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Counterspin respond to Stuff.co.nz hitpiece on Hannah Spierer

Hannah Spierer news

Legacy MSM outfit Stuff.co.nz published the hitpiece on 3 September.

The article was titled ‘From potential environmental activist to conspiracy theorist: What happened to Hannah Spierer?

It follows on the heels of a series of misfiring targeted hitpieces published by Stuff about candidates in the upcoming local body elections, and the release of the much-maligned documentary ‘Fire & Fury’.

The Spierer article was written by reporter Nadine Porter.

‘WR’ of Counterspin Media responded in a lengthy message posted to the independent media’s Telegram channel yesterday:

In the winter of 2020 at one of Auckland’s first lockdown protests, I met Hannah Spierer. She had seen me speaking in public about the government reaction to covid and asked me for an interview. In the following months we would get to know each other and like other women involved in the anti lockdown movement (who actually outnumbered the men), I was impressed by Hannah’s conviction and found myself in agreement on viewpoints which were clearly the result of independent and critical thought.

Nadine Porter at Stuff, implies that Hannah is simply parroting “right wing conspiracies” as a result of an agreement with her partner Kelvyn Alp.

Well since I met Hannah before she met Kelvyn I can absolutely say that is not the case. Hannah told me how she was formerly a left wing activist and involved with the Greens. We discussed left wing talking points and why they don’t make logical sense; everything from the implications of accepting men can become women to the conflation of real environmental problems such as plastic waste with climate change hysteria which has failed to match any of the models for the last two decades.

I could and still can clearly tell Hannah has come to her conclusions on her own accord. To imply otherwise is to dilute the agency of women, quite sexist of Nadine Porter. Whilst we are on that subject, the overwhelming majority of Jacinda loving kiwis do seem to be highly agreeable, lacking in critical thought and need to be seen as in agreement with the masses more than they value the truth. That is not the spirit I have seen in the women in the freedom movement, who have risked their careers, relationships and social standing in pursuit of the truth. They understand that in hard times, truth is more important than kindness!

Even if the wise people at Stuff, NZ Herald and Newshub, believe the conclusions of those who were and are anti lockdown, anti mask and anti vaccine mandate, to be wrong, can they at least credit people with asking questions? This lack of desire for debate on difficult and sometimes confronting subjects is exactly why many have left the political left. As the left have become less liberal, less inclusive of true intellectual diversity and more censorious, life long lefties ranging from Ricky Gervais to Russel Brand have moved more to the centre/right, in search of free speech at the very least. Millions of former democrats in the US vow never to vote for them again and we all know life long Labour supporters who will certainly not be re-electing Jacinda Ardern!

So are all these people insane, confused, hateful “NAZIS”? Or is this just a logical reaction, a natural equilibrium forming pushback against the tyranny of the modern authoritarian left, who wrap their brutal decrees in soft placating tones. To the soft fakes like Nadine Porter, it would seem that style matters more than substance, at no point does she delve into critiquing left wing philosophies or politics, she simply displays outrage that a woman like Hannah isn’t a feminist. Well even feminists like J K Rowling aren’t feminists today according to the intersectional third wave brand, who claim men who call themselves women should be in women’s prisons, sports and that lesbians who don’t want to date these biological men are “transphobic”.

The truth is, rather than see the deep contradictions implicit in being a modern leftist, Nadine and other basic b$@?’s, simply want us all to be agreeable unthinking minions of the state. Well as Nietzsche said, “madness is rare in individuals but it’s the rule in groups”. The majority of the individuals I’ve met in the freedom movement are good, honest, thinking people whose lives would be easier if they just went along with the herd on every issue. So to suggest we have fiscal motivation to hold the views we do is as false as to say we have social motivation.

As I’m sure Hannah has lost friends over the views she holds, so have I, but we’ve gained insight into ourselves and the mechanisms around us, becoming more socially and self aware all whilst making new and unlikely friendships.

Stuff also hypothesise that Hannah was most likely led to these views by Q, yet in all our conversations I do not recall Q coming up once. Personally I’ve never followed Q, I don’t need to when logic, reason and now studies show the lockdowns caused more harm than they prevented, the vaccines harmed young people who would never have been harmed by covid and so on. If Stuff really wanted to know the source of the reasons for our views they would interview us or better still host a live debate. However they are clearly not interested in such honesty and transparency for their audience, instead they’ll continue to smear and moralise about how bad we are, whilst their “side” continues to destroy the economy, turn women into men and men into undesirable low testosterone creatures resembling Marc Daalder in addition to brainwashing children with Marxist gender theory.

