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Ardern appointed ‘Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call’

Christchurch Call news

Prime Minister Chris Hipkins has appointed Jacinda Ardern as Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call.

‘The newly created position will represent New Zealand’s continued commitment to push for greater protection online from terrorist and violent extremist content. The Special Envoy for the Christchurch Call will report directly to the Prime Minister,’ a Beehive press release stated.

She will start the role on 17 April 2023 and has declined remuneration for it.

“The Christchurch Call is a foreign policy priority for the Government and Jacinda Ardern is uniquely placed to keep pushing forward with the goal of eliminating violent extremist content online,” Chris Hipkins said.

“Terrorist and violent extremist content online is a global issue, but for many in New Zealand it is also very personal. The March 15 terror attacks on Christchurch masjidain were a defining moment for our country and Jacinda Ardern’s leadership and the Christchurch Call is part of our response to those attacks.

“Jacinda Ardern’s commitment to stopping violent extremist content like we saw that day is key to why she should carry on this work. Her relationships with leaders and technology companies and her drive for change will help increase the pace and ambition of the work we are doing through the Christchurch Call.

“The Special Envoy will serve as New Zealand’s senior representative on Christchurch Call-related matters, working closely with France as co-leaders. This allows me to remain focused on the cyclone recovery and addressing the cost of living pressures affecting New Zealanders.

What is the ‘Christchurch Call’?

The Christchurch Call is an unprecedented global initiative working across governments, the tech sector, and civil society ‘to eliminate terrorist and violent extremist content online.’

It has delivered new safety tools and systems online, backed by many of those running the platforms on which this content is shared.

“Work is also underway in new areas, like the way algorithms affect radicalisation and how the implications of fast rising tech such as AI and augmented reality can be exploited by terrorists and violent extremists,” Chris Hipkins said.

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  1. You must be completely mad being on soccer media. Even comments here will be traced and stored so Jacinda can jail you for calling out the truth. This government has to be voted out and please vote for the smaller parties because National is an extension of labor on steroids.

    • Voting was quietly abolished in 2016 after they lost to Trump and Brexit. Every election since has been a staged and utterly rigged joke. It doesn’t matter who you vote for.

  2. ..shows one how the Royals have lowered their standards, but that’s not unexpected.
    The ‘Christchurch Call’ is another method of stifling free speech that doesn’t coincide with the Globalist Agenda, and another indirect attempt at gun control.
    We see it for what it is; totalitarian tyranny with a Kiwi flavour!
    Time to look for another country; Vietnam maybe, the Caribbean area, etc.

  3. I just want to vomit.
    She gets her PM salary and the new gig will pay nicely. Vomit. Excuse me I’ve run out of vomit and now I’m dry reaching. My stomach muscles are very sore and I’m laying on the floor. The only remedy is that she just F*** off and fff*** off some more.

  4. So WHY does she have direct access and report to the PM ?
    Its just appalling that she will have direct access to the govt and will just carry on with the attach on free speech.
    So to try and look good and sweep all the lies under the carpet she is being associated with a charity.
    That charity will have direct influence on your lives at the govt level to influence what THEY think can be said.
    She is not giving up and will carry on her job to destroy your ability to speak.

  5. “Pure evil” is how she is described regularly on http://www.davidicke.com, “her own brand of disgusting” on redacted, “insane totalitarian psychopath” Dan Bongino, “the woman with the bud teeth who torments her people” Tucker. Surely this psychopathic, pure evil, disgusting brand, torment of NZers needs to stop or be stopped and the sooner the better.

  6. They will try and keep this lying mass murdering and mass maiming of children, economy destroying, monster with big teeth Ardhern near to the inbred WEF monster university trained Hipkins, so the KGB agent of UN notoriety Helen Clark can keep her eye on the ball and direct the fake news media orchestra.

  7. Christchurch. That is a name that the communist sadists like to abuse in the extreme. The communist sadists ultimate agenda is the destruction of Christianity. So “the Christchurch call” will also as their ultimate perversion have something else entirely in mind. With Ardhern running that anti Christianity child killing perversity.

    (1) Ian Wishart in Investigate magazine very clearly put forward that Christchurch was where the head of NZ police corruption of drugs, prostitution, child sex trafficking etc was run from. Controlled by Wellington.

    (2) Christchurch was where Peter Ellis got set up for the Christchurch Creche child sex abuse, but at least a dozen people were involved. The usual mix of police, politicians, media, judiciary would be expected, using Christchurch as their paedophile ring hub, as a sadistic attack on Christianity.

    Helen Clark last seen at Davos, with the head of Pfizer and the war criminal Tony Blair who trained Jab-cinda Ardhern, and Margaret Wilson and Geoffrey Palmer were involved in that cover up.

    So it was very important to them. It is said that the paedophile ring coverup in Christchurch is what got Geoffrey Palmer his knighthood.

    (3) It’s where they ran the mass murder scam of Islanics from. With Ardhern getting her mugshot on the highest building in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia has now just joined China.

    While the only thing that will stop the communists taking over the entire world is the USA Constitution. That’s why they hate it so much.

    So the “Christchurch call” will effectively be the most evil satanic sadism imaginable, to be established. Which is to remove the power of free speech etc. Headed by Jab-cinda.

  8. That black hearted evil b**ch should be rotting behind bars for the rest of her life for the destruction she has caused our country. Instead she will be swanning around the world with her “kept” druggie boyfriend and her bank account of millions spewing her vile evil s**t for a bull***t royal charity and a bullshit false flag massacre!!…what a disgusting piece of sh**!!!..but theres a price to pay for all that evil jabcindy!!…what goes around comes around!!..karma waits!!…yep yep thats what it is!!


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