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Counterspin Media Press Release – full statement following arrests

Counterspin Media news

A sustained and orchestrated attack campaign has been waged by the state against ‘Counterspin Media’.

Counterspin Media press release in full:

The goal: to carefully construct a narrative for public consumption that paints ‘Counterspin’ in the worst way possible. It is our belief that the recent arrests of the Executive Producers and Hosts of ‘Counterspin’ (Kelvyn Alp and Hannah Spierer), are to silence the one media organisation that stands true to its no-nonsense ‘facts and evidence’ based ethos. The real fourth estate.

Kelvyn and Hannah were arrested on Thursday 25th August 2022 and charged with allegations relating to ‘objectionable’ material. The alleged offense, a link to an offshore site containing parts of a documentary investigation into the “Christchurch Massacre” shared on ‘Telegram’. All electronics including production equipment, mobile phones, drives and computers were seized. It seems the state via its Chief Censor, believes it’s the sole arbiter of what information people have access to. Kelvyn and Hannah reject these allegations.

‘Counterspin Media’ have at least four open investigations into Government, Police and State Service corruption, including, but not limited to crimes against humanity. We believe this current action is an attempt to shut down our ability to bring information of vital public interest/importance to the people. It is the opinion and position of ‘Counterspin Media’ that the New Zealand Government has become an internationally influenced criminal organisation working against the interests of the people. As with all criminals, we believe they wilfully and freely violate and conceal their fiduciary responsibilities and laws of equity.

We are thankful for the overwhelming support we are receiving from you, the people. We shall not cower, back down or shy away from our steadfast belief that the people are the highest authority on this land and as such are not subject to restrictions in anyway, save physical harm being caused and a victim created. To all those that have subjugated themselves to the state’s indoctrinated mind-set, we say this; we are fighting and standing for you also, whether you realise it or not.

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  1. Truth will always rise to the surface eventually.

    Turn off all mainstream media. Tell your friends and family to unprogramme themselves.

    I think Kelvyn and Hannah are brave for standing up for what they believe in. People don’t HAVE to follow them or watch them. It’s a CHOICE. So if people don’t like their message, then DONT WATCH. If they think their message is no correct then DEBATE the issue with facts. The truth doesn’t mind being questioned, science doesn’t mind being questioned.

    Anyway newsflash for our media and govt, overseas mainstream outlets have already reported the jobs are causing more deaths, the lockdowns were useless, and there is no difference between vax and unvax anymore in America according to the CDC which is where our medsafe got their info from so HELLO…..drop the BS already. We have all moved on (except wellington apparently).

    • Agree, it’s not for everyone. Plenty good outlets for proper and correct news coverage. Yet it must be said Counterspin are important in the current political climate. Someone needs to add the hard edge to political reporting in the style they do. No nonsense. No regrets. It is no wonder they have ruffled a few feathers along the way. Someone has to. We are truly fortunate in having such a range of good people getting stuck in, in so many ways from VFF, DT, to Chantelle Baker, the Platform and FreeNZ. Bless them all…

  2. Where are National and Act in all this. Why are they not screaming from the hilltops that we are now a police state!
    National is Labour in a Blue dress. Luxon is part of WEF which means he is part of the same cabal as Jabcinda and they sing from the same sheet

      • Reminds me of that picture of bill Clinton in the blue dress found in the foyer of Epsteins house. National are a laughing stock.

        Luxon may as well be Jacindas deputy.

    • WWE government, yes.

      Sometimes the red team are on top, sometimes the blue are.

      Same scripted show at the end of the day.

    • Exactly, we new luxon was fake from the start. But where is that ACT Leader??? Seymour is a controlled opposition, nothing more.

      Chantelle deplatformed from FB lately, the REAL media and Journos being shut down for actually doing their job- INVESTIGATING! Where the F is opposition parties- stuck under Vaxcinda’s dress?

      We all know how useless and corrupt they are when they all supported the criminal jabbing rollouts and mandates.

    • National party does NOT care about national interests or its people; Labour party does not care about workers and labourers or people in general. These two “name only” parties are just agencies for the Globalists who run this country. Both parties have financial freedom of about NZ$10 billion per year to appease their local interests. When it comes to international relationships etc., NZ is not a soveriegn country, and just have to obey the orders. NZ democracy is just a drama enacted with the so called “leaders or cheeks of the same arse”. Local democracy already died and the system pigs in the councils drain public’s earnings in the name of rates.

      Both labour and national never attempted to solve any of the problems the country faced over the years. Housing, health, food security for all, and child poverty for example. Over half of the kiwis cannot afford to live without working beyond a month. Little savings and whatever is saved is stolen by the finance minister Grand Robber with his quantitative easing. NZ is just above third world to most people but we do have wealthy on paper and a few hundred filthy rich who are loyal to globalist agenda. Sad state really.

    • Coke and Pepsi politics’s. My advice vote for a new party, you now have nothing to loose that’s not already being taken away, unopposed.

  3. Counterspin Media are to be welcomed. We don’t all agree with every thought that comes from them but they have provided valuable coverage that no other has. We are not blind to the Govt minions trying to remove them. How is it ilegal to have footage safely stored away in overseas locations? Are Ardern & Co the only ones allowed an opinion? Who is paying her for allowing a Maori takeover?

  4. I wish these brave people all the very best. As to this govt and its so called agencies, you have lost my respect and you wont be getting it back. It wont matter if you silence free speech and open journalism, it wont change how I feel or think.

  5. Damage control
    Because the so called plandemic
    In lockstep
    Like the supposed Christchurch Mosque Attacks
    Is a completely fabricated fraudulent contrived event
    No virus has ever been isolated separated nor identified
    Which is why the definition of isolated had to be changed
    To identify a virus that ostensibly does not exist
    It was a computer generated construct model
    PCR Tests which were never intended for their applied purpose
    Delivered the 100% fraudulent required numbers
    Unless of course you had influenza when you were tested
    Covid is a lie from start to finish
    The establishment is running scared
    Because they cannot maintain the crumbling narrative
    Which paints them as they are
    Criminals guilty of crimes against humanity voiced by the articles in the Nuremberg Codes
    Counterspin represents a threat
    No coincidence that Chris Hiplkins
    Formerly Minister of Covid response
    Has just been made Minister of Police
    When the criminals who having perpetrated the crime
    Are put in charge of investigating it
    Like the Warren Commission and the Magic Bullet
    And the 911 Commission which didn’t even mention WTC 7
    Which collapsed at faster than free fall speed
    Thereby defying the laws of natural physics

  6. Propaganda is the single most overlooked and underappreciated aspect of our society. It controls how the public thinks, acts, votes and behaves, but hardly anyone ever talks about it. Because the sources they’ve been trained to look to for information never say anything about it.

    So people say what’s on their mind, after what’s on their mind has been carefully curated by the imperial narrative managers who are responsible for controlling what information goes into their mind.



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