promoted beyond their intelligence.” Just because they’re in charge, doesn’t mean they know what they are doing.
    This is what I taught my children, “always decide for yourself, 80% of people have no idea what’s going on.”

    • I teach the same, but with me it’s 90% …and ALL politicians and bureaucrats are parasites. The MEDICAL COUNCIL OF NEW ZEALAND has evolved into something remenicant of the Spanish Inquisition. Some heads ought to be rolling, without parole to ever led public office again.

  5. The medical council needs to be sued and or disbanded. They are bullies in the extreme and you can’t tell me (or anyone else for that matter) that they weren’t/aren’t working under governmental instruction to silence any dissent.

  6. Go to any ‘Medical Care’ facility and you will see signs that ‘Abuse Towards Any Staff Will NOT Be Tolerated’ and ‘”Bullying Behaviour Will Be Grounds For removal From This Facility’, etc.

    And yet, when one goes to the ED, After-Hours, and even into the Primary Care GP’s Practice, and you question or complain the lack of health care, denied access to immediate care aside from TRIAGE that will do minimum (ie very minimal with antibiotics and referrals to specialists…), having to wait weeks for a health problem to be seen by a GP, they then consider that to be ‘Threatening Behaviour and Abuse Towards Staff and …(wait for it…!) CAREGIVERS!!! BAWHAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!!!!

    And if it’s an ACC Injury Claim, that too will be denied, and their *’secret secondary file’ (known via transcriptionists who became a whistleblower…) will continue to be kept from public (patient) access, as I have no doubt those files make reference to ‘fake injuries’, and list the spy agencies that were hired to surveil the ‘Targeted Claimant’. But rest assurred, the Old Boy / Old Girl Masonic Networks will get ALL of their claims settlesd to a high dollar amount to the Claimant(s)!!!!

    IF one can afford Southern Cross, that is basically the difference between life and death… and the public health care system has been placing green-sheeted “DNR’ into those they deem unfit to live.


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