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A win for Sue Grey and a win for freedom of speech in NZ

Sue Grey news

Late Friday afternoon Sue Grey received news that the Lawyers and Conveyancers Disciplinary Tribunal has struck out charges against her and found no case to answer as she had not breached professional standards.

The charges had stemmed from complaints instigated by pro-government lobby group “FACT Aotearoa” who gleefully invited an online orchestrated attack on Sue Grey and on several doctors who challenged the government COVID narrative.

They tried to use lawyers and medical professional bodies to close down free speech of Sue Grey, Dr Anne O’Reilly and other doctors who encouraged people to ask questions and do their own research, including looking at concerns published by NZ regulator Medsafe, rather than rely on claims advertised by Unite Against Covid.

The Tribunal decision recognises the important distinction between a lawyer speaking in their professional capacity, and their personal and political speech.

The Tribunal had no criticism of any of Sue Grey’s legal work and decided it was unfair to hold political posts to the professional standards required for legal services.

None of the complaints were from clients of Grey or from family members of those that have died.

Sue Grey lodged supporting affidavits from Rory Nairn’s father Brett Nairn who lost his 26 year old son to the vaccine and from Aly Cook, the well known musician and Outdoors and Freedom Party board member whose 26 year old son has chronic vaccine induced myocarditis.

Aly Cook has subsequently lodged a petition to parliament with over 24 000 signatures seeking a Royal Commission of Inquiry into Vaccine injuries, supported by 1440 pages of submission evidence. To date this public interest petition has been largely ignored by both Parliament and by state funded media

The Tribunal decided it is not qualified to make findings on the safety or otherwise of the vaccine. However it does recognise the important public interest in talking about controversial issues, and the need for balance, recognising that while some may have been distressed by Grey raising issues of suspected vaccine death and injury:

“At the same time, we also recognise the distress of those who felt their concerns were not heard. These people include the family of a young man who, the Coroner has ruled, has died because of complications from the vaccine.“

In the context the judges stated:

[10] Ms Grey is an experienced Nelson-based lawyer who practices in the field of public law, with an emphasis on human rights, resource management law and medico-legal matters.

[11] As well as her legal qualifications, Ms Grey holds a science degree with majors in microbiology and biochemistry, as well as a Royal Society of Health Diploma in Public Health Inspection.

During the case Sue Grey referred the tribunal to the words of Sir Geoffrey Palmer in 2007 in recommending, on behalf of the Law Commission, the repeal of the law of seditious offenses. In stating that,

“they have been used to fetter vehement and unpopular political speech”, Sir Geoffrey, arguably the country’s foremost constitutional lawyer provided this pithy analysis:

“In a free and democratic society, defaming the government is the right of every citizen. In times beset with threats of terrorism we should not close the open society. To do so will only encourage its enemies. In New Zealand, free speech and public debate must be “uninhibited, robust and wide open”, and it may include “vehement, caustic and sometimes unpleasantly sharp attacks on government and public officials”

While the Tribunal disagreed with some of the strong language on the Outdoors and Freedom Party Facebook posts they acknowledged that many of the criticised posts could not be attributed to Sue Grey and said:

in the end we consider that freedom of expression must be jealously guarded and that lawyers, within limits, must not be fearful of saying unpopular things. If that were to occur, they might be dampened or restricted in their role in advancing the democratic rights of their clients.

Sue Grey commented

“I am very pleased with the decision and the recognition of the importance of free speech in New Zealand. I hope that this encourages more professionals to ask questions and to call out censorship and harassment. It’s been a shocking period of history for freedom of speech and our other rights and freedoms. I’m proud to have stepped up and spoken out about the many red flags that were obvious in the COVID response from early 2020. I’m glad this is behind me now so I can focus on my campaign for winning the West Coast Tasman seat and my work as co-leader of the New Zealand Outdoors party and Co-leader of the FreedomsNZ umbrella party, along with continuing to serve my clients’ needs to the best of my abilities. “

A copy of the findings of the tribunal is here.

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    • Checked out their Facebook page, they are infatuated by apparent conspiracy theories, to the point of being unhealthy. I see they have over 3000 likes but posts only get about 5 likes. Seems like nobody is interested and those who are must be the dumbest people in New Zealand. I did laugh when they were sharing write ups from Stuff. Seriously why would you make yourself look more pathetic than you already are by sharing Stuff write ups?
      Actually this site is very dangerous and is causing harm to those using this page. Why hasn’t Facebook deleted this page for hate speech and disinformation?

  1. Without freedom of speech, you have fascism. Then, the consequences are that you accept fascism, or you have a revolution (or war) to remove it.

    As an unvaccinated person, I feel like I was treated by “the state” in a similar manner to Jews in Nazi Germany: I could not go to certain places without “papers” to show that I was “clean”. This is a DISGUSTING level of discrimination, actioned by the former P.M. The former P.M. wanted a two-level society where the unvaccinated were discriminated against just as Jews as “the Untermensch” in Nazi Germany.

    I hope that humanity can see what the last few years REALLY represent, because if we cannot then we are really in a bad way.

    If the governments of the World want to do something useful, then get rid of those f**king biolabs all over the planet and stop all the f**king stupid research where you do “gain of function” to turn a virus from something benign into something highly infectious that is lethal.

    The fact that almost 4 years after all this started, we still have biolabs speaks volumes as to the intent and agenda of our leaders.

    • You are not alone. I’m un-vaccinated and because of respiratory problems could not wear a mask. Never felt so discriminated against in my life. Glad to see revolting old Labour on 26%. Lets see them drop to single figures and then expire as a party. That would be a happy day indeed.

