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Tuesday, May 24, 2022
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Convoy 2022 NZ – Arrival day recap

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The Convoy 2022 NZ arrived in Wellington today, blocking the streets around parliament.

Speeches were held just after midday, with leaders of various movements addressing the large crowd gathered on the parliament lawn.

More video, including that of the speeches, is available on the convoy’s Telegram Channel.


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  1. Some time ago, in a level 4 lab, they took a tranny, a rat, a monkey and a Tasmanian Devil and mixed their genes together to create the perfect HUMAN ATTACK RODENT. They called it ‘Jacindastein’. It was then injected into the New Zealand political system to attain ‘gain-of-function’ status. And here we are.

    That ‘thing’ should be taken to Area 51 and put on the dissection slab. Time to take a look. See what makes it tick. It is NOT human. Seriously.

  2. Take bricks to Wellington and build a wall ( Jacinda Wall)around parliament to isolate the real virus of Jacinda and her cabinet…MIQ= Ministers In Quarantine…let them suffer isolation too !,,….New Zealand’s Berlin Wall !

  3. Notice the same response from all of these fascist leaders – refuse to come ut and face the people. Even the trash news on stuff questioned why no politician had come out to talk.

    If this fades away we need to stage weekly convoys around our own cities, every saturday and sunday

  4. Thank you NZ convoy 2022 from the bottom of my heart. It’s been so long since any of us have been able to say we are proud to be Kiwis, proud of our countrymen and women fighting for the country’s freedom.

    Bring our children and grandchild home from far away countries, NZ is their home too.
    We don’t ask for our freedoms, they are ours and our families to take back and to protect. We ask that the people’s Government puts the people first. Government by the people, for the people as it should be


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