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To all mayors and councillors

Local Government Elections 2022 news
© Mary Hobbs.

A ‘No’ uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a ‘Yes’ merely uttered to please, or worse, to avoid trouble. — Mahutma Gandhi


Each of you, for varying reasons, has won the office of either mayor or councillor, hopefully with the intention to represent your region to the best of your ability.

It is a role that comes with public attention —probably this term more than most, for there have been too many incursions into councils by national and global politics with agendas that don’t match the wishes of those you are there to represent. Government-sponsored mainstream media has muscled in too, which has further muddied the waters. They feted the “approved” candidates and embarked on a witch-hunt of others who didn’t fall into line with government opinion. They moved from reporting the facts to giving opinions and pronouncing judgement.

That didn’t go well for them, particularly when they attempted to slur helpful groups like Voices For Freedom (VFF), who hundreds of thousands of Kiwis trust — and for good reason. Although, contrary to what media shouted, VFF didn’t endorse candidates for the recent elections. Instead, VFF, and also the Taxpayers Union, provided helpful tools that illustrated where most candidates stood on key issues in a clear and concise way (yes/no responses) that was missing in mainstream media reports.

So, now you are stepping into the arena, perhaps for the first time, or as a veteran, but as the mayor, or a councillor, for your region. Will you be swayed by the strong current of media-sponsored opinion? Or will you stand for the people and their wishes? Were you financially assisted with your campaign? If so, have you told the voters what obligations you have to your sponsors? They need to know. Be up-front. Voters appreciate that.

Will you take the path of least resistance and promote the agendas of international and global interests, or will you follow what you know in your heart to be right and refuse to go along with anything that compromises democracy, and relentlessly stand up for the wishes of the people? If you see mandates from government ordering you to implement policies that your ratepayers and residents are unaware of, will you enlighten them? Will you bring it out into the open? You should. It is your duty to do so.

In recent years, the majority of New Zealanders have shown little interest in voting. In the 2019 Local Body elections just a dismal 42.2% voted.

Have you ever wondered why?

Some have given up because, no matter who wins, they feel they are no longer heard or represented. They feel disenfranchised. There have been too many pre-election assurances where candidates promised the world, yet when settled into their seats, the lofty promises became a vague memory in the minds of their representatives for a variety of reasons, but none that excuse not keeping ones word to those they are there to represent.

Voters want representation on their behalf, and promises kept, or disclosure of what is blocking their councillors from fulfilling their promises. They also rely on the key promise: That you’re there to represent them rather than the wishes of a sponsor, Labour, or any other political party, and certainly not any off-shore cabal, or big business. The Local Government Act 2002, section 10 (1) backs this stance.

You are understood by the voters to be there for no-one, but the people you represent and who pay your wages. Anything else is surely a misrepresentation?

Kiwis today have valid concerns with council that need to be addressed. It may be a good time to look at some they have raised, so you’re able to keep them foremost in your mind throughout your term as their representative:

THE THREE WATERS GRAB: That’s the one where the government plans to take/steal our local ratepayer-funded and fully paid-up water infrastructure from each region, without our agreement, throw councils a paltry donation worth nowhere near the true value, and allege the ratepayers “still own it” yet not permit them to have any say. The proposal attempts to create a terrifying four or five-layered bureaucratic system where unelected officials lord over our water and charge unaffordable fees, with zero rates reduction that is already meant to cover water. Even worse, there may be plans to sell it off-shore, further reducing our independence and increasing debt. New Zealanders all over the country have marched against it, signed petitions against it and said a resounding NO to it. They were promised it would not go ahead without their consent. Another lie. New Zealanders have told you where they stand on this issue and they expect you to deliver a resounding NO on it. If you don’t, you shouldn’t be in council, for you’re not representing the people.

