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Protest Press Release 2 March: Police Abandon Values, Move in on Protesters

The Government continues to refuse to speak to protestors on the basis they are engaged in illegal activities, yet history shows Government engaged proactively with the Mongrel Mob and the Taliban.

Today police moved to clear the streets around the main parliament lawn centre of the protest – indiscriminately using pepper spray in ways that are illegal, many dressed in riot gear.

Much has been made during the past few weeks by Government and police about the actions of a very small number of individual protestors. If New Zealand applied this approach to rugby, each time the ref handed out a red card, they’d then also send the entire team off the field. Each time a mother screamed at the opposing team at a school sportsfield, all parents would be banned from the sidelines.

Every reporter that’s attended the protest site over the past few weeks has been witness to how the vast majority of protestors are there peacefully. These people have lost so much due to the mandates and are only in Wellington as a last resort. All other avenues for discussion and debate have been shut down on them.

These ordinary kiwis have been stripped of their ability to:

  • Work
  • Participate in sport and recreation with their families
  • Go out for lunch at a cafe or restaurant
  • Get their hair cut
  • Stay in most accommodation
  • Access public services like libraries, swimming pools, museums, art galleries, zoos – even toilets and more.

Many have experienced harm from the vaccine and have been denied exemptions from further doses. Others have watched family and friends struggle with their health post-jab, and some have lost loved ones soon after taking the vaccine.  Many protestors are vaccinated but oppose the mandates. A recent poll confirmed that one in three New Zealanders support the protestors. After today, that number will have grown.

The protestors are united in wanting the mandates dropped and to make their own informed choices regarding their health – free from coercion and punishment.

They want to be able to put food on the table for their families.

They want to retain their homes and not be forced to live in their cars with their kids.

They should not experience being faced down in a public street by public servants dressed in riot gear, sent in by the country’s Prime Minister to move cars.

***End of Press Release***

This communication summarises the agreed position of groups representing the majority people who have supported, travelled and stayed at Parliament over the past two weeks:

  • Convoy 2022 NZ
  • Freedom Alliance
  • New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science
  • New Zealand Teachers Speaking Out with Science
  • Outdoors & Freedom Movement
  • The Freedom and Rights Coalition
  • The Hood NZ.
  • Voices for Freedom.

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    • You are a shame on humanity. Your lack of education and shallowness doesn’t allow you to understand these protesters are fighting for everyone’s FREEDOM and HUMAN RIGHTS including YOURS.

      How much Jabcinda paying for trolling?

      • Lol. Selfish, ignorant morons. 4.5m people have done the right thing. A tiny number had a tanty and rioted. Lighting the fires was the icing on the pr cake. Now everyone hates the “protestors “.

        • Everyone hates the protestors? They’re all over the country. You just saw the ones who could get to Parliament. Watch the polls and you’ll work out the constant slide in ratings Ardern can claim. Elections be here now!!

        • @Anonymous: “selfish ignorant morons. 4.5m people have done the right thing…”

          Slay, Queen ????????

          Sadly, I was once one of the selfish idiots who believed I somehow had a right to decide what to put into my own body.

          Thank the genderneutral, non-denominational creator that I had snarky quips like yours to make me see the error of my ways, and realise the government just loves us and would never do anything bad.

          Now I’m quadruple jabbed and ready to mingle! My heart is practically swollen with love!

          Your keyboard has touched all our lives. Thank you for your service ????

  1. Has anyone wondered why with one case of COVID Arden locks down the country for 4months and now there is 10,000 cases a day and she flings the doors of our country open. No brainer it’s not about our health ????

  2. Best thing that could happen is a fascist attack from Jacindas Gestapo.The sheeple have a very short attention span and have been brainwashed constantly since it began and will (if not already)tire of the protesting So the use of force by the state to finish it is far better than the protesters backing down or becoming stale .Regroup and fight again somewhere else

  3. This is a fantastic article. Well written and with a #BeKind mentality whvi obviously the NZ government flushed down the pan. For those who watched the events unfold live because of ‘citizen journslism’, not accredited media, you saw the true horror a power hungry government I’d capable of. New Zealand is now in a state of Civil war.

    Love to all humanitarians out there. ❤????????

  4. I understand that Coster said that 76 of the frontline police are recently graduated. I bet they didnt sign up for this baptism of fire. One of the front line protesters commented that he saw some police crying, probably because they didnt want to “just follow orders”. Where have we heard that before? Nuremberg I believe!

  5. I so admire the protesters – as I viewed for over 2 hours the events of March 2nd 2022 witnessing their utmost control and Mana. ..in this blood curdling horrific war.
    With your back to the police – how would I feel, would I have the guts to stand like that with courage and peace. . even if I did I’d keep looking back over my shoulder.
    I take my hat off to them and to all you brave and caring intelligent protesters I thank you and will never forget this day. Thank you thank you thank you – we’re not done yet!… Love peace and blessings………


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