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Guy Hatchard
Guy Hatchardhttps://hatchardreport.com/
Guy Hatchard PhD is a statistician and former senior manager at Genetic ID, a global food safety testing and certification laboratory. Guy's book 'Your DNA Diet' is available on Amazon.com.

Guy Hatchard: Are we being pushed over the disinformation cliff?

Hate speech laws news

Justice Minister Kiri Allan has announced that she will introduce new legislation before the next election to target hate speech.

Allan was very tight-lipped on the proposed content of the new law, but she did let slip that the law will specifically target social media content. Similar moves are already afoot in the USA.

Exactly what does the Labour government mean by ‘hate speech’? Speaking at the UN, Ardern has rated the regulation of speech as more important than the right of free speech. According to Ardern, hate speech encompasses the promotion of undefined extremism, disinformation, ideas that the powers-that-be find threatening, and terrorism. This is a very broad definition. 

Most might agree about terrorism and violent extremism, but how will Allan define them and how much else is she seeking to censor? How far is Labour prepared to go to promote their views? Speaking at the UN Ardern said:

“How do you ensure the human rights of others are upheld, when they are subjected to hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology?”

Given that political talk about proposed hate speech legislation has rumbled on during the last two years of the pandemic, what do Ardern’s government think constitutes harmful rhetoricideology and disinformation on social media? Short answer could be: ‘whatever the government says’. There is a very broad brush being applied.

When it comes to Covid, yesterday’s information is very much today’s disinformation

In February, government sponsored research body Te Punaha Matatini designated a range of Covid-19 topics as conspiracies. These included:

  • Herd immunity, 
  • Close comparisons between flu and Covid-19 fatality rates, 
  • Severe adverse effects of Covid-19 vaccination, 
  • Benefits of vitamins for Covid-19 treatment, 
  • High prevalence of asymptomatic infection, 
  • Overestimates of deaths because many people are dying ‘with’ the virus not ‘because’ of it
  • Bioengineered lab-leak origin of Covid-19
  • Involvement of foreign powers in its development

Crucially all of these topics have since proved to be within the range of scientific investigation and verification. They are not conspiracies as government scientists previously insisted, they have been found to occur. The government has used its existing powers to suppress discussion of these scientific concepts. It also pushed social media companies like YouTube and Meta to delete such material.

Incredibly, rather than admitting error, the government is now seeking more powers to suppress more ideas. This amounts to nothing less than social engineering and the repression of political dissent.

Nor has the government retracted its universal safe and effective narrative that it repeated and advertised to the point of brainwashing. Covid mRNA vaccination was neither.

Despite recent published evidence pointing to safety concerns, do politicians and mainstream media still hold outdated views?

Unfortunately it appears the answer is ‘yes’. 

If you think the National Party will pull the plug on vaccine mandates and Covid policies if they are elected next year, think again. Unless there is an effort to update themselves,  they might be tempted to outdo Labour in forcing compliance. Todd Muller MP, former National Party leader, for example, has a woefully out of date Covid blog still up on his personal page written by Nanotechnologist Dr Michelle Dickinson brimming full of since-disproved and hence misleading assurances of safety.

Among these: 

  • the vaccine is not experimental, 
  • the vaccine is not genetically engineered, 
  • long term safety is assured, 
  • the unvaccinated are overwhelmingly responsible for spreading Covid, 
  • the vaccine does not reduce fertility or affect pregnancy, 
  • the vaccinated are 96% less likely to be hospitalised with Covid, 
  • mRNA vaccination cannot alter your DNA. 

Whew!! All of these blanket assurances and many other points Dickinson makes have since been debunked by more recently completed studies. Dickinson comes across as a pro-biotech vaccine advocate prepared to ignore medical ethics. Covid vaccine research is a moving target not a static fact.

NZ conspiracy theory expert Dylan Reeve talking to ex-cabinet minister and National Party member Paula Bennett on iHeart radio October 30 2022 repeatedly equated discussion of Covid vaccine safety with mad ideas such as ‘men never landed on the moon’ and ‘9/11 was a plot of the US government’. None of the Covid topics listed above, that Te Punaha Matatini designated as conspiracy theories, can be reasonably equated with such flat earth theories, but Reeve and Bennett repeatedly drew parallels. 

Neither discussed the substantive scientific arguments, apparently assuming that use of natural health products and doubts about Covid vaccine safety were obviously unfounded beliefs, rather than matters of fact that could be discussed rationally. Bennett, possibly more so than Reeve, suggested that it was best to avoid such discussions—the same social exclusion route that has been encouraged by the government and fundamentally a ‘head in the sand’ attitude to the evolution of scientific understanding.

The very word conspiracy is being misused to imply ignorance

To prove criminal conspiracy in a US court, you do not have to prove that people acted together consciously, merely that they acted in such a way as to unfairly promote their mutual interest. In that sense, when there are very large financial gains enjoyed by multiple people and corporations, earned through shared products and procedures which have adversely affected public health, it is quite legitimate to suggest there has been a criminal conspiracy.

Paula Bennett was concerned about the possible effects of internet content on teens. I am too, especially government Covid fear mongering and mRNA vaccine promotion. Haven’t the Ministry of Health learnt that the young are at a lower risk from Covid than they are from mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a matter of careful published research. 

New Zealand is not alone in the world. There is a growing sense that a lot of extreme and fanciful nonsense is being spoken by leading politicians around the world, without basis in fact. Mark Steyn on GB News can’t get his head around it. He comments we are living in very weird times, made even more weird by the failure of MSM to countenance the misapprehensions and misrepresentations involved.