RATES: Mostly, ratepayers are OK with paying reasonable rates for services, but they are not OK on councils recklessly running up deficits and escalating rates to unmanageable proportions with impunity. In some areas the rates have become unaffordable, particularly with escalating costs for those on modest incomes where their property has increased in value, but they’re receiving the same council services (or less) as they were over 30 years ago. This sort of trouble often occurs if there are other undisclosed parties at the shoulder of councillors, exerting undue influence on them to incorporate the wishes (and spending) of political parties, or global cabals, that are not in the best interests of our regions. As new agendas roll out without the agreement of the ratepayers, correspondingly, the costs, rates and rents increase out of control.

Recently, to many, it has felt that the councils have deserted the wishes of the ratepayers and instead followed the orders of a government that has betrayed Kiwis by moving in concert with the plans of the World Economic Forum (WEF) and other global organisations like the UN and WHO, to name a few. This information is available on their respective websites.

They want to create what they term as either the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the Great Reset, Agenda 2030, or the New World Order — call it what you will — with resultant collapsed economies, inflation, escalating costs, along with councils becoming insolvent by having to borrow too much money to comply. The “Fourth Industrial Revolution” contains horrific ideas, where they state they want to “change our very idea of what it means to be human”. By employing genetic editing and neuro-technological brain enhancement, one of the official advisors to Schwab, Dr Yuval Harari, goes so far as to say that they now have the technology of “hacking into the brain” and in an interview he explains with glee how free-will and the human spirit will no longer exist. He said it. He is talking about you and your freewill and spirit, too. But it is your job to stand for the people, not such depravity. You may think that has nothing to do with council, but the Auckland Council, in glossy PR terms, already advertises the Fourth Industrial Revolution on its website. Isn’t that infiltration?.

Well they can take that ideology, along with their crickets, and stuff it up their jumpers. We do not consent and neither should you if you are there as you should be — to represent those who voted for you. If everyone all over the world stood up, then these threats to life and liberty would be over tomorrow, for that would be seven billion standing up and politely saying no.

an open letter to the mayors and councillors2
© Mary Hobbs – Family Collection.

There is something in the human spirit that will survive and prevail, there is a tiny and brilliant light burning in the heart of man that will not go out no matter how dark the world becomes. — Leo Tolstoy

Nature has a perfect blueprint. We need to protect and nurture that, not destroy it in the name of ‘progress’ so some megalomaniac billionaires who think they own the world can destroy the human spirit and the essence of life itself —that God-given miraculous magic that makes life beautiful — that IS life.

If you’ve never heard of such plans, then you urgently need to do some genuine research, for you are there to represent the local people in your area and you’ll be unable to do that without the knowledge of what is intended, so you can do your best to protect our local regions.

HIDDEN INFLUENCES are a key reason why voters don’t bother to vote, as these powers seem to increasingly call the shots and order councils about (via a complicit government) without regard to who the councils are meant to be serving. Why does New Zealand have a Local Government NZ (LGNZ) group that all councils have to pay to be part of, especially when LGNZ seems little more than a mouthpiece for a government with an off-shore agenda. Look it up and judge for yourself. Listen to Keith Bennett who is standing for mayor in Upper Hutt. Please, correct me if this is wrong, but he surely seems to tell it like it is.

Voters didn’t ask for this. For ratepayers and residents to be forced to pay our councils to belong to a group that hammers in the policies of political off-shore groups, through a government that has sold us out? No locals voted for the LGNZ, or these off-shore groups, so what business do they have meddling in local affairs or ordering Kiwis about? Again, Keith Bennett explains this in his speech for election and indicates that the situation is even worse, with off-shore interests already controlling our councils through LGNZ and government, mandating councils to bring in policies from off-shore cabals that are not in the interests of ratepayers and residents in the various regions. If you know of these mandates you have a duty to advise those you are saying you represent.

