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Cops launch online ‘Rainbow inclusion’ training for staff

Rainbow inclusion training news
Auckland Pride 2023 – PHOTO SUPPLIED.

A police statement said the module was ‘a first’.

New Zealand Police has launched it’s first-ever online rainbow community inclusion training, as they ‘continue our journey to better serve diverse communities.’

‘The module is designed to provide all Police staff with valuable learnings on inclusivity and is the first of several training modules to improve knowledge and understanding among staff.

The Rainbow 101 training module is modelled after a similar training structure introduced at ACC, the module features a video introduction with Senior Sergeant Rhona Stace, Senior Prevention Partnerships Advisor – Inclusion, who also happens to be Transgender. The module covers inclusive language, pronouns, and terminology, and provides a brief overview of Rainbow communities.’

‘As our the visibility of Rainbow communities grow, it’s important that we respond to ensure our staff understand our Rainbow communities and improve how we interact and work with them,’ said Sharon Johnston, Lead of Community Inclusion.

‘We have undertaken some great transformation work in the past six months, and we know this is just the beginning. We want our Rainbow communities across Aotearoa to feel confident that they can approach the Police if they need to and know they will be listened to and supported.’

Posie Parker Granny Puncher reportedly identified

The module launch comes a month after ugly scenes at a Posie Parker #LetWomenSpeak event in central Auckland, in which a number of attendees, including Posie Parker herself, were assaulted by trans activists.

Police were criticised by Parker and free speech supporters for failing to protect women who had attended the event.

Footage of a 70-year-old woman being repeatedly punched in the head by an anti-#LetWomenSpeak protester went viral. The assailant, who was holding a ‘Go Home Posie’ poster, has reportedly been identified and reported to the police, following a concerted grassroots social media campaign to bring him to justice.

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  1. hahahahahhaha soooo funny cant wait to see our male coppers running around in over hade up faces, mini skirts and high heels hahahahahaha just what we need a good laugh – hilarious!

  2. Ugh, just when I think we’ve hit peak cringe, the police become the pronoun police.

    I guess the drugs, shootings, burglaries and ram raids have all ended, no?

  3. And just how many of these rainbow trained police are going to be appointed as School Community Officers?
    Haven’t the police done enough to ruin their immage after beating the crap out of peaceful protestors at Parliament and then enabling the violence at Albert Park? Is the government and police hierarchy intent on the complete destruction of the morale in the police and other defence forces?
    Isn’t it time that the government and opposition parties began to develope and show a little maturity?

  4. Wonder if this training module is as extensive as the training before the protest Police invasion. Wonder if the combat gear and sheilds will be in rainbow colours. Oh but of course no combat gear will be required as the trans movement would never start violence

  5. So the police are joining up with the Alphabet Mafia to make the country less safe and less inclusive for anyone who even peacefully disagrees with this blatantly exclusionary ideology who literally hate you if you don’t agree with everything they say and do today, Tomorrow and in the future no matter how ridicules it gets, and it’s already getting beyond ridicules. Silly me I thought the polices only job was to battle crime.

  6. Clown cops….I would laugh but what happened to the women’s group in Auckland was no laughing matter…..seems every arm of govt these days is a bad joke…..

  7. The Cops are just another Gang Entity, and infested with Masonic Old Boy policies.
    If they think that by further destroying New Zealand society post the Parliament Protest, and perhaps even being Israeli trained (like in the U.S.) to abuse the citizenry like the Israelis do to the Palestinians, then we need to call for a Parliamentary investigation into what outside sources (WEF, NWO, etc.) are actively undermining our society and hold the accountable.
    Do NOT vote for Labour, National, the Greens or Act, ans THEY collectively have allowed the confiscation of firearms, are trying to ban vitamins and supplements, pushed an untested bio-weapon vaccine on the population whilst ruining businesses, and are seeking control on only ‘politically-correct’ media.
    Ardern is taking her totalitarian mindset globally, so having experienced this horrific woman on a national basis, we do not recognise such censorship nor the Christchurch Call as such violates our Human and Civil Rights under both New Zealand Law and International Law!

  8. And yet, the Police are NOT trained on how to handle and deal with those on the Autism Spectrum, using de-escalation and allowances for this condition.
    Autism is a NEUROLOGICAL CONDITION and NOT a ‘mental illness!


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