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Explainer: What did Voices For Freedom mean by ‘Ungovernable’?

Ungovernable news

In a desperate attempt to stem the growing nationwide influence of Voices For Freedom (VFF), legacy mainstream media have focused on the word ‘ungovernable’.

But what did VFF mean by ‘ungovernable’?

The first thing to note is that since its founding in December 2020 VFF have produced a staggering output of material – thousands of hours of video, many millions of words in social media posts, blog articles, educational materials, hundreds of interviews and a great deal more.

VFF have in fact only referred to it [ie. ‘ungovernable’] a couple of times.

The media, after trawling through hours of footage, landed on this single word and have shamelessly taken it out of context to fabricate the story they want to tell about VFF.

Speaking with Rodney Hide of The Platform recently, VFF co-founder Alia Bland explained what use of the term ‘ungovernable’ meant.

But first she described how misfiring hitpieces like the much-maligned Stuff documentary ‘Fire & Fury’ were actually having a positive effect on VFF:

‘They don’t quite realise it’s going to backfire somewhat. They’re right to be worried about us because we’re growing, and we’ve had incredible growth, and even from all of this attention, we are growing even more. So they want to expose us, but all they’re doing is pushing people towards us,’ she told Hide.

‘What we’re seeing is more people are waking up.

‘We, Voices For Freedom, are doing the job the government should be doing but is failing.’


Talking then about the concept of ‘ungovernable’, Bland said:

‘This concept of becoming ‘ungovernable’, and they’re bandying it around like it’s some sort of awful thing, but I think what would be important is to give some context to that.

‘So, when we’re thinking about that term ‘ungovernable’, ‘becoming ungovernable’, it’s basically looking at how dependent we’ve all become, and seeking to change that. So it’s about looking at the overreach of the government, and working on ways that we can become more resilient, so that we are not vulnerable to the next mandate, or government law which seeks to remove our freedoms in one way or another.

‘We’re doing everything we can to ensure people are connected and networked, and that they are striving towards resilience in all manner of ways, so that there’s never the power of the government to do this again.’

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  1. Stuff need to focus on government corruption and show the receipts linking government to their pay packets. Equally that’s not news now it’s just fact.

    Alia defined ungovernable well. And the massive over reach she refers to could also be tagged to:…

    – co governance through sleight of hand with “Uncle Tom” Iwi leaders or kingitanga affiliates (engari mauriora whanau)

    – ties to Blackrock, WEF and Klaus Slob

    – lies, cheating, violence etc etc

    There you go little Stuffletts focus on that for lunch

  2. Ungovernable = free of coercion, independent, free thinking, self-reliant, self-motivated, happy, kind to others, productive, community focused, and able to work as a self-sustaining unit. All of this naturally repugnant to the tyranny of the Adhern Government.

    If it wasn’t before, it is now patently obvious that Stuff are an agent of the government, as much as the police or the tax department. They are not, and cannot be considered part of main stream media by the articles they write in order to crush free and independent thinking. Their unbridled hit pieces are an affront to any reasonable person. They might as well get on with it and change their name to Pravda.

  3. Wokes, and agents of the deep state, corrupt MSM started weaponising words and phrases. They deliberately seed division and engage in smear and tyranny. This cult is imported from US and has taken strong root in NZ.

    • Agree. Much of the ‘weaponizing’ came out of Israel. Their media manual, which I have, is a remarkable piece of work, originally designed for use by Israelis to defend their position on the Palistinians, and the open air prisons they constructed to control and contain them. It was written by an American political advisor to the Democrats. It has since been modified for more global applications.

  4. Not only do the Three Amigos work tirelessly to build a better New Zealand, they do pole dancing in their spare time. Go girls we luv ya ta bits. ????

  5. The more the Government turns itself into a security state, it views the country as “ungovernable”. Constant surviellance of many citizens is an example. Big Tech is playing a key role here. Security cameras are everywhere. Ram raids are frequent. When citizens cannot afford a normal life, roof over head and food, the government is not really there in their life. When political leaders serve the interests of the globlists and not its citizens, they dont really care about governance but their own self-interest. “Team of 5 million” was just a slogan, and the mascot influencer fooled kiwis for sure.


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