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Extensive video evidence of illegal use of pepper spray by police and other violent acts

Full text of Combined Parliament Protest Press Release #2 for 2 March 2022.

Video footage featured by mainstream media and on social channels clearly shows police advancing against protestors, NOT the other way around. No footage shows demonstrators advancing on police.

Yet despite this, police have been filmed by onlookers indiscriminately using pepper spray in ways that are demonstrably illegal. Other video footage of police violently attacking protestors will shock most New Zealanders, see for example the following links:

The pdf attached details relevant highlighted sections of the New Zealand Police’s OC Spray Rules – Version 6, (link to PDF) easily found online via an original Official Information Request (#5014, response #16479). The document indicates the source is the police’s intranet and details that misuse of pepper spray is a “serious disciplinary matter”. Police must immediately be held to account for numerous breaches, including:

  • Spray use must involve minimum risk to the public
  • Spray cannot be used where less forceful means are available (remember the police were pushing into the protestors, not the other way around)
  • Spray should not be used in crowded situations
  • A warning must be given before it is used, including to other people nearby
  • Provide aftercare.

Historically, police have been taken to task by the courts over the way they have illegally used pepper spray in prior incidents, but today have decided they are ‘above the law’ and adopted a ‘shoot first, ask questions later’ approach. Their justification? Simply to move some cars, tents and – bizarrely – toilets.

Police continue to assert the protest is illegal. Yet while placing structures on parliament’s grounds breaches a ‘rule’ akin to a local government bylaw, that does not constitute a criminal act – as the situation has deliberately been portrayed by the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also remains complicit in police telling media last week that protestors sprayed a mystery substance – likely acid – at three police officers. The much-awaited toxicology reports they said would identify the substance have never been produced. Suggestions have been made that this was ‘friendly-fire’ from police accidentally spraying themselves. However it does not suit police or the Prime Minister to admit they not only made a mistake, they used false allegations to smear the protest’s reputation to maximum effect.

Much has been made during the past few weeks by the Government and police about the violent and abusive actions of a very small number of individual protestors. If New Zealand applied this approach to rugby, each time a referee handed out a red card, they’d then also send the entire team off the field. Each time a mother screamed at the opposing team at a school sportsfield, all parents would be banned from the sidelines.

Now that it’s been proven police have broken the law with their blatant misuse of pepper spray against people who were not threatening them in any way, if we take a leaf out of the Prime Minister’s book, all police present are now guilty of the same offence.

Every reporter that’s attended the protest site over the past few weeks has been witness to how the vast majority of protestors are there peacefully, yet that is the opposite of what’s been reported. Now that we have provided them with shocking examples of police literally beating up protestors we hope this evidence results in equivalent blanket media coverage.

New Zealanders should not have had to resort to social media channels to discover the true picture of what is happening in Wellington.

***End of Press Release^^^

This communication summarises the agreed position of groups representing the majority people who have supported, travelled and stayed at Parliament over the past two weeks:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • The Hood NZ.
  • Voices for Freedom.

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  1. Now that it’s been proven police have broken the law with their blatant misuse of pepper spray against people who were not threatening them in any way, if we take a leaf out of the Prime Minister’s book, all police present are now guilty of the same offence.
    Prime Minister’s rules all police and anyone who likes them

  2. This is disgusting. That poor man being manhandled and punched for doing no wrong. Do the police think that because it was inbetween vehicles that they wouldn’t be noticed. Should be fired for not doing their duty and protecting our citizens. Shameful. What’s worse is that our so-called Prime Minister is probably directing the police to do these illegal acts. She is a coward and hides behind closed doors dishing out uncalled for directions to the police because she has been caught out in all her lies and duplicity and can’t handle the heat. She has sold out NZ!!!!!!

    • Absolutely agree with all you have just said, the government are lying to us and have manipulated people from the start of this whole covid story, but people are waking up and standing up to this tyrannical leader

      • If you want to call one of the best PM’s in the world, at least to date, by a name, you need to have the courage not to be anonymous. Otherwise your comment means nothing.

