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Cancer cases set to soar by 77% – WHO

Cancer rates
Acute myelocytic leukaemia (AML).

The World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has projected a significant rise in global cancer cases, estimating over 35 million new cases by 2050.

This represents a 77% increase from the 20 million cases diagnosed in 2022.

The IARC’s report, which gathers data from 185 countries across 36 cancer types, also highlights the concerning trend of 9.7 million cancer-related deaths in 2022.

It blamed ‘lifestyle factors’ such as tobacco and alcohol use, obesity, and poor air quality are major contributors to the anticipated surge.

The report reveals a stark disparity in cancer diagnoses across different regions, with lower income areas expected to experience more than a doubling of cancer cases.

Lung and breast cancer remain the most common types among men and women, respectively, while lifestyle changes have led to an increase in colorectal cancer cases.

This global health forecast underscores the urgent need for comprehensive strategies to combat the rising cancer burden worldwide.

The report dodged the issue of mRNA gene therapy COVID ‘vaccines’ as a possible cause of the increased rates. Researchers and experts have warned the toxic lipid nanoparticles (LNPs) and spike protein found in the COVID jabs, which health authorities said would remain localised to the injection site in the deltoid muscle, in fact travel throughout the body into every organ. A recent paper has called for ‘careful research’ into a potential link between COVID jabs and ‘turbo cancer’, while top world medical experts such as Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch believes the explosion in cancer rates is directly related to the novel mRNA COVID gene therapy.

Image credit: National Cancer Institute (US)

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  1. Well, knock me over with a feather, phizer set to profit by purchasing the cancer drug making company seagen for 43 billion, very foresightfull purchase indeed, or they knew the carnage their jab would create, the latter me thinks, evil b—- — judgment will come.

  2. For US citizen or general info on poison injections see on substack.com
    Sasha Latypova ( covid) and
    Katherine Watt ( US legislation )
    There are also many others, but those i read regularly

    • Latypova makes a series of false claims, many predicated on her misreading of government contracts and the legal code. Lawyers with expertise in the area say the claims are bunk.
      The COVID-19 vaccines were tested in large, randomized controlled trials for safety and efficacy before the FDA granted them emergency use authorization and they were rolled out to the public.
      Latypova spins conspiracy theories that distort legal codes to falsely claim otherwise.
      It’s a shame that so many contributors to these columns get sucked in by such distortions.
      Katherine Watt is trained in subsidiary legal matters only. She is not fully qualified as a lawyer.

      • Have you read the results of the Pfizer phase 3 clinical trial? its downloadable and easy to read and the results debunk every claim that the vaccine is safe and effective? No, right? you just put your faith in the Govt and the MSN believe me faces. So go away, read the the trial report and come back and we can debate the safety and efficacy of mRNA using Pfizer’s own data.
        No? thought so.

      • You can’t be serious! Has the trial finished yet (last I looked it was due to finish January 2024) and is the long term safety data in yet? Although apparently we know from the Pfizer contracts that they would not be liable for anything because there was no long term safety data…..

        I feel sorry for you that you haven’t yet realised those fact check sites are FAKE NEWS.

        New Zealand has the highest death rate ever in 2023, turbo cancers are exploding, heart attacks are responsible for 30% increase in ambulance call outs, along with strokes and blood clots.

        Seriously wake up. It’s not too late.

  3. Covid is in every influenza
    Which mutate themselves in order to evade the bodies natural immune responses
    Which the fake vaccines break down and destroy making the recipient more susceptible to such things as incidence of cancer
    There are different variants of influenza
    Which are not variants of covid

  4. I also had a quick look at your fact checkers sources and could not find a link to the raw data from the Pfizer stage 3 clinical trial ?
    Just a bunch of opinion pieces from people with skin in the game that that link to `updated` trial results and other opinion pieces not the original data.

  5. Yes because all the stated caused didn’t exist before the sudden leap in cancer deaths… it couldn’t have anything to do with a little experimental prick…?

    • There is no doubt that cancer is a growing global health burden but there is no scientific evidence suggesting that mRNA vaccines like the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, cause cancer.
      Neither the 154-page IARC Biennial Report 2022-2023 or the IARC report of 1 February indicate any link between mRNA vaccines and cancer
      Please don’t respond quoting Risch as an expert.
      As Risch’s colleagues opinion of him at Yale put it:
      “While minority opinions, anecdotal evidence, novel interpretations and challenges to orthodoxies in a field can be important, at some point, the application of the scientific method generating evidence from multiple, well-designed clinical trials and observational studies does matter and should be heard over the noise of conspiracy theories, purported hoaxes, and the views of zealots.”

      • All you ever come up with is ad hominem attacks on some of the great scientists in the world. It shows you are a weak man with no intellect. You follow ‘the science’ because you have no intellectual ability to question it. Just a sheep and A weak, weak man.


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