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Cabinet changes following Faafoi, Mallard resignations

Cabinet changes news

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has made changes to her Cabinet line-up following the decision of senior Minister Kris Faafoi to resign from Parliament and Speaker Trevor Mallard’s nomination to a European diplomatic posting.

The changes will take effect following a ceremony at Government House on the afternoon of Tuesday 14 June.

  • Kris Faafoi resigns from Parliament. Kiri Allan promoted to Justice Minister, Michael Wood picks up Immigration
  • Speaker Trevor Mallard to end 35 year parliamentary career in mid-August as he prepares to take up a diplomatic post in Europe. Adrian Rurawhe to be nominated as Speaker
  • Priyanca Radhakrishnan moves into Cabinet and gains Associate Workplace Relations and Safety
  • Kieran McAnulty becomes a Minister outside of Cabinet with a focus on regional issues – picking up Emergency Management and Racing. Duncan Webb to take over as Chief Whip
  • Chris Hipkins takes over Police and passes COVID-19 Response to Ayesha Verrall

“These changes are triggered by two departures. It’s also an opportunity to give newer Ministers greater responsibility and to bring new members onto the team,” Jacinda Ardern said.

“Minister Kris Faafoi has decided to leave Parliament to spend more time with his family as his son starts school.

“Kris made the move onto the list at the last election and I’m grateful for the significant work he undertook this term in resetting our immigration and public broadcasting settings. He goes with the love and thanks of his colleagues for his contribution over many years.

“Trevor Mallard has been an MP for 35 years and has held thirteen different Ministerial portfolios across his career including Education, Labour and Rugby World Cup. He has been Speaker for five years and is currently the Father of the House.

“After the 2020 election Trevor told me he wanted to transition out of the role of Speaker over the course of this term to allow someone else the opportunity and to take on new challenges himself. He has worked closely with Adrian for that purpose. He will leave the chair in mid-August and take up a post in Europe from early 2023.

“Trevor will be the third of our five most recent Speakers to represent New Zealand abroad in a diplomatic posting.

“Dan Rosewarne and Soraya Peke-Mason will replace Kris and Trevor from the Labour List.

“Priyanca Radhakrishnan moves into Cabinet, retaining all her current portfolios and adds Associate Workplace Relations and Safety with a focus on migrant exploitation. Since becoming a Minister outside of Cabinet in 2020 she has overseen the establishment of a new Ministry for Ethnic Communities, and worked on complex issues like foreign interference and social cohesion.

“Kieran McAnulty becomes a Minister outside of Cabinet with a specific focus on regional issues. He will be Minister for Emergency Management, and will have an Associate Transport delegation on regional transport, and an Associate Local Government delegation. He will also take on the Racing portfolio and use his past whip skills as Deputy Leader of the House. Duncan Webb replaces Kieran as Chief Whip.

“I have also made the decision to change Poto Williams out of the Police portfolio. We both share the view that at this time it’s critical that our focus is on supporting the Police, implementing our record investment in the frontline, passing our further gun law reforms and developing additional measures to deal with the current escalation in gang tensions and violence.

“She picks up Conservation, and Disability Issues, where there is a significant work programme following the establishment of a new Ministry. Poto has a background in the community sector and was also was a member of the Parliamentary Disability Alliance and will be well suited to this new role.

“I want to thank Carmel Sepuloni for her work to establish the Ministry for Disabled People. Having done a huge amount of mahi she will now take a lead role alongside Minister Robertson on developing the social insurance scheme – a significant piece of work.

“Chris Hipkins takes over as Minister of Police. He has a degree in criminology and a long interest in working in the youth justice space, which dovetails with his education work. Along with the Minister for Social Development and Employment he will co-lead a youth justice ministerial team to focus on the drivers of the spike we have seen in some parts of youth offending recently.

“To free him up for this area of Government focus a significant part of his Education portfolio will move to Jan Tinetti who has played an excellent role as Associate Education where she brings decades of experience as a teacher and school principal.

“Dr Ayesha Verrall has played a critical role in our ongoing COVID-19 management this term. Having moved from the emergency to the ongoing response now is the right time for her to pick up the COVID-19 Response portfolio. She also picks up Research, Science and Innovation.

“I’m promoting Kiri Allan into the Justice portfolio and she also picks up an Associate Finance role. Kiri is a very capable Minister with a big future and this portfolio allocation is a sign of my confidence in her.

“Michael Wood takes on Immigration which fits with his workplace relations portfolio and our focus on skills.

“Meka Whaitiri has been doing an excellent job in Customs. Her primary sector work means the food safety portfolio is a good fit, so she picks up this role. And Willie Jackson picks up broadcasting which he comes to with extensive sector knowledge,” Jacinda Ardern said.

Image credit: Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

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  1. “I want to thank Carmel Sepuloni for her work to establish the Ministry for Disabled People. Having done a huge amount of mahi she will now take a lead role alongside Minister Robertson on developing the social insurance scheme – a significant piece of work.”

    Social Insurance scheme aye!? Is that another way of saying Universal Basic Income?