LGNZ allege they are: “Local democracy Vision and Voice”. Says who? They haven’t asked the ratepayers for their opinion on anything. The Auckland Council already advertises the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”. They describe it with lashings of PR and in more palatable terms, but it doesn’t appear to contradict the intentions of the nightmare plans of the WEF and Dr Yuval Harari. The Timaru Council courageously withdrew from LGNZ as it wasn’t in the best interests of those they represented. All councils should.

an open letter to the mayors and councillors3
© Mary Hobbs.

One man with courage makes a majority.
— Anon

These seem to be some of the reasons that rates continue to spiral out of control, with council spending countless amounts of money in meetings with bodies like LGNZ that seek to transfer the power from the local councils and make them spend money on these other projects. The result is that more is rammed through, at great cost, on what the locals don’t want while neglecting what they do want.


  • Our democracy held sacrosanct.
  • Councils free of infiltration by others seeking to force through agendas that the people have never agreed to. We don’t want the agendas of an off-shore group of billionaires who set themselves up as an “elite” taking it upon themselves to tell the rest of us, through both sides of the government, what to do and how to design our cities and seem little more than thinly veiled attempts to control every aspect of our lives.
  • Our Bill of Rights enshrined and untouchable, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • A cap on rates. They continue to rise, providing more of what we don’t want and less of what we do. Enough.
  • Clean unpolluted, unchlorinated artesian (in Christchurch) water, free of enforced mass medication in the form of fluoride that has been internationally proven to lower the IQ and cause health defects. There is fluoride in toothpaste and tea. Far cheaper to sponsor toothpaste (that even carries a warning about ingesting fluoride) instead of further polluting the water and causing major problems for those with kidney disease.
  • No projects that incur unaffordable debt and no blowout budget projects that seek to fast-track our councils into insolvency and aren’t in the best interests of the people.
  • Clean beaches free of sewerage froth, depending on which way the wind is blowing. We want to be able to walk on our beaches without toxic froth and without being attacked by out-of-control unleashed dogs who leave droppings.
  • Farmers farming without a stranglehold of regulations that make it impossible to farm and provide us with food.
  • No further farmland being ruined by mass tree planting.
  • No ridiculous new concocted “emergencies” that strangle our ability to remain self-sufficient through suppressive one-world governmental controls.
  • A stadium (Christchurch) or any public infrastructure that doesn’t cripple ratepayers through years of subsequent debt. It is ridiculous to be spending $880 million on a stadium in the middle of Christchurch where councils want people to live.
  • Roads fixed once and properly. Enough of the ludicrous speed limits that reduce traffic to a crawl. That doesn’t fix the road toll, it simply seeks to control, frustrate drivers and gather more revenue.
  • Roads in towns free of obstacle courses and works constantly causing traffic jams, and free of an over-abundance of city plantings and free of cycle lanes as wide as a vehicle lane taking up access for cars and car parks, (all part of the WEF/UN Agenda) and free of a plethora of yellow ‘no-parking’ lines liberally dotted everywhere. (Since the earthquakes, many Christchurch voters have an abhorrence of car-parking buildings). Not everyone can sail into town on a bike. The main cities have traditionally been market towns. People cannot bike from the country into the city to pick up supplies and balance them on their handle-bars for a four-hour cycle home. For city-dwellers, there are parents, grandparents, the elderly, the infirm, the disabled, trades-people, and those with large parcels to collect and deliver. Kayaks are difficult to transport on bikes, too. Common-sense needs to be employed.
  • Simple street lights without surveillance cameras 24/7 and without 5G, that has been proven seriously detrimental to health.
  • A rates reduction rather than a decoration of pedestrian crossings and pavements.
  • A rates reduction rather than costly flags throughout the city announcing spring, summer, autumn or winter We know what season it is.
  • Our buildings free from a proliferation of soulless images on the walls of buildings that mean nothing. Maybe set aside a specific area for this if you must, but plastering it everywhere lowers the tone of our once-beautiful cities and gives the appearance of a graffiti-strewn city with no spirit.
  • More planting of life-giving trees and gardens in cities instead of a proliferation of sculptures dotted about with cheap-looking multi-coloured seats with costly hand-tiled pavements that require expensive upkeep. Trees offer shade on a hot day. They take up carbon and provide life-giving oxygen in a city environment. They provide a balm of sanctuary and comfort, give homes and shelter for birds and they don’t cost a fortune to clean every year. Another ratepayer saving. We want gardens, too. They lift the heart and create music within the soul. Perhaps create a privately sponsored sculpture-garden, but ratepayers shouldn’t have to pay for that.
  • Our pioneers acknowledged and respected for their courage, hardiness and endeavour, who, like the earliest of immigrants, came to New Zealand with little, but created the foundations of our cities through hard work and endeavour.
  • Local libraries that carry a wide variety of books for all, local swimming pools where families can freely go to have fun and enjoy, without rules so tight that they close instead.
  • Our councils for the people, by the people.