        • Jacinda Ardern is not the best pm new Zealand has had by a long shot. She is an egotistical narcissistic communist.

  3. I’m wondering if the minister of health has signed over authority to the WHO to manage this protest as they see fit. The 2005 meeting in Geneva that 189 countries signed up for allows the minister of health in any country to do that. My question is has our minister of health surrendered his power to the WHO to take control in whatever way they see fit?

  4. It is a disgraceful situation in New Zealand. Ardern’s refusal to meet reality and the behaviour of the police influenced by a government that is a serious threat to all New Zealanders basic human rights. It really is time Ardern went to Ukraine if she had an opinion about it … because we don’t need her here.

  5. Thankyou for your refreshingly true account of today’s events and also the infamous black Thursday..
    .. when you do it to the least of these you do it to me… A Quote from The Son Of God Himself comes to mind…
    If we don’t see True Justice over today’s events and all preceding crimes against NZ citizens, I know Our Lord says .. Vengeance is Mine says The Lord.
    I sincerely know that to be true.
    This gov etc need to see Who they are truly fighting against.. and God help them when they do..

    • Amen to that you have said that with profound accuracy …Jacinda Adern do you really believe you are stronger than God……just you wait and see … you are on the wrong side of history Jacinda. Dictators never win in the end.

      • What sort of animal sets fire to a children’s playground and a century old pohutukawa? Police are heroes and showed restraint as they were being assaulted by criminals.

        • Watch the lives…it was the police that kicked over the generator that then set the tent on fire and then the slide. It was caused by the police. A couple of non-protestors that were there to cause trouble then added fuel to the fire.

          • Yes it was the police that started the fire /generator.whether it was intentional or not that’s what happened it was t the peaceful protestors at all. The grounds would’ve been tidied up if someone in parliment would have come down and listened to the people. It would have ended very differently. This is the truth!!

          • Yes this is what happened. I am a person that usually defends the police, but this was a real eye opener to me. Such aggression I’ve never seen before to peace loving people only wanting their government to listen after all it is the people that put them into power in the first place.

    • You are obviously jabbed soon too be dead!! enjoy your last days bozo! Waking up now is too late for you. May God have mercy on you

    • To Anonymous above, I bet you are on AuntyJ’s payroll just to put your stupid comments here. Probably planted here to portray more fake news. How much is she paying you? You are definitely a non-patriot and a human hater like her.

    • You Frightened Sad poor deluded and I have to say it weak pitiful and individual .
      Showing the type you are.

  6. NZ Police IPCA complaint made against the officer doing the pepper spraying.
    Clear breach of NZ Police procedures, illegal and un-necessary.

  7. Disgusting actions by the police today on NZ citizens! Even more disgusting that politicians wouldn’t meet with the protesters, suppose its because Adern has a 1 track mind and thats to sell out NZ and continue with their Agenda, people who dont see this yet is going to have a rude awakening when it happens. Call it conspiracy if you want, but actually its reality!

  8. NZ police your final nail in the coffin. No respect. We the people will never forget your thuggery. All those citizens you terrorised today helped to get your mandates lifted. Thank you so much protesters for your peaceful protest. From my family to yours we are forever grateful to all of you. We acknowledge your stand on behalf of us, we see you, we will remember you, we will talk to our grandchildren about the brave souls that created a community together for our freedom to work. Hold your heads up and be proud and god bless you. We will remember them.

  9. And Jabcinda is on T.V expressing her deep admiration to the Police!!
    What a MOCKERY, They would have been doing what they were TOLD!!!
    So where does the buck stop. Only one place Heehaw

    • How can anyone express deep admiration for the thuggery shown by the police today. It was disgusting and has made me feel ashamed to be a New Zealander today.

      • You, don’t, have, to be shamed, to be a, NZ’er, thoughs, police, should be, the ones, to be, ashamed, to be ,NZ’ers.