    • The whole ‘Covid19’ charade was a lie. The Govt. legislated to push and support the lie. The public were then drawn into the tyranny because of the lie. Now the Govt. are trying to lie their way out of what they have done and the damage they have caused. They got to this position because they are self serving free loaders and easily bribed. They are corrupt. The majority of the public are not going to fall for these blatant lies anymore and trust in the Police and Politicians now is at an all time low and they wonder why. The current Labour Govt. must be the most corrupt inept border line treasonous criminal Govt. NZ has ever had the misfortune to experience. They all must to be held to account. The Hive needs to be de-Nazi-fied queen bee and all.

    • Agreed in most part except for your reference to 1930s Germany and their great leader fighting against the atanic Jewish bolshevik communists and their plan to destroy christian Europe.

  2. Sue Grey and the Outdoors & Freedom Party must form a super-coalition with the New Conservatives, FreeNZ and perhaps NZ First.
    My ‘Party Vote’ is leaning towards the New Conservatives, and preferred Prime Minister going to Sue Grey.
    The current make-up of the New Conservatives is excellent, but IF a coalition were formed between the above parties, then Sue Grey should consider merging with NC’s Ted Johnston and Helen Houghton on a coalition basis.
    We note that ‘Voices for Freedom’ are under MSM attack once again for encouraging those who are awake (NOT to be confused with ‘woke’…!) to become poll workers who can monitor the upcoming election, and report on any election fraud. Prior to that, VFF was dropping flyers off into mail boxes, and was attacked by the MSM for doing so despite the right to ‘Free Speech’ which the MSM is always trying to shut-down (unless it’s the MSM narratives).
    VFF was formed by three courageous and knowledgeable women, and supported internally with other women who are also lawyers like Sue Grey.
    Not one ‘feminist rights group’ has turned-out to support VFF publically or politically…!

    • A super-coalition IS necessary. But therefore super-inclusiveness (excuse the tainted word) is necessary.
      For the sake of having a chance to get the fascist lot out of parliament, we MUST supersede all ideology, division, gender arguments, political backgrounds and even religion. ONLY a super-coalition will have a chance. Any old or new-comer politician will have to pull in OUR direction and then WE THE PEOPLE will be all the way with them. Recent action was the formation of NZ Loyal and https://votersunited.nz/join/

  3. Had a look at ‘FACT Aotearoa’ web page.
    No mention of course who these people are. Do we have any names? Addresses? Email?
    Also, the corruption of Medsafe ought to be investigated. Who are the players there? Where does the funding come from? Who is lobbying, has connections to pharma, is in the cornucopia of funding from NGOs? What relevance have NZ funded research facilities like the Malaghan Institute, who works with Medsafe, by sending envoys to GAVI, the global vaccine alliance, directly funded by Bill Gates? What role does the GAVI institute have pressuring our politicians? Where are revolving doors between governance and industry? Are there any donations? Book deals? Employment offers for after the deed is done?
    This would be an explosive treasure trove for any investigative journalist.

  4. Congratulations to Sue and her team. This was a frivolous case and a waste of time and money, I hope FACT Aotearoa end up paying her significant costs.

  5. Ha ha ha…suck on that 26% Labour. New Zealanders are rejecting you and not before time. NZ is a democracy so free speech is a given. Its also a timely warning National and ACT.

  6. As unvaccinated people we were evicted from our accommodations of 26 years by the Christchurch City Council at very short notice for refusing to get the bioweapon poison shots. A friend who stayed on was forced into getting it and after suffering horribly from both shots, died soon after the second one. It was his home of 30 years he tried to hold on to, he was 68 and did not deserve to be murdered by these bastards who took away our human rights.

    They refused to listen to reason so if Sue Grey has gotten anywhere at all she is doing really well.
    She is a heroine.

    No not on lamestream media, they along with govt still trying to get you to take their killshots.
    Ardernistan, Arderns version of Nazi Germany right here in NZ and now she hides in England, gutless cow.

    • This is full on Nazi behavior when you remove people from their homes because they are unvaccinated (i.e., “unclean”). This is PRECISELY what the Nazis did to the Jews when the Nazi scientists found that the Jews were unclean and a danger to the rest of the non-Jewish population, so the Jews were removed from their homes and into the Ghettos.

      The “scientists” in the last few years found that “the unvaccinated” (like myself) are “unclean” and had to be separated from the rest of society.

      • Quit referring to our NZ situation to 1930s Germany, “Nazi” is a derogatory name invented by joos as part of their demonisation the great country of Germany. In the end Adolf was fighting against communist Globalism, same thing we’re against.

        • I agree, but you have to agree that the cleaning out he did, was in order to get rid of society-endangering elements, from a wide spectrum of ‘parasites’. The banksters were only a few, even lord Rothschild was arrested after Hitler managed to utilize their agenda in big part for his vision. The bigger part of j3wish population that were persecuted, were what they called Volkszersetzer’, ‘liberal’ elements that subverted the social web of the people. It was the hey-days of prostitution and money laundering in Germoney.
          Not sure if neon hair colour was around then.

  7. Congratulations to Sue Gray and her Outdoors Party. You must do whatever it takes to wrest Governance away from the “sheep” who comply with draconian totalitarian dictators. The country has survived an attempted genocide and the restoration of God given rights to freedom of speech, to religious belief and the right to life, must be a priority. Climate change and Net Zero emissions is a false God and breaches God first commandment. Outright lying by government leaders to the people who have elected them is tyranny – especially in view of the goal of subjugation in a World Economic Forum world. My parents, grand parents and ancestors did not intend their children to live in such an evil selfish world. New Zealand deserves better.

  8. Nice to get some good news. Well done to Sue Grey.
    A definite contender in the upcoming elections.
    Though wouldn’t be interested if a coalition with NZF.
    However DNZ yes.


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