Most of all, we want you to represent the people who pay you to do that and be accessible.

Stand strong and true.

Stand up to government if they are ordering you about, while they hide in the shadows.

Be your best self.

Don’t cower in the face of undue pressure to do otherwise.

The torch of trust has been passed to you.

Travel the right path, letting nothing dissuade you from your duty to represent the people.

You’re now on the frontline.

Stand for the people. Be strong. Be true. Be courageous.

And may your light shine brightly and never dim.

We wish you well.

an open letter to the mayors and councillors4
© Mary Hobbs

Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centres of energy and daring, those ripples build a current that can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. — Robert F. Kennedy

By Mary Hobbs

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  1. Mary, thank you for taking the time to write such a clear, precise and indeed important call to our newly elected Mayors and Councillors. We who voted can only but agree with what you have expressed here, may it be taken up by those we have chosen to to act on our behalf. And may they have the wisdom to see what is important, what is not, and the courage to seek advice and guidance from the community should it be required.

    It is plain to any thinking person the world is not the same as it was. The last few years have seen incredible changes unimaginable just a few short years ago. We are now heading into the unknown and there be dragons for sure. Let us all be of strong support for one another in the days ahead, without it we will be just another casualty to the machinery of those who do not hold hold our ideals worthy of a second thought…

    • Thank you James for your thoughtful reply. I do hope that it does encourage these elected officials to represent the people rather than try to funnel them all into a strange new world none of us want. Let us indeed be of strong support for one another as we forge a better path together. Thanks James.

  2. Rates are really taxes. Rate payers get little in return as direct services. Councils should not engage in the so called promoting the city or town or develop the central business parts using rate payers dollars. A general rate payer benefits little and the biggest beneficiary group is the property owners in those areas or the real estate investors. Main services are just water and sewage, rubbish collection in addition maintanence of roads.. Only about 15-20% goes towards these essential and direct services. Rest of activities including library, pools and sport facilities must be user pay services and not directly paid out of rates collected from the general rate payer. Councils should not be allowed to borrow money from banks, and they can from rate paying public at a reasonable interest rates. Why Standard & Poor ratimng is needed for civic bodies? There are so many system pigs in the Councils who has all the real power. Elected Mayors and councillors are largely rubber stamps. I boycotted the local body elections. Only a small percentage really vote because they dont trust the current system and feel lost with the fake local democracy. Nothing much is going to change and the same old exploitive admin is going to continue.

    • Thank you for those views Anonymous. I hear you and agree, although I do love local libraries and swimming pools available for everyone. I still see a way through the maze, even if we are no longer represented by those who were elected to do so. Peacefully disengaging and creating a new way together in our local areas may open a way forward…

      • Only about 5% of the rate payers use the Library and even a very small fraction are frequent users. About 10% of the rate payers use the public pool and sport facilities. When rate payers are struggling to pay mortages and keep food on the table, non-essential spending must not be put on all rate payers. Rates and insurance alone is about $100 a week, which is the same as grocery budget for poorer families. Rents are high because rates are high. Renters are indirectly paying the rates, which is used by the system pigs for projects that does not benefit the poor and lower middle class in any significant manner.