  10. Jacinda has blood on her hands , by using the police to close down a lawful protest which is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.
    Jacinda is a Marxist using strong arm tactics of fear and coercion, just like she has done with the role out of the jab.
    Jacinda is evil to the core , why has the Carm adverse reporting system been voluntary ? You can only conclude is to hide the adverse events , shame on her.
    Jacinda is a gang lover by giving gangs special privileges and money to break the law, the question I would ask is, do the gangs have something on a Mr Gayford ?
    We deserve the truth and sadly the 4th estate were bought off at the start of this Covid shakedown.

  11. NZ Police are just the costumed thugs for the government always were and always will be.Did their behaviour over the gun laws not wake you from your media-induced coma?or did you think that was ok because you thought it didnt affect you personally?Time to wake up folks its all the same agenda

  12. Ardern never met the protesters. Neither did National. At least ACT did. The country is not divided anymore. We are fucken angry! End the mandates NOW!!!

  13. Well Ardern wanted to be a ‘first’. Now she is the first most hated pm in NZ history! To the cops..be careful what you choose to do….we will not forget your role.

  14. Ardern is not serving the people of NZ.
    She is committed to, and serving the NWO. Ardern has another first; the first NZ Prime Minister guilty of treason.
    Lou A.

  15. Well well well, now you non-colour folk can see what others have been tolerating all our generations’ lives. Fuzz will always be fuzz. I wouldn’t even call them pigs-an insult to those clean intelligent animals. Despite that you & I protested so that they didn’t have to jab nor (defence force) they still came back at us with hatred. F**k all of them I say. Nothing has changed. They just showed their colours & robocopness. They will have their day.

  16. Haven’t you noticed that Jacinda is copying almost everything Mr Trudeau is saying and doing. In WHO’s pockets for sure and probably got a huge pay packet to go with it. Makes me sick. Started out as being caring and concerned for our country just to get popularity votes and fame and glory. Fake, fake, fake! Karma is going to bite her ar** big time! We as a nation aren’t going to back down!

  17. Jacinda just wants control

    Those that disagree with her need to be dealt with.

    Right from the start she deliberately painted the protest as Far Right and Imported and then tresspassed them to make their activity seem illegal, and finally stamped on them with her police force.

    After voting her in, I now despise her

    Her and Justin Trudeau are vile human beings

  18. In all 3 Commonwealth countries NZ, Australia and Canada where the governments have applied totalitarian control using brutal methods, none of the ruling political class have agreed to meet the people to discuss their concerns. This is not a coincidence. This implementation of fascism has the backing of the crown. The Windsors are fully behind this forced implementation of the NWO by the WEF. What these ruling elites did not expect was the level of resistance. Keep fighting you brave Kiwis, Aussies and Canadians. Looking on from London you are beacons of light in a dark world.

  19. Trudeau and Arden fear the truth coming out.
    Fear losing their beloved control and therefore whatever great plans they have for being part of some global reset being diminished or lost.
    They don’t give a shit about some little outbursts. Their bigger picture idealism is to save the planet; give humanity a better way of living and do whats right for us, as only they know whats best. We’re all too confused, so the state will be protecting, running our pathetic lives for us.
    Watch out you all.

  20. I have a friend who is a long time cop. He said about himself, “after a while I found myself talking like the crims, then I found myself thinking like them, the scary part came when started acting like them”.
    Funny to think that these shit heads attend domestic violence incidents. That’s like sending the mob to bust a drug ring.

  21. Wake UP!!! WHO are in this up to their necks!
    Perhaps if you did some research, instead of trolling, you would realise
    what a dick you are making of yourself.
    What a JOKE you are

  22. What a load of s**t this article is !

    Cops told them all to leave , they stayed , they fought!

    They’re all arsonists, thieves , thugs and Bully’s not protesters!

    • I am supposing your double jabbed and boosted?
      Cos your reply is reminiscent of someone that is suffering cognitive dissinence and hypnosis.
      Go back to your fear driven life and rock and dribble in the corner quietly so no one can hear you or be pissed with your “rose coloured glasses perspective”.
      But then again there is freedom of speech, just a pity some dont know when not to use it!

