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Damien De Ment: NZ Covid mandates get dropped, but why now?

Pro-freedom activist Damien De Ment gives his take on why PM Jacinda Ardern has chosen to drop COVID mandates.

De Ment was speaking to his followers in a video posted to his Telegram channel two days ago.

In the video he also alluded to action he is planning to take against legacy mainstream media outlet Stuff.co.nz over it’s ‘Fire & Fury’ programme.

Why did she do this and why now?

De Ment explained how other countries had already done it – a long time ago. ‘New Zealand is shamefully behind the curve in this one,’ he said.

As for the timing and reasoning for the lifting of COVID restrictions:

‘She had to pull away the mandates argument because it was the biggest argument we had going into our protest earlier this year in Wellington. They want to categorise that protest in Wellington as being the equivalent of ‘January 6th’ in the United States…It’s all about them holding onto pretext, context and lies.’

‘She’s going to say that any future argument we have as freedom fighters related to COVID – she’s going to say ‘We’ve got rid of all mandates, they’re done and dusted.’

‘We say to that no way, it’s not done and dusted. There’s so many adverse effects and deaths that are happening because of the vaccine that even places like Singapore, it’s government has acknowledged these effects and deaths and have begun paying out their citizens in compensation.’

‘Why isn’t New Zealand having these sorts of frank discussions with its citizens? Why is the New Zealand media, the researchers, the NGOs, and all the…puppets out there trying to stop reasonable discussion and discourse about such a massive public interest matter that affects millions? Because the truth will put them all in jail.’

But not before those accused are afforded due process, says De Ment – a right that was denied to those who suffered or died because of the vaccine.

‘People in the swamp need to be deeply concerned for what they’ve done to the rest of us, and what it’s going to mean for the rest of their lives, because the people will, through their will and fortitude, make these people be accountable, because most of them are funded with your taxpayer dollars.’

‘Jacinda Ardern and the swamp have completely lost touch with the reality that we are their bosses. They think their bosses are the World Economic Forum, Blackrock Financial, or the United Nations. They don’t think they’re accountable to us.’

‘Fire & Fury’

And that’s the same thing with these journalists. Look at Stuff – $300,000 for ‘Fire & Fury’? And Voices For Freedom are going to eat them alive.’

‘But what I’m going to show them in my complaint about this Stuff piece ‘Fire & Fury’ is going to demolish Stuff.’

‘I couldn’t care less if their Editor-in-Chief in Christchurch doesn’t like me, or doesn’t even want to address my concerns, but she will have no f***** choice when I bring forth the amount of unbelievable s***-ball f***** evidence against the team who put together this nonsense.’

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  1. They must have been given the all clear from uncle Klaus.

    Enough useful idiots have fallen for the marketing campaigns. Target percentages achieved, now the powers that be will all quietly cash out, sit back and wait for the inevitable.

    The clot shots kill some people quickly, others suffer horribly for much longer. Long term effects are still unknown, but it’s likely to be passed on in our genes to the next generation. Shorter lifespans, reproductive problems etc are going to increase exponentially, and guaranteed anyone for the next 50 years who suggests there may be a connection to the jabs will be treated like a flat earther.

    Even if you and your kids successfully avoided the injections what happens 30 years from now when your son or daughter marries some poor soul with this poison intertwined in their DNA? What will happen to our grandchildren and their children? This is far from over, quite right, because it’s going to impact our lives in a myriad of ways we haven’t even fully thought of yet.

    • “This is far from over, quite right, because it’s going to impact our lives in a myriad of ways we haven’t even fully thought of yet”
      Bang on
      Ardern is a product of Klaus Swabs school for young global leaders
      Who were chosen for their qualities of possessing the ability and willingness to turn and inflict pain and suffering on their resident populations
      While remaining indifferent uninterested and uncaring in the consequences of their actions
      And the devastation that occurs in their wake

      • And under the Covid Protection Framework (which is now legislated), those mandates can come back anytime. Just wait until the next hoax (variant). The timing of these is politically driven.

        Only when our Bill of Rights is strengthened (and under no circumstances the govt runs rough shod over citizens rights) and our judiciary fully INDEPENDANT and don’t act like govt’s henchman, only then we will be safe from this evil.

        Those that are already injected, well that’s another matter. No amount of compensation will fix what they have lost.