        Only a third of the public voted in the local body elections. Most have zero trust in the elections and no positive outcome in their lives will be brought by the Councils. Major poliical parties have started talking about changing the voting system to fool us. It is not the electoral system but the system pig beaviour of the local body executives and the rubber stamp councillors and mayors that removed democracy in public mind over 3 decades of mismanagement. All local bodies must be disallowed to borrow from banks and spend on unncessary projects. Only a quarter of council staff are needed to provide direct basic services to public. Rest must be transferred to a private entity and run as a user pay business and disallowed to use any of the rates. Extreme argument but fairer in my opinion.

        • You make some vital points there, particularly about the reckless borrowing of councils without the agreement of those they are there to represent and the covert removal of democracy. Rate rises are out of control.

  3. I would like to see my grand kids grow up in a wonderful New Zealand as it was in my childhood. No TV (initially) certanily no internet. Running bare foot in the field behind our house in small town NZ. Catching and cooking in a small pit freshwater crays. A magpie for a pet. Leaving the doors open when we went to the shops. A clip over the ear from the local policeman if I got into trouble.
    In many ways I am pleased I am fast approaching the age of life expectancy so I wont have to witness the future world.
    If Peter is kind enough to let me through the pearly gates I hope to be on the Jury that will punish all the evil politicians, WEF etc

    • I don’t think Peter will be on duty, more likely having a well deserved barbecue with James, John and Paul. And a glass of wine of course. ????

  4. Hit it right on the head per usual!
    I so enjoy your articles, say it as it is, well written and researched. This letter should be mandatory for each and every councillor in our failing country…
    Thanks, Mary!

    • Appreciate that Brent, thanks for taking the time to comment. (I hope many send it to their councillors and that it will urge them to remember to always represent their area, not others.)

  5. what a wonderfully insightful article, if only all journalists were so objective and took a leaf out of your book, thanks Mary..!!

    • Thank you Keith. Yes, if only all journalists would remove themselves from political sponsorship, follow the basic ethics of a journalist and report factual information, rather than paid-for propaganda. Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  6. Another great article Mary. This should be sent to every Major in New Zealand, maybe it will make a few think and research what you said in this article.

  7. Calling the politicians out, as it should be.
    Let ‘Stuff(ed)’ Media try and refute the truth, and watch their disgusting attempts to side show in trying to discredit this article…they will not succeed!
    There was only one item left out in the list of observations; politicians and their family members need to disclose their Masonic Lodge membership(s).
    Palmerston North is horrible in that context, w/ the Masonic ‘Old Boy Network’ controlling the Masonic Status Quo, their tradespeople inflating prices, citizens being targeted for ruination by ‘Lodge Members’ and ‘Those in the Know’, and the endorsement of malicious rumours and gossip towards those who are targeted as ‘outsiders’.
    Some ‘outsider’ families have even had to home-school due to the bullying, hostility and rancor leveled at them from the old name families who think that the colonial provincial mindset is still being controlled by them 150 years later…!
    It’s no wonder that those families that move to Palmerston North from other regions end up leaving after an average of 3 years, moving back to where the came from…!
    & with the current re-election of it’s Mayor, letters to him will continue to go unanswered, and the council departments will continue to provide excuses as to why they cannot do anything or that their hands are tied.
    Certain Masonic Families get every bit of service from the councils, but other ‘profane’ ratepayers get nothing until their solicitors get involved, and that is also a dead end minus legal fees, as most lawyers in Palmy North are also in the Masonic Lodge.
    Politicians take note: No trust will be granted nor given to those politicians that are in the Masonic Lodges in New Zealand!

    • Thank you for your feedback Palmy North. Everyone in council should be there to represent all of the people in their regions..not just some of the people. Otherwise they should be removed from their position as they’re not fulfilling the requirements of their role.


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