  23. Stan Stan Stan! TV channels are not news programs they are all entertainment channels. Are you not entertained or is it that you are not informed

  24. Stan the delusional completely up himself man ehh…. get f….ked grow a brain m8…..they are there for a reason …you certainly ain’t..

  25. Thank you for your article.
    I feel so sad for all the people who were hurt at the protest as most of them were just ordinary New Zealanders that need to be heard and that our freedom’s are slowly being taken away.
    I thought a Labour government was for all the people but obviously not.
    I was disappointed by the Police and how they acted but most were probably forced into it by our selected government.
    Such huge divisions and fear in this beautiful country of ours it breaks my heart.

  26. It was so satisfying watching the Police deal with this rabble and low life law breaking scum.
    How they remained calm I don’t know. Rubber bullets, tear gas and water cannons would have been my first choice.

    • And… what if you wanted to stand up for your rights on an issue??? Would you be good with above if you were losing everything including your own personal choice?
      Ponder before you responder!!
      You are quick to condemn but have you ever been that person …. I guess not

    • Are you serious!!!!! What a hideous thing to say!!! I guess we should be grateful you were only watching!!! Stay away from the video games!!! It’s affecting your reality. I will pray for you ????

    • Totally agree , they should have gone hard and early and cleaned the mess of the lawn faster. Bring out the big toys early and dominate that rif raf

  27. It is past time that we take the NZ Government and the NZ Police to the international criminal courts, our government and judiciary and police force us rife with corruption, to legally get anything done we need to use the Rome Statute of International Criminal Courts.

  28. Lesley: I know that a “Government” can not be sued as an organisation. But Government indiviuals can be.
    I would presume, as I can’t find any info on it, that a “Government” can’t be charged but Individuals could be.
    Can any one confirm or deny this?

  29. I got my first vaccine, I am now vaccine injured, I’m lucky as I got a warning with the first jab, I decided if I got the second vaccine then I would be playing Russian roulette, in other words not worth it, My choice and a very good choice, So why cannot I go to my brother in-laws funeral , I can go and sit out in the garden while everyone else is inside, This is a system of legislation that has upheld segregationist policies against New Zealand citizens who are just wanting there rights back without being punished. Sad day in history to mandate, its not a health issue, wear a mask and your glasses fog up, doesn’t take a scientist to know if yours glasses fog up your breath is escaping, dah

