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Ex-cop medal auction: Trademe responds

Last week a Trademe seller put up his police Long Service Medal for auction, in protest at the actions of his/her former colleagues in ending the Parliament Protest on 2 March.

Trademe medal auction news

In the auction description the seller, Tatman, explained why he/she was selling the medal:

After 17 years dedicated frontline service in the New Zealand Police, my employment was terminated on 8th February 2022 as I would not submit [to] the vaccination mandate.

A successful judicial review has since found the mandate imposed was unlawful.

Today (Wednesday 2nd March 2022) I witnessed scenes at the WELLINGTON FREEDOM PROTEST via live feed.

What I saw disturbed me more than anything I have witnessed during my 17 years of service.

I am so ashamed.

This medal was awarded to me 3 years ago. It is has never been worn and no longer has any value to me, hence the $1 reserve.

Although my future is uncertain, I know my days of serving the community in this role are over.

Trademe pulled the auction on Friday afternoon (4 March), with four days left to run and a latest bid of around $3,000. When visiting the auction after this point the webpage said it had been ‘removed by an Administrator’.

DTNZ contacted Trademe to ask if they had removed the auction, and if so why.

Lisa Kerr, Trademe Head of Trust & Safety responded:

  • Our priority is to protect our members and ensure they are not misled.
  • Our team was actively monitoring the listing and when it became apparent that some of our members were using the Q&A to spread misinformation and feed a situation that was already volatile, we made the call to remove the listing from our site.
  • We believe it is the best interest of our members not to allow our platform to be used in a way that promotes misinformation.
  • That is why in October, we introduced a new policy to prevent the spread of misinformation and disinformation on our site relating to Covid-19.

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  1. An opinion that runs counter to the views of a group of liars,thieves and parasites is now called “misinformation”.Really?

  2. Most of the comments I read on the auction were supporting the guy selling, eg thanking him for showing integrity and strength etc, there was no ‘covid misinformation’ discussion at all, not that I saw anyway

  3. Sensible move. That was a clear attempt to grift off anti-vaxxers gullibility. TradeMe saved you from being ripped off.

    • @bolt ah… Yawn, the boring old ‘anti-vax’ comment.
      You will of course know that the vast bulk of NZers have all had their measles, mumps, tetanus, polio, whooping cough etc (true) vaccine jabs.

      • We tried to tell them but they don’t want to hear it unfortunately. I see soft tissue cancers have increased over the last year at an alarming rate. Just read that yesterday.

        Unfortunately some people believe everything the govt tells them, are too gullible, or just simply getting their hair cut and going to cafes is more important than investigating whether a new gene therapy is Dave or not.

        • Can’t come soon enough I guess judging by the appalling behaviour of the vaxholes towards their fellow citizens.

          • We’re just having a laugh at your expense. Lighten up. Watching Liz Gunn coughing and spluttering through an unhinged rant on Counterspin was hilarious.

          • The joke’s squarely on you fake tough guy. Everyone’s going to get COVID at some stage, including Liz. But while she has natural immunity now, you have lifelong mRNA breath and likely an early and painful death from the untested, faulty ‘vaccine’ that doesn’t even prevent transmission or infection. You ran out and got your three mRNA jabs cos a fraud named Cindy told you too, for something that is essentially the man flu. What a poofter!! I bet your reading this under your desk with a face mask on, hiding in fear from the man flu hahahahaha!!!

  4. so why didnt trademe censor the comments as the listing contains nothing but facts. They even admit that the comments were the problem.

    Why dont we all go and find a listing for a woke item and post a whole lot of covid facts and see if they remove that listing or just the comments. Not their place to play censor like this

  5. What a sad and horribly cruel country New Zealand is becoming under Labour and Jacinda Adern; when a high calibre policeman unjustly mandated out of his vocation, can’t sell his long service medals with an explanation on Trademe – and we the public may not respond from our hearts to him. And they call this Covid disinformation! It’s called Inhumanity!

    This ring of cutting jagged steel is getting tighter and tighter, deliberately deeper and deeper into our freedom of choice, speech and lives.

    The harder Labour rules with their iron fist of socialist dictatorship and fear, the more many of us will dislike and reject them.

    Some may cower and comply for fear of being punished or losing their job or position or reputation for not complying to their control. Some won’t.

    History and time will always prove the truth. And I know very clearly which side I want to be on.

  6. F@#k trademe, me and a few others i know aint using that marketplace ever again! Disgusting behavior & that wretched cow jabcinda dnt get me started on that piece of sh#t

  7. Free speech is really getting trampled now. He’s not allowed an opinion. He’s not allowed to sell something. The authorities/politicians are afraid of the truth. Anything they dont want to hear. Anything thats an opposing view – thats misinformation and the sheep are buying into it lock stock & barrel.

  8. All this “misinformation” rubbish.
    What they are saying is “I don’t trust you to know what is right and what is wrong”.
    Just how stupid does Jabcinda think we are???

    Well Jabcinda? How stupid do you think we “kiwis” are?

    Anyone else a little sick of this woman calling us stupid?

    • They think we’re irredeemably stupid and they hate us.

      The daily chatter in the news and on the radio last year, where they kept going on about “the carrot and the stick” (as if we’re all farm animals) was dehumanising enough, but even now they never miss an opportunity to call us a “tiny minority” and label anything we have to say as “misinformation”, to declare no one’s taking away our rights as they take away our rights.

      They used to at least do us the courtesy of pretending to care enough to lie to us every few years when there was an election on, now they just openly disparage and dismiss us as they do everything in their power to tank that middle class.


  9. Who’s fact-checking the Trademe fact-checkers? And then who’s going to fact-check the fact-checkers fact-checking the Trademe fact-checkers?

  10. No surprises from a website that that promotes propaganda and puts auctions of cringeworthy Chairman Ardern & Bloomfield paintings on their front page.


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