    • Exactly – we will have to do arranged marriages for unvaccinated people. Either that or they know that by getting with a jabbed person, they may never have kids or the kids may be damaged.

      We have a friend with 2 young daughters who are unvaxxed and we have already made jokes about marrying one off to our son! Of course we wouldn’t ever make him do anything, but the whole subject needs to be considered.

  2. “Because the truth will put them all in jail.’
    With Chris Hipkins now Minister of Police?
    Like putting the wolf in charge of the hen house
    No mere coincidence but a blatant attempt at highly obvious and coordinated damage control
    Will be interesting to see how these traitors squirm and try to evade justice
    And the wrath of the people
    One thing for sure
    The rats are back peddling and deserting the sinking rusting hulk of a ship
    That is the NZ Government
    Before that ship sucks them in
    And they are all taken down with it
    Never forget Ardern did not act alone
    All are implicated in collusion and complicit if not through tacitness
    The NZ Government is a crisis actor clown show
    In perpetual motion
    Following a very bad script
    We will be rewriting the script and coming for you

  3. The attendees at Event 201 in 2019 set the framework for the Covid 19 pandemic. This is public knowledge.
    The PCR test was cycled up to give a positive result to everyone who used it. Also public knowledge.
    In 2020 everything was ready. The propaganda machine was set in motion and people lined up for an experimental injection. It was never a secret that the injection was experimental.
    Three years later and the pandemic is over? No it’s not.
    On 7 September 2022 the US declared a new phase in its pandemic response, a vaccine initiative with a new approach, adding that most Americans will need one Covid-19 shot, once a year,
    On Wednesday 14 September 2022 the WHO via little Tedros claimed that vaccination and other public health measures have reduced the threat posed by the virus, and called on governments to push for 100% vaccination of vulnerable people and healthcare workers, and 70% vaccination of the general public.
    Those who are vaccinated now have damaged immune systems and have set themselves on a yearly vaccination treadmill for the rest of their lives.
    In the meantime, throughout the deadly pandemic, seven million Ukrainians and hundreds of thousands of refugees have entered the EU, the US and Britain without vaccination, all of them healthy as buck rabbits.

  4. Yep, they are running scared. Their MSM scribes have had little impact and the protests keep this relevant and in the public eye. They even now face political opposition based in large part on the mandates and human rights limiting attacks on things like freedom of movement, protest and most tellingly, free speech.

  5. Well, it had to come, Stuff getting the slapping they deserve. I had asked them to to play nice but they ignored me, just as they ignored the truth of Jabinda’s wrecking ball government. Just as they ignored the truth of mRNA jabs, and the real consequences of lockdowns, masks and mandates. They not only ignored it, they were a willing participant in a crime committed against the people of New Zealand. The are equally guilty and must now suffer their reward.

    Those taking action against the complicit media have my full support. One by one, they will feel the anger of good decent Kiwis who have been deliberately misled by government propaganda, mis-information and lies they have published and promoted. And for the innumerable attacks on right thinking people, Stuff and their fellow travellers initiated. It’s time to pay the piper, and it can’t come soon enough…

  6. Ardern has done a lot of damage
    But ‘she’ is just a puppet
    A talking head for the establishment
    A front
    Like Stuff
    There is only one party, changed around every so often so as to maintain the illusion of democracy
    Nasi the speaker
    All are in lockstep together
    A frightening prediction for New Zealand
    New Zealand signed the International Finance Agreement in 1961
    Which effectively extinguished News Zealand’s Sovereignty as a free country
    And right to self-determination
    Which was given over to the International Jewish Banking Cabal
    The Bee Hive is a Masonic symbol of oppression and control
    And a perpetual reminder of who lords it over you
    The Reserve Bank of New Zealand a Privately Owned and Controlled Jewish Bank
    Like the Federal Reserve
    Created in 1913 to fund WW1
    Extended for two unnecessary years through the fake Belgium Relief Fund whereby Germany was funded and supplied to enable it to keep fighting
    Until the Bolsheviks had taken control in Russia
    When an armistice was signed and the Kaiser went into exile
    At the same time the IRS to collect interest under the guise and ruse of tax’s
    And the ADL
    Who hold the purse strings
    Just like Judas Iscariot, an Edomite Jew
    Controlled them in the days of Jesus
    Politicians are crisis actors
    Damage control in perpetual motion
    Who create crisis
    Then act out real life parts in the crisis they have created


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