  30. On the subject of police culture and corruption, and as to why police forces have an inherent tendency to go bad unless they themselves are strictly policed, volumes could be written. In this context, New Zealand is a little like an outwardly respectable family that presents a superficially agreeable image to the world, but hides a great deal of unpleasant behaviour within. Police violence, corruption, and criminal offending has been with us for a long time, but it is only events like the recent protest at Parliament that bring this aspect of police conduct into sharp public focus. Political interference in the judicial processes has in fact been rampant since the time of the fourth Labour government, but the Police assuming Stasi-like powers has only occurred under the present administration.
    It has been said that there is a very thin dividing line between police and criminals if it exists at all, and this is indeed true. Police and criminals tend to share the same personality traits, typically low agreeableness, low openness, lack of empathy, low intelligence, absence of conscience and remorse for their actions, and a very high need for stimulation. There will always be antisocial elements in society, and thus police forces are unfortunately a necessary evil. Police work is not attractive to most people, and so the people recruited to do this job tend to have the traits described, and so it is a case of using these otherwise antisocial traits in a more constructive manner. It is often observed that police personnel frequently showed a pattern of violent and/or dishonest behaviour prior to joining the police, and this behaviour continues during their time in the police. Within communities, certain police obtain well deserved reputations for violence and or dishonesty, or outright corruption. The behaviour of these individuals must be known to police management, and on occasion they will admit to certain people being a “discipline problem”, but the suggestion of overt corruption, rather than being taken seriously invariably draws a ferocious reaction, and people who make formal complaints are liable to be subject to ongoing police harassment. The Independent Police Complaints Authority has not proved particularly effective in dealing with complaints, probably because police are in effect still investigating themselves, a task that they have always proved incapable of doing honestly.
    Off duty, police tend to be problematical, in clubs and sporting organisations they bring with them a compulsion to bully and indulge in dishonest behaviour, seemingly unable to contain their impulses to engage in such antisocial conduct. For these reasons they tend to be unpopular in most social groups and thus tend to form their own social groups, further alienating them from the rest of society. Police have often been regarded as “class traitors”, in that they are engaged by their social betters to act contrary to the interests of their own social class. Hence police, who almost invariably have proletarian origins, are generally disliked by their own kind, and are looked down on by well educated people who dislike their crude thuggery and lack of intelligence and integrity. They may however in some cases regard them as useful “dogs”, to do their necessary dirty work.
    A serious problem within the police is that the commissioned ranks are drawn from the rank and file, rather than being selected from applicants deemed to have suitable traits and abilities, and trained for the job as the Defence Forces do. Thus we have a problem with decisions regarding points of law and whether to proceed with prosecutions being made by in essence low IQ uneducated thugs, rather than by suitably qualified and trained people. It is noticeable that when senior policemen make television appearances, they come across as either bullies, or like politicians in that they are adept at talking a lot whilst avoiding giving direct answers to questions. It would seem that promotion to senior ranks is obtained by either bullying their way up, or by being skilled at playing the game of internal politics. It has been observed that in some police districts, usually provincial ones, the rank and file are generally not too bad, but that these districts have been badly affected by having had a succession of senior ranks that were total ratbags.
    The experience of police failing to act in both cases of violent offending and property offences, where the fact that a crime has occurred is obvious is a very common one. As regards why this happens so often, one is inclined to speculate as for the reasons for it. Possible reasons might include direct police involvement with criminal elements, a natural affinity for the perpetrator given that police and criminals are in essence two faces of the same coin, personal vendettas, dislike of the complainant, inability to understand points of law, or fear that the offender may be able to exert some influence. In the latter case it was often observed the juvenile offenders from well connected families were invariably able to escape prosecution, whereas similar behaviour from unconnected offenders would always result in prosecution.
    It has been observed that the NZ Police are in fact the country’s largest gang, and indeed the culture within the police is not dissimilar to the code of honour which exists within gangs and certain criminal fraternities. Whilst it is true that the majority of police who are aware of, or observe criminal or corrupt activity in other police do not choose to involve themselves in that behaviour, it is also true that they will not report such activity, and almost invariably if called upon to do so, will cover up for their crooked colleagues. Any member of the police that failed to do so would quickly become ostracized and find their situation in the Police untenable. People do join the Police with good intentions, but become in time disillusioned with the culture and in due course leave. Thus the Police lose the services of their better members and the bad culture is perpetuated.
    Given the culture of the NZ Police and the high incidence of antisocial psychopathic personalities within that organisation, it is not surprising that there were so many cases of uncalled for violent behaviour by police during the recent protest. For many of them this incident would have provided them with an opportunity to engage in their natural proclivity for violence without fear of the consequences. There is a need for the public to realise that this is the true nature of the NZ Police and there is an urgent need for reforms to take place to resolve these issues. There would seem ample evidence for prosecutions against individual police for violent offences ranging from common assault up to causing grievous bodily harm, but it is unfortunately likely to be an uphill struggle to ensure that the perpetrators of these violent crimes are convicted and sentenced. One can but hope that this disaster of a government will soon be removed from office, and that measures will be put in place to ensure that we do not have to bear any longer with the level of corruption and criminality in the Police and state sector that has dogged this country for too long.

  31. Thank God you are printing the truth.

    Please look into the Grand Jury (Reiner Fullmich) and the evidence that has been given from highly respected top of their field Drs, scientists, and intelligence personnel regarding the pandemic and jabs.


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