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Arrests made after Mahanga Bay occupation

Mahanga Bay news

Police have arrested six people during an operation to clear occupiers from a site at Mahanga Bay.

Police had issued a trespass notice to the occupiers on 24 May (on behalf of NIWA and LINZ), which took effect on the evening of 25 May.

Fresh appeals were made by Police to the approximately 15 occupiers this morning for them to leave the area.

Most did so without incident, however six people were arrested – four for trespass, one for obstruction, and one on a warrant.

Court dates are yet to be confirmed.

Police earlier escorted people back into the site to retrieve their property.

Contractors will be used to assist in clearing the site once this process is complete.

Property will be stored securely off site and arrangements made for owners to retrieve it.

Once the site is cleared, it will be returned to the owners.

Police have also worked to connect the occupiers with Kahungungu Whānau Services, to ensure the appropriate support is in place for those who may need it going forward.

Source:NZ Police

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  1. Correction … police issued a trespass notice on 24 May to SOME alleged occupants, but it was not upheld by Court and according to News Hub radio story – shortly afterwards “the tresspass notice failed”. Consequently, there has been no legitimate tresspass notice issued to any owners, occupants or visitors of Mahanga Bay and surrounds at all to date, before the police etc laid seige on everyone in the area and their property early in the morning whilst many were still in bed. My truck/home was sabotaged in Sep 2021 so i have been stranded in Mahanga Bay since Sep 2021 and have witnessed many dubious goings on the part of our so called public servants. At no time have I ever received a Tresspass Notice from any individual or organisation. When I returned home after doing my laundry on Thu I was prohibited access to area and told by police that my truck and contents have been towed away to an undisclosed location and that iam not allowed access to it even to get urgently needed items. Now I have been left with no where to sleep, no blankets, food, clothes, etc – not because I am a criminal but because I happened to be in the area on the day their feral government decided to conduct their illegal and unethical operation. The police also tried to take the van of a man who was visiting the area that am who was legally parked and nothing to do with any protests. It makes me sick to the core to see innocent people being treated this way and all the lies now being published and on TV, defaming individual citizens and claiming that Council, Police etc are helping those (including children and elderly) whom they rendered homeless and destitute, without any notice. Woe on to all who perpetuate these despicable actions and lies whilst on the public payroll.


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