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COVID jab safety Royal Commission petition completes submission stage

Aly Cook

Submission completed to Petition calling for a Royal Commision of Inquiry into the safety and Efficacy of the Covid 19 vaccine, its approval and use in New Zealand.

The petition of Aly Cook gained 24,119 signatures, one of the larger petitions in the last few years on the Parliament petitions website.

The submission to the Petition has now been submitted to the petitions committee with its 1,400 pages of supporting evidence including 200+ serious vaccine injury and death stories of Kiwis, many of them medical staff and teachers.

‘The submission has some of Pfizer’s own documents it was forced to release by the US Courts after trying to keep them away from the public for 75 years, 149 pages of Official information act request showing the New Zealand Ministry of Justice warning policy makers about the mandates breaching the New Zealand Bill of Rights, as it was clear the vaccine was not tested for efficacy and there was no evidence that the vaccine stopped transmission, they knew this when they mandated people, the Ministry of Health’s own documents and facts and figures around vaccine injury, 400 screenshot comments from Jacinda’s Arderns FB page when she asked NZdrs about their reactions to the vaccine (They were screen shot faster that her staff could remove the comments ) and the 200 plus stories most of which are a very small sampling of a now very large independent vaccine injury database which included in depth medical notes and statements of vaccine injury and death victims, held by the Health Forum,’ said Cook in a statement.

‘The suffering is very real and many of the stories are people who are bedridden or can do very little now, most have the common heart issues arrhythmias, myocarditis and pericarditis and with other issues. neurological, strokes, clots and more Many of them young and a lot of them chronic and ongoing months to over a year later.’

The selection of stories includes multiple people who have been diagnosed by specialists as vaccine injured, yet have been turned down by ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) for assistance and many fighting ACC.

‘On top of the injuries it covers the horrific gaslighting by media, government, friends & family that people have withstood this on top of their injuries.

‘It covers the horrific way any medical person has been treated for asking questions, it covers the directives given to medical staff by DHBs and MOH that put them in a state of fear of their medical boards and bodies discouraging them from recognising vaccine injury or questioning the narrative.

‘It covers New Zealand’s all cause mortality death rate and how the government tries to spin in its media that this is normal, yet refuses to release mortality statistics by age and cause of death and, crucially, by vaccine status.

‘The submission also covers the shocking state of our health system, the effect of the mandates on our health system and the effect of losing many health workers to vaccine injuries that have prevented many of them from working into the foreseeable future .

Cook wished to thank everyone who contributed supporting evidence to the submission including Hilary Butler, Lynda Wharton, Kirsten Murfitt ‘with her fabulous Q and A document’ and Sue Grey for her ‘endless supply of the right OIAs’, the volunteers at the Health forum who helped gather and collate the injury statements.

‘All of you who signed the petition and helped share it out to other Kiwis and those brave injured ones who told your heart breaking stories . Also NZDSOS for the supporting letter and for you support you all give those who are injured by the vaccine. You truly are the best doctors in the country who have put your oaths and your patients above yourselves.

‘We have now documented with the New Zealand government for history that this happened to us and we are on the right side of history by telling the truth and standing tall.

‘I believe one day there will be a lot of people who will hang their heads in shame at what part they played in this horrific time in history, no matter how small of a part they played in a deceptive lie that injured and killed people, eventually they will all face judgement.’

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Never forget.
    Never forgive.
    (And don’t vote or any of those useless bench- warmers who treated the Freedom Villagers with such contempt.)

  2. Great effort and hopefully will be treated with respect by the commission. Not sure about heads that will be hanging, they need to be executed.

  3. Brilliant job by the amazing Aly Cook and the wonderful team of volunteers. Enough is enough. This regime must end

  4. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for these corrupt scumbags. Serious prison time needed for jacinda and her cohorts.

  5. Is this Royal Commission going to be given freedom to act like it Should, or are they going to be given direction or influenced by the huge pharmaceutical companies that made massive profits from this experiment.

    • I don’t have faith that it will even get that far the only example I can go by is Thalidomide it took 5 years for them to take it off the market and it took 30 for them to regonise the victims. I just want to have gone down in history as having documented the suffering this jab has caused people many of which don’t seem to be recovering, if they are alive .. many are not .. We can only continue to fight a giant Evil machine . WE must all vote and we must make sure that we vote for nobody inside that building . If we all did that including those who never vote we would empty that building

  6. Thanks Aly. Really appreciate all your work.

    I am so disgusted by our politicians. When you see their faces, know this: their silence has been bought. They have no morals.

    I hope any conscience they may have brings them great unease as to what they have done to this country and its people. They will be made accountable one way or another.

  7. “We have now documented with the New Zealand government for history”
    Never forget.
    Never forgive.

    If this country gets the same govt. In Oct. then watch people suffer because they will see worse than they ever have. You think it’s bad now? A few more years of Labour and it will smell like a giant turd 💀


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