The great thing about the various “anti government” protests of the last two years is how genuinely diverse they are, people young and old, white and brown. At the recent Freedom and Rights protest at Auckland Domain, I noted how the circa 50 “counter protestors” were calling us “fascists”….I said to them, “can you not see the 70% brown faces whilst your side is 95% white middle class Champagne socialists”? The irony was lost on them, these people live in a parallel dimension of denial, they barely venture outside away from Twitter and are truly terrified of Maori, European, Polynesian and everyone else with a functioning independent mind coming together to resist what we can all see is a scary hive mind communist dictatorship in the making. This government need to be held accountable and if the mainstream media refuse to criticise any of the big undemocratic calls this government pushes upon us, then we will- male, female, black or white we will defeat and expose you utter criminals if it’s the last thing we do!

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    • I wasn’t bored at all. On the contrary.

      Its good that someone who knows Hannah takes a few minutes to give us her personal insight. Something Nadine Porter to her shame failed to do.

      While I do not read Stuff on a regular basis, I do so when I’m constipated. Or want to remind myself what new depth “woke” folks have descended to.

    • Then maybe the MMA or sports would be more to your liking, while you down another stubby and munch on your cheezles. Or maybe you just got lost looking for an on-line gambling site. Either way, you can actually learn something here if you have a mind to. Failing that, there’s bound to be a new Marvel comic at the bookstore. Enjoy.

  1. Once the Minor Political Parties are elected into office in Aotearoa under MMP and have formed-up a coalition, then the media can be cleaned out by the same!
    Communist Liars are what we have in the Globalist-Dictated MSM!
    They will be forced out once the new government is in place…
    After all, Jabcinda announced that the Ministry of Truth is the only ‘accredited source of news’, or in other words, the Zio-Communist lies being perpetrated upon us all and the rest of the world via the ‘Global Dictates’ of the WEF, NWO, IMF and Luciferian Deep State Elements now operating in the open on a Global Scale!!!!

  2. Watch this space. I tried to get the smaller parties together and most told me to F off. So a coalition of smaller parties isnt going to happen!
    However there is a sea change comming. So keep an open mind when you see it.Jabcinda and her lot will be consigned to oblivion never to arise again! It is going to happen. Influential, dynamic people with our interests at heart are going to make NZ great again (I had to borrow that phrase). The woke leftist ideology permeating our schools and the rest of society will be expunged and we will be a great inclusive society once again
    Remember, Aucklanders, dont vote for Efeso Collins

  3. Stuff is on my bias bypass list. Hannah Spierer is not: she is engaging with an excellent independent mind. The Politics are irrelevant but the freedom to consider individual issues is not. On a close look, the week at Parliament was made up by a great deal of rural people-the practical ones. Any govt that ignores the people will be ousted.

    The present gulliblement has not the abiity to govern and hence is a fraud in situ. Destroying the Public Service by replacment with short term sycophantic contractors is what leads to Rotorua being destroyed as a tourist destination. They have signed NZ up as US allies against China in the potential war in the Pacific. The Aussies got caught when they sold their mineral industry to China.
    Can we please have a gram of wisdom for our residue of a govt before Jacinda goes off to the UN to flirt again.

  4. Interesting that Anonymous “Booooring” felt the need to respond. Can’t be that “Boooring” if they took the time to read it and THEN comment! More likely hit a few raw nerves which made them go “WAHWAHWAHWAHWAHWAH!!??”
    Keep up the good work you non MSM folk. We need to get the truth from somewhere!!!

  5. Excellent piece. Well summarised. I can definitely relate to how Hannah has evolved as it mirrors my own journey in many ways. I think Hannah is great. She speaks truth to heart and what you see is what you get with her. I look forward to watching her journey from here. She is definitely a smart cookie and has great presentation skills.


    “turn women into men and men into undesirable low testosterone creatures resembling Marc Daalder in addition to brainwashing children with Marxist gender theory”

    Get me off the floor with this comment lol???????????????????????? never a truer word spoken in jest! ????????????????????


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