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Firearm Prohibition Orders will ‘reduce gun crime’ says Hipkins

Firearm Prohibition Orders news

The Firearm Prohibition Orders Legislation Bill will be passed through all remaining stages by the end of next week, Police Minister Chris Hipkins said.

In a statement released today Hipkins said, ‘Firearms prohibition orders (FPOs) will help to further reduce firearms violence in our communities by prohibiting high risk offenders from accessing, being around or using firearms or ammunition.’

‘The Bill gives the courts the power to impose an Order lasting 10 years, and makes it a further criminal offence to breach the conditions of the Order. It is targeted at those with a history of serious violent offending and gun crimes.

‘A breach of a firearms protection order will attract a much sterner penalty than existing powers. Penalties for new breach offences include:

  • Up to two years imprisonment, if a person breaches a condition of the order, for example resides in a location where there is firearms, or visits a prohibited location such as a gun shop.
  • Up to five years imprisonment if a person is found in possession or control of a firearm.
  • Up to seven years imprisonment if the firearm was a prohibited firearm, such as military style semi-automatic weapons.
  • Up to five years imprisonment, or up to seven years imprisonment if the firearm was a prohibited firearm, for knowingly supplying a firearm to a person subject to a firearm prohibition order.

‘Similarly the changes we are making to laws around illegally discharging firearms in public will also see greater penalties of up to 5 years imprisonment.’

The FPO framework will be implemented as serious gun crime spirals out of control across New Zealand.

As part of the standard conditions of an FPO, the Bill states a person will not be permitted to:

  • associate with or, in any place (including a vehicle), otherwise be in the presence of a person who has with them any firearms or related items that are not in secure storage
  • reside at any premises in which any firearms or related items are stored
  • join, or remain a member of, any shooting club (including an airsoft shooting club) or firearms club of any kind, visit the premises of such clubs, or attend the events of such clubs
  • attend any shooting range or shooting gallery
  • attend an activity of any kind that involves the use of any firearms or related items
  • visit any premises or place at which firearms or related items are manufactured, sold, repaired, hired, lent, or otherwise supplied

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  1. What i find absolutely astonishing is that licensed firearms holders in NZ. Have had there right to own semi automatic firearms taken due to a failure by NZ
    police. To follow the vetting process and identity the connection between the referees and the applicant
    before issuing a license to a weak individual in Christchurch. Which no one seems to have been held accountable. Yet law abiding NZ’s fire arms holders have paid the price for. This coupled with the worst gun violence NZ has ever seen. All that has been achieved is the disarming of NZ’s while the
    criminals have still got there’s.
    The government is playing catch up.

  2. A time line of a mass shooting
    The Law, Crime and Community Safety Council 1 held a conference over 27 28 April 2016 in Queenstown, New Zealand
    NZ police where told that the semi autos in NZ had to go and laws changed to Australian like laws; as it was making Australian gun control laws look ridiculous and unnecessary.
    An Australasian firearms accord for both New Zealand and Australia was sugested

    Attempt 1 2017 Law and order select committee and lobbing mostly thrown out by minister Paula Bennett
    But it was revealed that the police had a secret wish list

    Attempt 2
    2017 -18 Give lots of kiwis deported from Australia firearms licences hoping for a event nothing major gangs got more guns and a few incidents .This may still be problematic as many good firearms will have gone to criminals. 2 3

    This is most likley where the rouge licence holders that are supply the gangs are coming from ( first one prosecuted was a 501 deporteee )

    Attempt 3
    Give a firearms licence to a known terrorist without doing proper checks
    We know what happened but did he work alone

    Key points
    Warnings to mosque ignored by police very specific one the mourning of the shooting
    Failure to act on warnings about the terrorist from the public at least 3 times
    Senior-ranking police stood over politicians to prevent others getting the point of view
    The actions of the police association when challenged by media
    The feeling by the shooting community that something was going to happen
    Statement from PM “we will not get firearms law changes we desire without a port Arthur like event”
    The haste in which the amendment was passed using emotion not fact to drive it
    The whole police senior management needs to explain there actions
    Where they involved or had prior knowledge ?
    Why in hell did they give the gunman a firearms licence ? The guman was declined in his town of residence Dunedin so he went to Hamilton
    The police and certain politicians have the means motive and opportunity to have this event happen

  3. This sounds great on the surface but, like with any law at any time once it is in place it can be tweaked to cover anyone and everyone. After all the same organization (our corrupt globalist puppet govt / almost every entity they work with.) that is telling you you cant have a gun is the same organization that is telling you you are a high risk offender and they also get to say what high risk means. When we see the police in the UK taking time out of their so called busy day to arrest a man for sharing a Meme on the internet (because in their words it caused some one anxiety) you can bet that at some point just disagreeing with the govt. for any reason will see you called criminal.

  4. I am convinced the police/media/govt are letting gun crime run rampant – or at least ‘appear’ to run rampant so they can gradually bring in more draconian laws which will impact on all of us. Fact is there has always been gun crime, it’s just down to whether the media report it or not according to their directives from the govt.

    In the early 1990s there was a drive by shooting around the corner from my house in Auckland , 8am on a Sunday morning. It’s been happening for years, today is nothing different, we are just led to believe it’s worse.

    People are being brainwashed to think it’s bad so they demand the govt do something about it. (tread more laws and more control) This is why we see criminals getting a slap over the hand with a wet bus ticket, if the know there are no consequences then they do it again. Our govts create the problems so we demand a “solution “. The govt does not work for us at all. They CAN fix many of these problems but they choose not to because they make money and gain control out of creating more problems. most cops know who the criminals are, they can apprehend them, but when they do there are lame consequences. Around and around we go.

    Doesn’t help when some local police are perpetuating it by turning a blind eye because their own family members are criminals. Eg brother being the biggest P dealer in town or child selling and supplying drugs to other kids at their school. Or when you call the police and tell them where a tinny/meth house is and they don’t even go for a look or do anything about it. Who believes the police are there to help us? Look at what they did at the Wellington protests? Nup, just as doctors need alkies and type 2 diabetes, the cops need crime. After all, if we were all responsible healthy people there would be no need for doctors or police – get it?

    Creating poverty and crime leads to more CONTROL. That is all our govts do and then to keep people complaint they throw you a few scraps (winter energy payment, cost of living payment etc etc) just like beating a dog, tying it in the corner and throwing it a few scraps every few days. Wake up people.

  5. For their void-authority of the foreign-vessels-in-dry-dock/corporate-government is with the stand-down & stop & correct by their void-birth-certificate-system.
    For their void-birth-certificate-system of the stand-down & stop & correct is with the foreign-vessels-in-dry-dock/corporate-government by their void-authority.


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