  2. New lipstic on a pig. Low IQ ministers seem to prvail and be rewarded.

    Rowdy Trevor Mallard suits to be the envoy for corrupt, neo-nazi Ukraine.

  3. How many shots were taken for this photo. The sublimoinal messages, starting from the highlight of significants from insignificants, fake smiles, show of skin etc are very strong.

  4. Who will fill Fafois role of being Minister for Artificial Intelligence? (as per the WEF ‘pilot’ programme)I mean James P Shaw can’t do it in his own can he? ????

  5. If Labour share decreases further in the opinion poll, more changes for sure. Public must be fooled at all costs.

    Grand Robber created billiuons of dollars from thin air and wasted a lot. So did Biden in US. It ois ponly a matter of months US will get into huge rate hiles pushing mortgages to 10%. Our little hermit colony aka kingdom will have to follow suit. 8% mortgage interest rate next year….

  6. Wake up NZ you have been lied to and put down by Labour and National for ever ,time to cast these leaches out of power and start a party for the people of NZ.

    • Perfectly said, with the merging of the NZ Public Party, the NZ Outdoors & Freedom Party, New Conservatives, NZ First and Advance New Zealand.
      If ALL of these minor parties held a meeting and agreed to a new and better platform by merging these same parties into one, then the country could go beyond the Globalist-controlled National and Labour Parties.
      How do we get them to meet with one another when there are party members who have ego-centric personalities, and want to be the one to run everything???
      No matter- we must ALL try and convince the minor parties to merge and become one MAJR political party to properly challenge the WEF-controlled Labour and National Parties.
      If we don’t then the country is essentially finished and the population will die off due to inflated food costs and the poisoning of the people via un-approved and un-tested vaccines!
      I have written to ALL of these parties suggesting the above, but no response from any of them!
      So,I guess the country gets what it deserves…!
      But hey!!!! How about the All-Black selections??? More brain-washed people care more about that shit than their country that is going to hell thru WEF / IMF / NWO perpetrations being inflicted on us all!!!!!

      • You’re right, its all about rugby. Ardern knows that. She chartered a flight bringing players from a covid infected country to ours and wouldn’t admit seasonal fruit pickers from non-infected countries in the midst of a chronic worker shortage. Bread and circuses. She needn’t use covid or the Ukraine anymore as a focus to create urgency… everyone’s figured out there’s nothing to her beyond her WEF cult membership. She took covid to the US to preach about gun laws and she seems to think the world is interested in what she has to say about the Ukraine when the world can’t really travel here. New Zealand is a miserable country to live in with no direction, under no vision and utopians running the place with extremely little skills. National is yet to be proven under Luxon, who doesn’t contest her as an opposition leader should.

      • Sorry slightly off-topic but yesterday I worked past our Parliament and was disgusted to see the UKRANIAN flag on our Parliament buildings!!

        Does this government even know (I am sure some of them do) what sort of horrendous crimes the Ukrainians have committed in the Russian speaking part of Ukraine (commonly known as The Donbass) for the last 8 years?? The Ukies violated the Minsk agreement by shelling and murdering the populations of Donbass. Whilst the western guarantors of this agreement (Germany, France) just watched from the sidelines. Russia repeatedly raised the plight of their issues but no-one would listened. Imagine you and your family being terrorized practically everyday by these terrorists.

        US has been using Ukraine for manufacture of bio weapons, to unleash these artificial engineered virus’ on unsuspecting populations in collusion with Bill Gates, Big Pharma and WHO. This is what the WHO calls the ‘”Next Pandemic”. More like the next Scamdemic.

        Do NZers want to send their Defense Forces, their hard earned tax dollars to support a regime as violent, racist, murderous and corrupt as Ukraine.

        It is absolutely appalling that Jabcinda and her sidekicks absolutely worship and bend over to America and then fly a flag of a country which has been violating human rights of their own population?

        I find it nauseating to see people changing their monikers to the colors of Ukraine flag either because they are either ill informed or for their hatred of Russia. We should be thoroughly embarrassed and demand from the politicians to STOP supporting Ukraine in our name.

        BTW, word on the street is Mallard from the Nui is getting a ‘diplomatic’ posting in Kiev. He will fit right in, the maggot.

    • Stay overseas??? Perhaps in eastern Ukraine??? For the next 20+ years???
      That would be FANTASTIC!
      &..he can take Steve Maharey with him!

  7. Mallard is resigning to take up a diplomatic posting.

    Well, of course. That is most definately his fort’e – diplomacy


  8. Smart move Trevor… to stay in this country makes you a sitting duck!!!!????…so I’ve heard. Very interesting that dipkins has got his foot in the door with police maybe be easier for him to make good on his threat remember the one when he says “don’t make us come and find you because we will “ Anything Ardern does from now on is damage control the election is not far away so watch the fake kindness spew out of its mouth now ???? Be vigilant nz be watchful , be aware and above all do not be sucked in to her narrative.

    • Damage control but her Cabinet can still do a lot of damage to this country before the next election with their super fast stealth legislation. We’ll only know when its too late.

  9. Just about every photo I have seen of the PM for the past two months she is wearing a raincoat. I think it is odd. Has anyone else noticed?


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