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Watch: What the legacy mainstream media is hiding about Ukraine and Russia

If you think the legacy mainstream media is pushing a government propaganda narrative during the COVID crisis, then it will come as no surprise they’re up to their old tricks when it comes to the current Russia/Ukraine crisis.

In this video award-winning investigative journalist Aaron Mate, who exposed the legacy media’s fake Syrian chemical weapons attack story and as well as corruption at the OPCW, joins US social commentator Jimmy Dore to debunk and expose the legacy media’s misinformation on the Ukraine crisis.

  • An illegal CIA-funded BLM style uprising in 2014 overthrew the democratically elected pro-Russian government, replacing it with a succession of anti-Russian governments infested with neo-Nazi stooges.
  • Large areas of Ukraine refused to accept the legitimacy of the CIA puppet government and broke away from Ukraine.
  • In 2014 the Minsk agreement was signed between Russia and Ukraine which provided an agreed roadmap to deal with the breakaway regions. Ukraine, egged on by NATO and the US in the background, has never complied with this agreement.
  • The new Nordstream II pipeline transports gas direct from Russia to Germany, a replacement for the current pipeline which runs through Ukraine. Nordstream II therefore puts Europe’s gas supply outside of US and Ukrainian control.


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  1. Energy rich Russia supplying Germany and the rest of Europe with gas is against US interests.Trade will lead to closer ties between Europe and Russia snd even friendship.This could make NATO unnecessary and could evrn lead to the end of US occupation of Europe through their bases.WW2 is long over Yankee go home

  2. Putin could not allow the US to provide Ukraine with nuclear weapons the western leaders and European UN want Russia gone. They hate Russia. Vicious Neo-Nazis are killing Russian nationals they’ve been pleading with Putin to help them. Putin has cornered 30-40 thousand Russian military near Chernobyl nuclear site he’s come to an agreement for a ceasefire to protect the people in the wider area. The soldiers are friendly, Putin had requested at the outset for them to stand down before he entered Ukraine, his battle is with the government controlled neo Nazis, not Russians. Putin is being careful in his planned moves around the Ukraine borders, his massive army could have taken Ukraine in 24 hrs. This was never his plan.. the puppet president Zelensky is installed to carry out orders he’s a traitor to his own country for money, taking in the despised, cruel neo Nazi army. President Zelensky is Another Klaus Schwab student dancing to the tune of the Cabal

  3. I am so so glad DTNZ is presenting facts as opposed to the crapola MSM dishes out. Just more western (US) propaganda to be pumped out to the sheeple from the Empire of Lies.

    NZ has never been so divided, its citizens destitute from the effects of the jab and loss of jobs, yet Jabcinda and her fiefdom find the Russia/Ukraine conflict so important, they have to convene urgently and pass a law that will come back to bite NZ big time. Gone are any serious export opportunities to a market of 150 million consumers. Talk about selling out her own country on behest of her masters.


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