Politicians are apparently unable to change gear. They have become stuck with early pandemic assessments which were largely sourced from Pharmaceutical interests based on heavily redacted mRNA vaccine trial results where key harms had been carefully hidden from scrutiny. Times have changed. Court orders have led to the public release of revealing material.

In 2022, there is certainly enough evidence of accumulating harm to suggest a need for extreme caution. Write to your MP and ask that mRNA vaccination programmes be suspended pending independent up-to-date safety assessments. This especially affects our children’s future. For more information about biotechnology safety and regulation visit HatchardReport.com and GLOBE.GLOBAL

Guy Hatchard PhD was formerly a senior manager at Genetic ID a food testing and certification company (now known as FoodChain ID). Website: HatchardReport.com.

Guy is the author of ‘Your DNA Diet: Leveraging the Power of Consciousness To Heal Ourselves and Our World. An Ayurvedic Blueprint For Health and Wellness’.

The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of DTNZ.

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  1. Thanks Guy. Welcome to the rules based NWO nz. I see tonight on tv1 at 8.30 they have a documentary entitled nz web of chaos. It’s exploring how disinformation is spreading at pace through nz and the rest of the world, and it’s consequences for social cohesion and democracy. Might pay to check it out I’m sure it will be looking glass for what is coming.

      • Your welcome yeah right ???? I don’t like to promote msm but I think it’s a know your enemy kind of thing and check out what there up to.

    • Thanks, watched it. The documentary conflated

      concern about the safety of biotechnology, knitting, yoga, interest in religion, conservative politics and scenes from Nature


      the rise of Nazism and the Christchurch terror attack.

      A ridiculous association and an obvious attempt to manipulate people with false imagery

      • ????I apologise to everyone for alerting you to this absolute joke of a doco. I had no idea that it was going to be a comedy show and starring so many nz cartoon characters. So yep sorry folks nothing to see here????

  2. US has the first amendment ensuring freedom of speech and they will not be able to push a hate speech law like the one proposed. US establishment has to act through CIA to intimidate, censor, cancel. Social media data collection, phone tapping etc are used to rate every citizen and their views. Obviously this data is shared or held conjointly for targetted ads etc.
    Jacinda Arden and Chris Luxon are agents of the Globalists who has made NZ a satellite colony. In the absence of a Constitution, NZ will be able to push a hate law. The so called “disinformation” is now listed as a “national security threat” which is part of the propsed law.
    Guy can be arressted and silenced for his blogs if the government claims that he is spreading disinformation. Anything that contradicts the official view is termed as disinformation. This is simply tyrannical to target the critical nodes of the alternative net works whch disgrees with the government narrative.
    Assume that a religious person claims the existence of God. No one seen God, and hence the existence of God can be called disinformation, and preachings can be called “hate speech”.
    Beliefs, opinions, inconclusive scientific conclusion etc can be branded as misinformation and controlled by the Govt. We are indeed heading to full intellectual slavery.

  3. With regard to vaccine matters it appears we now how 3 distinct groups in NZL –
    1: those who favour
    2: vaccine hesitant or opposed
    3: those who took the vaccine and found it did not protect them from catching the virus or the vaccine caused adverse reactions that has cemented their view regarding receipt/non-receipt of boosters

    Sadly, our Govt has failed to survey our population to establish the general views. Surely the mandating of vaccines was inevitably going to alter individuals views and encourage research. I take issue when our Govt overlooks ‘credible’ Medical research in favour of labelling all that doesn’t sit with their narrative as mis/dis information. Declaring any medication ‘safe’ for an ‘entire population’ is somewhat a deluded approach without the clinical studies to back the statement. Ultimately the recipients will be the judge..they don’t need social media influence but have the right to determine their individual risk/benefit.

  4. Truth always prevails. It takes time, but it will all come out. Perhaps the exercise of people having to use their own discernment will make the “prize” of the truth so much sweeter, rather than being told “the truth” by a political or scientific or religious institution.

    It’s like Q says, “You cannot tell the people, you must show them!”

    The last (almost) 3 years have been a “show and tell” so that people have the opportunity of finding their own truth.

  5. Some thoughts;
    Recently the European Parliament summond the CEO of Pfizer to a “please explain session” He declined and instead sent a subordinate. Thet person was asked twice if the vaccine was tested before roll out. She gave a unequivocal answer of no TWICE. Also Fox News showed a clip from a Pfizer meeting where the same answer was given.. Safe and effective eh?
    I write to my local national MP and get no answer. Same with seymour.
    I heard that the new “strategy” is to ask folk to dob in someone they thought was or had been radicalised. Has Jabcinda been radicalised by WEF? Jabcinda and WEF should be declared terorists. In that case Luxon as well

  6. Its Fascism, pure and simple. The first thing any dictatorship does is take away the right to free speech but it wont change how people think.

  7. It’s become very obvious that the terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ are simply being peddled as a pretext to clampdown on political dissent.

    It’s highly concerning that all the western so called ‘democracies’ including New Zealand are going down this dystopian totalitarian route.

  8. I have just been given a 60-day ban from Fb. My crime? Quoting Josef Goebbels. It was a quote from history, I didn’t change one word but apparently quoting history is ‘going against community standards’. It is nothing but totalitarian censorship.

    • Truth can be inconvenient to establishment powers. Julian Assgange is persecuted for telling the truth and not for lies. Mainstream media is well rewarded for propaganda, minimal truth and largely lies.

      Dont ask FB on why the ban. It is like the “rules based order”. Jacinda and all politicians will talk about it and no one will tell you what they are and who laid those rules. FB just follows the “rules based order” which are made up from time to time to suit the convenience or smear or even wage an info war.

      Sooner we stop using social media, the better. They are free for a reason. Propaganda, and surviellance for the deep state and adverts for the Globalists.


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